What Methods may Jim Wright, Nathan’s Voice, Fulcrum Ministries and Crossroad Junction and other Internet Manipulators use?

(Note, Facebook ultimately deleted Jim and Marianne Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page for Multiple Community Guideline Violations which included much of what is included in this article.)

How do Internet Trolls Operate?

As I recently provided an article about Jim Wright and his internet sites of Crossroad Junction, Nathan’s Voice, Fulcrum Ministries and now Fulcrum Express I thought this might be a good opportunity to show people some of the methods that are used by online entities to try to create the illusion or the impression of a very loud voice.  This gives their messages a sense of credibility for those who view them but aren’t aware of what they are doing and how they are doing it.  By understanding this you’ll be less likely to be fooled by those who use what are sometimes referred to as what many see as unethical and are sometimes referred to as “Black Hat” internet techniques.

I’m using Jim Wright, Nathan’s Voice, Fulcrum Ministries, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Express as an example as they are currently on my mind from my research into the organizations but this is useful information for anyone to have so that they can answer questions when they are presented with internet information that they want to check to see who is actually putting it out there.

This is a Prime Example of How an Internet Troll Operates

I mentioned one such method on my first article with is located in the link immediately below.  Click on it if you would like to see that article and the many questions that my initial examination of these sites raised in my mind.

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan’s Voice, Fulcrum Ministries and Crossroad Junction?

A shorter article with bullet point that you can read in less than one minute is also available HERE.

It is not a difficult thing for organizations or individuals to make their website look very professional and then use that appearance to give the impression of credibility.  Jim Wright’s Fulcrum Ministries organization does this by using Nathan’s Voice to make accusations and then having the other organizations reply to them. By claiming that Nathan’s Voice is taking such and such an action it creates an illusion of independence created that makes it look like these are all unrelated organizations and other people are involved.

Nathan’s Voice doesn’t disclose any other people and the only voices on its website that I’ve seen to this point is Jim Wright and Fulcrum Ministries.  It’s not difficult to see the inter-relatedness of these organizations if you take a little time to look at them, but what many internet trolls rely on is that most of the people who see their “News Releases” will not look closely and will accept the claims and assume that there is independence present.

In addition to this I’d like to point out 2 things that make the activities of these “organizations” look very suspicious to me and why you should add these considerations to the previous things I had to say in my earlier blog.  By looking at this you’ll learn how to spot these types of activities here and in other places.

  1. These Blogs are networked together all on the same host and yet they appeal to each other to try to create an appearance of independence.
  2. The FaceBook connection to Crossroad Junction appears to have used some type of method to create or possibly even buy “Likes” to create the illusion of size and popularity.

These Blogs are networked together all on the same host and yet they appeal to each other to try to create an appearance of independence and separation.

So it’s obvious first that the illusion is created by this method as I noted in my first blog post, but then what is not so obvious is how these organizations use a method known as Networked Blogs which is often used to try to “trick” internet search engines to believe that these sites are referencing each other and therefore should move higher on the search results of many major internet search engines.

Networked Blogs are described in very general terms here:

Google Sending Warnings About “Artificial” Or “Unnatural” Links

In short, a blog network is a group of blogs that are connected to each other in a network that are owned by the same organization or person.  The purpose of these blogs often in part are are to cross-promote and self-promote each other and by doing this they create the illusion of independence and increase each blog site’s profile while promoting at the same time the purpose of the person or organization who is running all of them.  Some also use this technique to increase their ranking in Search Engine results and move their links up the page.

So is this the case with Jim Wright, Crossroad Junction, Nathan’s Voice and Fulcrum Ministries?

It appears to me to be so and here is the evidence.  You can check this yourself  by using:


If you use the different “whois” and related tools there you can see the interrelatedness of all these entities and that there is no separation in terms of the administrator of these sites.  All of this is public information by the way.  There’s no secrets when it comes to checking these things, but most people aren’t familiar with how to do it

Wright DiagramWhen you check the different sites that Jim Wright posts on and uses these different voices presented you’ll find the administrator in different instances to be entities such as Fulcrumprime, Organic Sower and then the entities themselves referenced earlier.  The administrator of these different sites used online help services with Google Groups and Word Press in public threads which show the equivalencies at work here.  The links below demonstrate the many different identifications and usernames (not all of them by any means.)

Nathansvoice.org = fulcrumadmin
Proof = http://nathansvoice.org/author/fulcrumadmin/

Crossroadjunction.com = organicsower (fulcrumprime previously)
Proof = http://crossroadjunction.com/author/organicsower/

FulcrumMinistries.org = fulcrumadmin
Proof = post #1 http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/headlines-theme-more-questions?replies=3#post-598179

fulcrumadmin = organicsower
Proof = post #3 http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/headlines-theme-more-questions?replies=3#post-598179

There is no administrative separation or independence between these sites and they are effectively the same person or organization.  With no separation in terms of access to these blogs it is clearly the same person or the primary administrator who is running all these blogs and making statements on both blogs but then attempting to create the impression of separation and independence.  With no internal separation this is what is sometimes referred to as a “Sockpuppet” or a person speaking to themselves online.

