How to Perform “Elitist Racist” Math to Show what Jim Wright on Crossroad Junction is claiming.

(Note: As further evidence of the ridiculous counter-charges of Jim Wright and Marianne Wright of “Racism” Facebook deleted the Crossroad Junction Page noted in this article in March of 2015 for Multiple Community Guideline Violations which likely included recognition of the issues documented below.)

It’s somewhat sad when the following adage is demonstrated; “Racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Jim WrightWhile racism is indeed a very ugly thing, the ugliest thing in this current situation for Jim Wright is numbers and facts.  Jim Wright is welcome to attempt to desperately change the subject.  I’ll give his sad response all the attention that it deserves, which is none.  Those who know me, know that “elitist racist” is not descriptive of me, and those who know Jim Wright have mostly left his blogs, social media networks and more and more he’s simply yelling into a room with an audience who has little in common with him and who simply visit his page to perform a paid like. There is little community or connection involved at Crossroad Junction.

That’s really sad when you look at it because instead of addressing this, Wright’s response is to try to spin it as a positive.  It begs the question that if Wright were really sincere in his desire to reach out to the Philippines then why was it necessary for him to wait several weeks for me to point out what was happening before he announced his welcome after dwelling on it for several days?  Organic Church community for Jim Wright is OK to advertise for on Facebook but in practice in his own claimed network here in Northern Virginia he cannot even produce names.

After waiting several days to apparently think through how he would respond to the numbers present in my last blog referring to him, which revealed the huge anomalies in his Facebook page activity since April 28, instead of coming forward and admitting that something was quite unusual and unexplainable, Jim Wright responded with a welcome to his new audience in the Philippines and what appears to me to be a new addition to Fulcrum Ministries.  This may be a difficult thing for him to pull off, however as these people have names and profiles that can be looked at to decide how legitimate their interest in his “organizations” are or even if some of them exist in reality.

Jim Wright did provide additional information to his claims which, once again, demonstrates how unlikely his continuing with these claims is and allows others to determine for themselves how honest Jim Wright is in his representations when it comes to his church, his claimed network of organic fellowships, his elders, his victims, his witnesses etc.

Jim’s response when you wade through all of the ridiculous claims that those who question him are “elitist racists” make what he’s asking people to believe even more incredible.  The last I checked numbers and statistics had no nationality.  Jim Wright has been exposed recently through the testimony of a document of which there are now 30 signatories that attest to his history of conflict, slander, sowing discord as well as a few articles on my personal blog (linked to below).  What is more, Jim Wright in his desperation to grab onto some issue to try and redirect attention is now throwing out the names of several people trying to tie them to me including some whom I’ve never met or conversed with.  Jim Wright, as I’ve communicated to you several times, I am my own man. I put my name to my statements without hiding behind a corporate veil and using the “royal we” and anything that I post on my blog is placed there solely by me and speaks for me.  In that regard it’s unlike like what you do with Crossroad Junction, Nathan’s Voice, and Fulcrum Ministries  where you appear to be continuing to hide behind your organizations which have no names connected with them other than yours.  Try it some time.  You may find it makes for less interesting theater but it may do wonders for your reputation and perceived integrity, assuming you can put together something without your usual patterns of half-truths, exaggerations or outright misrepresentations and if you now can get through a post without accusing people of racism or trying to convince people that pointing out your issues is attacking victims of sexual abuse.  It’s really sad to me Jim Wright that you continue to try to cloak your slander with the legitimate pain of other people.

In any event, there’s not a lot to address in your last post of any substance, other than your continued pattern of slander and personal attacks.  But wading through that, you make the claims that you have done nothing but bought the occasional Facebook Ad without any targeted demographics and you yourself are amazed at the influx of new likes on your Facebook page, the vast majority (over 90% on every sample I’ve examined) come from the Philippines.  These by the way involve a very high percentage of new accounts with very little history of anything except liking pages and often include groups specifically formed for the purpose of networking and generating likes and follows.  So without repeating what has already been said which is still by itself quite damning evidence in my opinion, lets look at the likelihood of the current pattern on the Crossroad Junction Facebook page with this additional information that Jim Wright has volunteered.  Please note the numbers being used are Arabic in origin and have no connection that I know of to the Philippines.  To the best of my knowledge none of the digits used have any history of racist activity except in the current instance of being used to demonstrate that Jim Wright can tell a story and stick with it as long and hard as is necessary to avoid the ugly truth.

When someone goes to purchase an ad on Facebook, this is what appears on the screen in terms of cost and expected “likes”.  If you have a Facebook page for an special interest other than just your personal account you can access this yourself.  I and 3 other friends manage a page for those interested in Trinitarian Theology and so I accessed this information directly.

Facebook costs

Look carefully at this and then consider what Jim Wright is asking you to believe when combined with this screenshot of the history of the growth of his account.

Crossroad Junction 5-29-20013

Jim Wright is asking you to believe that based on the purchase of an “occasional ad” which by definition is not a sustained campaign, that from April 28th until now his account sustained an average of 500 to 600 page likes per week at a nearly perfectly constant rate (notice the almost perfectly straight line up at about a 60 degree angle and then maintained that rate for several weeks following.)

Now look at the page of rates and projected likes.  At a payment of 17 pounds per day, the expected return is projected at 18 – 70 likes per day.  That’s a highly volatile range of numbers which means that the likelihood of it being sustained at a rate of 80 or more likes per day (more than advertized) for a full month is practically impossible and is statistically near zero.  That means that the near perfect line up that the chart shows is nearly impossible to happen with that level of volatility in the base numbers.  That is if Jim Wright were to pay that amount every day for the full month which is by definition outside of his claim of it being “occasional” even then these would be amazing results and the cost would have to be about 510 pounds to sustain that type of campaign based upon Facebook’s own representations.

