Is Crossroad Junction and Jim Wright Buying Fake Fans and Likes on Facebook and elsewhere?

(Note Facebook has since deleted the Crossroad Junction Page of Jim and Marianne Wright for Multiple Community Guideline Violations which likely included some of the issues demonstrated in this article.)

Jim Wright Responds with More Attempted Deception

Jim Wright responded to my last blog about him and his organizations with a blog of his own that contains the following comment at the onset:Crossroad Junction Like

“Bart, your paranoia runs deep. I have never used a script or any other method like you mention to do whatever it is you are describing (frankly, I couldn’t fully follow your blog) – or for any other purpose. In fact, Bart, I don’t even know what that is. I have on occasion paid for ads by Facebook on Facebook itself to promote my blog, but that’s hardly any sin.”

This is demonstrably near impossible as I will show below.

An Expert in this Arena

Pam Moore is a well-respected expert in this arena and recently provided an article that shows how to tell if somebody is using the unethical practice of buying Facebook Likes or using some sort of a script or networking following system.  So, to show people how to do this I will walk through the process and show the results using Crossroad Junction on Facebook as an example.  It is a classic example by any measure.  Maybe Jim, since you claim you don’t understand this despite your years of blogging multiple sites, this will help to educate you a little better and jog your memory.  Even if someone is not interested in this related issue, this will be valuable for anyone to show a case study in how to catch somebody using these unethical types of schemes.

How to Spot Someone Who Buys Facebook Likes or Uses a Script

Pam’s article is HERE.

Following her methods here is what we see with Crossroad Junctions on its Facebook page which is here at the time of the writing of this article.

1. Verify source city / location and age of their fans.

a. Click on the number of likes on the page via the big box underneath the Facebook page cover photo.

On the picture above is 2,039.  Looking at the time of this writing, about 30 hours later, the amount is 2.143.  That is an increase of more than 100 likes in 30 hours or more than 3 likes an hour during a weekend.  That is highly unusual and it is a continuation of the rate of likes that began on April 28, 2013 and has remained almost perfectly constant since then at a rate of almost 500 new likes a week for the past 3 weeks (there are “unlikes” happening as well or FB is catching some and removing them with their filter which can be slow at times and these schemes get more sophisticated as the providers try to figure out ways around the filters.)

b. Assess the results.

Next you will then see a page which highlights the following information:

  • Most popular week.           – For Crossroad Junction this is May 5, 2013
  • Most popular city.              – For Crossroad Junction this is Manila.  Does it make sense that a local Northern Virginia network of churches has the most new fans in the Philippines?
  • Most popular age group.  –  For Crossroad Junction this is 18 -24.  Does this make sense for Organic Church demographics that young people in the Philippines are flocking to hear Jim Wright?

2. How many people are talking about them on Facebook?

There are 593 speaking about them of over 2,000 fans.  That is actually a higher number than might be expected but the reason for that becomes apparent when you compare how many likes there are for the individual pages verses the page as a whole.  There is usually less than 10 likes on any post, often less than 5 and yet, the page itself is getting almost 80 likes a day.  That is more than highly unusual.  The talking about ties to things like shares and those liking the individual posts and not the page as a whole and this is the likely reason for the anomaly here.  In fact, it looks suspiciously to me that the instructions to like the page itself were missed on May 22 and the most recent post liked instead.  It’s harder to track likes on the site verses likes on an individual post, but luckily there was an apparent slip and they went to a post on the one day and a post got an amazing 114 likes!

3. Who is “liking” their daily posts and content.

Jesus at the FringesBear with me, let’s look at the individual posts and see how many liked them and where they are from.  Some posts have an incredible number of “likes”.  Here’s an example of what the information is from one such incredibly huge spike.  Remember if you look around the page most posts have fewer than 10 likes and many fewer than 5.  Here’s one that has 114 likes in 4 days which is Jim Wright speaking about a meeting that is integral to his claimed persona online.  I’m putting it up here because I expect Jim Wright will delete this and his other posts with high numbers like this now that I’m showing what is happening.  If he doesn’t, then go directly to the FB page for Crossroad Junction and look at the May 22, 2013 and click on the likes and you’ll see I’m being entirely transparent and accurate with what I’m showing here.  You can look at all the profile present and see for yourself that more than 90% of them are from the Philippines with mostly young women comprising this audience.