There is no way to deny that these entities are not one and the same.  The use of the networked blogs then appear to very strongly suggest that the purpose at the very least includes the illusion of independence and the use of networked blogs for Search Engine Optimization.  Other reasons can exist as well, but this is a “Black Hat” technique that is very questionable and considered by many to be unethical.

The FaceBook connection to Crossroad Junction appears to have used some type of method to create or possibly even buy “Likes” to create the illusion of size and popularity.

This is actually very easy to see and it demonstrates the patterns at work that are spoken about in this article from Wired: (click on it)

How to Buy Friends and Influence People on Facebook

This is a screen shot of Crossroad Junction’s Facebook Page showing the “Likes” taken, May 24, 2013.

Crossroad Junction Like

Look at this information and it will be very clear that there is something unusual going on here.

1. There are over 2,000 likes.  When I first saw this page about April 23, 2013 there were nowhere near that many likes.  And yet, the chart in the bottom left hand corner shows the increase in New Likes per week and “People Talking About this” as an incredible amount right about April 28.

2. The steadiness of the incline is a dead giveaway that a form of a script run program is at work or some other form of a click farm or like buying service.  It’s almost a perfectly straight line up.  Random adds just don’t happen like this.  Further if you’ll look at the Page Insights on the left, it clearly shows that the majority of “likes” are from Manila in the Philippines and the age group is the mostly 18 – 24 year olds.  That is incredible don’t you think for a blog and Facebook page in the US?  There is clearly something unusual at work here and it looks very much like a service that buys “likes” on Facebook.  If it isn’t an actually buying service then it’s clearly some other form of “scheme” to increase likes.  In either scenario it is highly unethical and certainly not something, in my opinion, that a Christian Ministry should be engaged in.

What is more, this is very likely a violation of Facebook Terms of Service as shown here:

Can I buy “likes” for my Facebook Page?

The short answer is “NO!”

For more detail on this issue that shows step by step how to see that there is some sort of bought algorithm, script or networking plan in effect see my more detailed blog on this issue HERE.

So these are the questions I finish with that I think in addition to my prior article should be asked of Jim Wright, Fulcrum Ministries, Nathan’s Voice, Crossroad Junction, Organic Sower, fulcrumadmin etc. and should also be red flags when you look at other sites or entities that are crying for your attention.

1.  Why is it necessary to use such apparently unethical methods such as Networked Blogs and separated entities and some form of script to add likes to your Blogs connection to Facebook?  It’s clear that this action was taken on the heels of the most recent accusation by Nathan’s Voice.  If you’re telling the truth, why resort to such methods to make your voice louder?

2.  If you’re willing to use methods such as this to create the appearance of an audience and amplify your voice, what would keep you from utilizing similar methods when you appeal to witnesses, elders and networked churches?  Integrity doesn’t just turn on and turn off.   This is likely indicative of a pattern isn’t it?

I hope you find this blog helpful in showing some of the ways that you can use internet tools to see when a person or organization is using methods that create an illusion of influence and the size of their voice.  The methods themselves are good to know whether you are interested in these specific entities or not.

(Again Facebook did delete Crossroad Junction’s Page for Multiple Community Guideline Violations,which likely included the issues described in this article.)

13 thoughts on “What Methods may Jim Wright, Nathan’s Voice, Fulcrum Ministries and Crossroad Junction and other Internet Manipulators use?

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    • Gene, when somebody uses a paid service or script it’s standard for those scripted providers to begin seeking to friend others in the same circle. If anyone is a friend on Facebook with Jim Wright or has liked Crossroad Junction it’s very likely they’ll start receiving a lot of strange friend requests because of this unethical method of building likes on the site that he appears to be using. I’d suggest “unliking” the page and unfriending and unfollowing any of Jim Wright’s accounts or it’s certainly possible that these types of invitations will increase.

  2. As I conveyed in my comment on your prior post concerning Jim Wright, I am one of many observers looking at his behavior so as to help expose his lies and therefore wish to comment anonymously so he cannot block me from seeing his activity.