Add to that that Jim Wright stated that he didn’t define any demographics in these ads, meaning that they could appear anywhere in the world.  Jim not only wants to you believe he had these amazing results well above what a Facebook Ad at the highest level offered would bring but that in addition to that more than 90% of the likes (from what I’ve observed) came from one country!!

Do you see the problem here with this claim?  If you don’t, may I interest you in the purchase of a beautiful bridge and landmark located in Brooklyn, New York?

Jim Wright tries to put on a brave face as well and claims that in the aftermath (which is the closest that he comes to real math) of his “brave stand” that this has fueled followers and engagement on his page.  There’s only one problem with that claim.  The graph shows it’s not true.  Before the near miraculous ascent and near perfectly straight line ascent things actually dipped from the slow and anemic growth before.  This was because of the initial reaction to Jim Wright’s slanderous attack upon a person whom he had prior dealings, which follows this pattern from the past as well with his past 2 local churches, including the last one from which he was excommunicated, was to reduce the size of his group and its influence?  So what is an ambitious slanderer who wants to feel important to do when faced with the loss of audience and the blow to their pride that entails?  What makes more sense?  Did Jim Wright just buy an “occasional” Facebook Ad and achieve results beyond that which a sustained campaign would be expected to achieve without experiencing any volatility in the rate of “likes” to his account all while getting these spectacular results with a rate 0f 90% of them from one country and the youngest demographic age group or is there something else at work  here?  Further, the actual engagement and talking about element of Crossroad Junction has been diminishing when compared to the base numbers and this would be completely expected if disinterested people were simply liking the page without actually engaging on it so Wright’s claim that his “courageous actions” are garnering him attention is nothing more than whistling past the graveyard.

Be warned, however, to carefully consider before you answer this question!  Suggesting that the magic wand of good fortune has not fallen upon Jim Wright and looking objectively at the actual numbers, the trends and the probability of this taking place will subject you to the charge of being an “elitist racist.”  I have membership cards available and rest assured, once you join you’ll be entitled to all the benefits therein, including a coupon for a complimentary coffee on your birthday. Trust me on this.  Would I lie to you?  😉

Mathematics is indeed a dangerous field in which to venture!  Racism abounds everywhere so step carefully!

Seriously however, there’s no other way to really look at the lengths that Jim Wright is now going to to try and explain the unexplainable.  If history is any indicator of what is next, I will continue to be the target of escalating claims from Jim Wright as the noose continues to tighten with his claims narrowing the possibilities further and demonstrating his unwillingness or inability to admit that he is wrong.  I have to introduce some humor because the ridiculousness of the claims invite this response.  It would be impolite to decline Jim’s invitation.

Outside of that however, I truly am sad to see someone continue to try to confuse and delude others and possibly even delude themselves.  I sincerely hope that Jim will at some point wake up to the ongoing patterns in his life and begin to address these issues and take what are some positive abilities that he does have and actually use them without the continued attempt to deceive others into thinking he’s serving others when his most obvious motivation appears to be tearing others down so that he then can elevate himself by standing on their heads.  It’s especially sad to see him claiming an organization with countless unnamed people that thus far has only sought to expose and attack those whom Jim Wright personally has issues or a vendetta against.  In the end this does a grave disservice to his stated cause and real victims out there whose voices are diminished by his transparent manipulations.

All kidding aside, I am praying for Jim Wright and I hope he’ll address these many issues.  If Jim weren’t attempting to ruin other people’s lives and reputations with his continued nonsense, he could be left alone. As it stands, it is needful that he be shown for what he is doing in the same forum of his activities until he develops some awareness and shows some change in his life.

I sincerely hope that he will for his own sake as well as others’.

Also on the serious side Jim, I really am in favor of anything that promotes the Kingdom of God, so if there’s anything I can do to help you in this area, please let me know.  I have family members who are from the Philippines and very familiar with the dynamics of that culture and the business and religious environment there.  I will also initiate chats with some of the people liking your posts since April 28, and offer apologies for any offense that I’ve caused with my insensitive comments given the many offended people that you refer to.  I haven’t received any comments to that end as yet, but of course I probably lack your sensitivity and care in these matters.  I may even post screen shots of a few of those chats as a testament to your reaching out to these people and I fully expect they will know who you are and all about Crossroad Junction.  In fact, I encourage others to do the same thing and help wherever they can to show the love of Christ.  Please do let me know which of the posts of such great interest to the Filipino people you’ve put up since April 28 you think has been of the most interest and impact to these people so I can help in the best way I can.

6 thoughts on “How to Perform “Elitist Racist” Math to Show what Jim Wright on Crossroad Junction is claiming.

  1. Just for the record, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” (Samuel Johnson), but in this case racism is the last accusation of someone without a rational argument. I also notice that Jim Wright’s cross-posts of this have quickly been taken down everywhere I can see. Bart, since you are my first racist elitist acquanitance . . . I guess I didn’t really know what those words meant. I thought, apparently erroneously, that they had something to do with irrational bias based on race and economic/political position. Who knew.

    • Thanks Hal! Numbers are stubborn things. And of course, you’re correct that the opening line is a variation on the old Adams quote, but it was quite popular as well as the racism variation in 2007 and following in American politics as racism was a common theme for many in the election of our first black President, and so it seemed apropos here too.

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