Jesus at the Fringes:  May 22, 2013  114 likes.

These are who the likes are from:  You can easily tell by clicking on them that the majority (over 90%) of the likes are from the Philippines. Click on the names below to see the FB Profile for yourself, I am including the first 27 here with no skips so that it’s clear just what is going on with every one linked to its profile.  There is near zero probability that something like this could happen randomly on a FB page.  There has to be deliberate actions in the background that is entirely consistent with using a Facebook “Like” buying service.  Further as you look at many of these profiles you will see that they belong to groups that are set up for “follows” and “likes” on FB and other forums.  That is another “dead give-away.”

Heather G
Empinado Arlene from the Philippines.
Jackrene Garlit from the Philippines.
G Taclobos Gelvoleo location undisclosed.
Kasudik Kan from the Philippines.

Dina Dolor Neri from the Philippines.
Jobert Aldivera location undisclosed.
Jose Luna from the Philippines.
Raquel Espejo Antonio from the Philippines.
Eduardo D. Abano Jr from the Philippines

Mark Bondoc Morata Caparos from the Philippines
Leo Morente Dawang from the Philippines
Jonalyn Enario from Korea
George Linan location undisclosed

Neil C Gana Jr. location undisclosed
Myrna Limpiado Binagatan from the Philippines
Gallegos Joshua Ryo from the Philippines
Janfollyn M. Villaruel from the Philippines
Pam Pedida from the Philippines
Janisa Solaiman location unknown
Jedee Patacsil Martinez from the Philippines

Shierly Guadalupe from the Philippines
Gregario Dinglasan from the Philippines
Jaya Mai Elamparo from the Philippines
Feye Guzman Morente from the Philippines
Leonila Arambulo from the Philippines


4. When did their fans become fans?

This is the easiest anomaly to see on Jim Wright’s Crossroad Junction page.  If you look at the chart in the lower right corner you can see the straight line climb beginning on April 28.  The curve upward is almost exponential.  Prior to this Wright’s rate of likes on his page was pretty flat and maybe 40 at most likes in any give week.  Starting from April 28 the rate of joins per week goes up to a peak of 501 on May 5.  This is an increase of 10 times the historical trend and then for the next 3 weeks and until now it stays near that rate!  These are astronomical numbers and yet the average amount of likes on the individual posts is below 10 a post?  That’s simply incredible!!  So almost all the likes are less than 2 months old for a page that’s over 2 years old?  This simply isn’t possible without a long-term surge of new likes and as we see from the sample above they are almost all from the Philippines, all from 18-24 year olds and too, and this is telling as well, almost all females.  That fits the pattern of buying services for FB to a tee.

Of course, as Pam Moore’s article says the whole is greater than the individual parts.  It’s clear to me however, that the chances of Jim Wright’s Crossroad Junction catching on in the Philippines among age 18 – 24 females is practically nil.  Something else is at work here.

And this is what is so troubling for me.  Jim Wright has now taken to calling me crazy on his blog for pointing these things out.  The bottom line is that Organic Church is ultimately about genuine human relationships and ironically, even Wright uses the term “Keeping it Real” on his blogs, websites and on Facebook.  What does it say if a man and site that claims to be built on human relationship and networking is buying or “juicing” his audience?  The fact of the matter is that after Wright launched his smear campaign the people liking his page and growing his community began to shrink (that’s the dip on the chart just before the huge escalation) because people unliked his page and left.  This isn’t simply a matter of one post.  This is a constant trend over almost an entire month.

So what is real?

1.  Wright is engaging in practices apparently to create the illusion of a large community of supporters and followers on his Facebook Page that aren’t real or genuine relationships.  He has boasted on the very same sites that his growth was incredible lately which means he was aware of what was happening and didn’t question why it was happening.

2.  Wright is claiming a network of Organic Churches and Elders that he refuses to name and which there is no reason to believe are real except for his testimony.  Given Wright will apparently “juice” the numbers on his Facebook Page and call me crazy for revealing it, to create an illusion of online community, what would keep Wright from doing this in his other claims?