    Predictably, Mr. Wright has counter-attacked against you, Mr. Breen. Lest anyone who is still “on the fence” about whether to believe Mr. Wright or the numerous others who—like Bart Breen— have answered him recently through their blogs or in Facebook forums, I would like to offer some observations about what Mr. Wright has to say in his counter-attack on you.
    1. For all the “public but unassuming” posturing on the Crossroads Junction blog and the claims that there are MANY “vibrant, healthy ” fellowships connected with this self-acclaimed “organic sower”, why would it be a vindication of Mr. wright that they are “not on anyone’s radar”? Doesn’t that make them just as “insular” as Mr. Wright claims the so-called “cults” established and/or fostered by others he has repeatedly attacked are supposed to be? Please don’t be fooled by this man’s double standards, folks!
    2. Does it stand to reason that the subjects of his attacks whose history of belonging to healthy fellowships has been called into question by Mr. wright can likewise say the fellowships they have been part and/or starting are likewise “off the radar”? I think so! He has erred greatly in speaking of things of which he has no first hand knowledge!
    3. Please observe a pattern that has become easily discernible over the past year: Mr. Wright’s habit of deflecting attention away from his own sin against the Body by falsely accusing brothers in Christ (there’s an endless list of false and unsubstantiated accusations against numerous individuals) by committing logical fallacies in his “defense”.
    A. It is irrelevant that Mr. Breen attends an institutional church.
    B. it is irrelevant that Mr. Breen works in the corporate sphere and has used his knowledge, gifts, and talents in order to expose the lies and deception in which Mr. Wright has been engaged.
    C. It is absolutely untrue that Mr. Breen “threatened to research and attack” Mr. Wright (he uses the word “us”, but since the “others” included in that plurality have yet to step up and substantiate that they appointed Mr. Wright as their spokesman, we need not acknowledge their existence). Quite the contrary. Mr. Breen issued a public invitation seeking a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Wright and offered to deliver a fair and transparent report to the body of Christ. His invitation was made in several Facebook forums, some of which Mr. Wright has NOT been excluded from. Many people bear witness to Mr. Breen’s sincere offer.

    Now those are just a few things to consider …and I must say I have to question the health of “fellowships” that discuss these matters and find anything about which to start “laughing hysterically”. This man is a sower of division, and has gathered to himself a small local audience “insular” and unhealthy enough to be undisturbed by the serious importance of broken fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ their own apparent leader has instigated. This man is a sower of slander and libel. To characterize a brother-in-Christ as a “sexual predator” is a serious matter, and a charge that has been refuted vigorously by multiple credible voices who DO have personal knowledge about past events and the subsequent life and walk of the accused! This man is a sower of discord, casting scorn and derision toward uncounted brothers and sisters whose gifts and expression of Christ he himself speaks of with a forked tongue as the “multi-faceted Body of Christ”. Do not give merit to his ad hominen, attacks against Bart Breen in his current blog! It’s quite easy to see Mr. Breen is onto something here about where Mr. Wright is picking up the new “likes” he’s boasting about on his Crossroad Junction Facebook page. View his website in a browser while you’re not signed into Facebook and click on some of the faces. You’ll find an assortment of young people in another county whose other “likes” on Facebook do not look credibly compatible with a “like” for an American “organic sower’s” bitter attacks against other Christians! Hurry, before he fulfills his own prophetic words—”Too often folks anxiously try to fix the fix that God has fixed to fix some problem. Never works. Never has, never will.”—and scrambles to “cover up” this glaring mistake he’s made while trying to salvage his reputation as a “leader” in the online “organic community”. Even if he does manage to do that, the game is up! Now is the time for Jim Wright to make a confession and publicly repent of his months-long war against many well-known brethren, as well as the scorn he has directed toward countless of us who are unknown.

    I’m inclined to think Bart Breen is God’s reluctant appointee to be part of the “fix God has fixed to fix some problem”. That’s the only possible way to make any sense out of Jim Wright’s gibberish in that so-called “Crossroad Nugget”!

    • Jim’s “response” didn’t bother me in the least.

      It’s not my responsibility to substantiate his claims. I really don’t care that much whether he has a “network” or not. What I do care about is that he’s claiming that as the basis of making accusations through an organization named “Nathan’s Voice” that has no publicly revealed board and that he’s claiming fellow “elders.” He’s made the claim. It’s his responsibility to prove his claim and to name his collaborators or for them to come forward and stand with Jim in his accusations and claims. Absent that, he can claim unicorns speak to him for all the credibility that carries. Absent that he’s acting as judge and jury and pretending there are other voices as far as I’m concerned.

      The irony is that he’s appealing to things that are 13 years old and yet those people had the guts to put their names to them, and many of them too had the guts to go to the accused and reconcile with him and have these issues addressed and resolved.

      Jim projects onto past situations a standard that is outside of that church’s practices and traditions, and assumes his own. Further, he then violates his own standard by claiming people he can’t/won’t name in a claim of support and accountability for himself. He has a history of slander. He’s been excommunicated for it once before. He buys or fabricates “likes” on his Facebook page and then promotes his blog as growing rapidly. This is not a man with integrity whose claims should be given little to no attention.

      He clearly has a personal vendetta at work, just as he did his last two churches, including the one he was excommunicated from for these same types of actions.

      No reputable Victim’s Organization would have an unnamed leadership body, and no reputable Victim’s Organization would have as their only spokesman and signatory in a case somebody who has demonstrable bias toward the person being accused.

      Jim Wright can’t have it both ways. Further his internet methods are clearly indicative of his standards in other areas and scream out that he is not reliable or trustworthy in his assumed role.

      If he wants to laugh and continue with his assumed “we” then that’s fine. It’s not my responsibility to demonstrate his claims. It’s his. Until he does, I choose not to and I recommend that nobody else encourage him in his alternate reality.

      All his statement demonstrated is that he still won’t name people or demonstrate his claims and if he wants to complain that I’m a “meanie” for pointing that out and checking his stories as given in his own materials, then he’s welcome to think whatever he likes. I’m fine with it.

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