3.  Wright is claiming organizations with no other names revealed but his and claiming the leaders are elders in his community network of churches and that he speaks for them.  Given that Wright will apparently “juice” the numbers on his Facebook Page and call me crazy for revealing it, to create an illusion of online community, what would keep Wright from doing this with his claims of other organizations, such as Nathan’s Voice which clearly he is posting to behind the scenes?

Jim Wright, I can only come up with a few possible scenarios that likely explain your behavior.

1.  You started attacking Organic Church leaders in February 2012 and one in particular and you’ve became so obsessed with either taking them down and/or making yourself the voice of organic church that you’ve lost all perspective and have convinced yourself that your cause is just and that justifies these entirely unethical means you’re engaging in.

2.  You really believe your own lies and are caught in some form of delusion that won’t allow you to admit your own mistakes and obsessive behavior.  This is common with narcissistic people who have a history of things like constant conflict in their churches, work, online communities and often leads to things like excommunication, divorces, and loss of jobs.  I don’t know if any or all of those are involved with you, but I’ve seen enough to make it an honest question to ask.

3.  You’re the victim of a vast conspiracy to set you up and make you look bad.

4. ?  Maybe there are others.  Maybe there’s a combination of these and others.

What’s not possible however is that you’re telling all of the truth about what your network is, your elders and leaders and you’re using completely unethical methods and not engaging with other people who can temper the apparent vendetta and witch hunt you are on,

You can try to claim the same for me (a common tactic for trolls when they are caught) but Jim I’ve only been looking at you for a few weeks and checking your stories and using some of my skills as a Social Media consultant and talking with people from your past churches and one who came from your home church and has known you for about 7 years.

Wright DiagramThat fact is Jim Wright, that you’re caught.  You’ve said this has to end and I agree.

Jim Wright, either tell the truth, give names and contacts for the invisible people you claim for public charges, stop trying to fool people that you have a large audience and are important by using paid or networked services to create an audience that isn’t real, and please, stop lying about people you don’t know, haven’t met and have been attacking for a long time before the fabricated charges were made through organizations associated with no other names publicly but your own, or go away and stop deceiving people, and worst of all, possibly even deceiving yourself.

Measure your response to this very carefully.  Take time and make sure you’re telling the truth, because I can check using many other methods and I’m telling you the truth Jim Wright, that I have a tremendous amount of other evidence in other forums that I haven’t even hinted at that I can come forward with to show your patterns and catch you in another lie, or half-truth or deception if you choose to try it again.

Please Jim.  I’m asking you again publicly as I have privately, stop the charade and own up.  It will likely only get worse for you if you continue and I don’t wish that for you or the few real people who may still not see through you yet.  I don’t like doing this.  The only reason I am doing this in this manner is because you’re doing your scorched-earth campaign against others in these forums and you have to be shown for what you are because of the pain and harm you are causing others as you have the past several years in the last two churches you were in.  Jim!  Take a look.  The common denominator in all these situations is you!  I’ve asked you multiple times to meet and talk to resolve this.  Talk with me and if you’ll address these issues nothing would please me more than for you to get whatever counsel or help you need and for this to be removed from the public eye.  You’re clearly on a vendetta and you’ve lost perspective and are using unethical means to try and achieve something that you have no objectivity in approaching.


Here’s today’s Screenshot:

Crossroad Junction 5-29-20013

Notice that compared to the previous one that the “Likes” are now at 2,297.  The rate of acceleration in the likes is now close to 15 times what it was when this trend started April 28.  Further the “People talking About This” has gone down, which is counter-intuitive to what should be happening with such aggressive growth especially since there have been no new posts.

Also notice the shares on the article previous referenced from May 22, 2013 which now has 115 likes.  I didn’t point it out but all 4 shares are from accounts based outside of the US and what is more, there are no “likes” on any of them.  This is one more strong suggestion that these are not legitimate connections and are instead either bought outright or solicited through networking sites.

Crossroad shares

And the beat goes on.

(Facebook did indeed end up deleting the Crossroad Junction Page for these and other Community Guideline Violations.)

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