Top Ten Questions for Jim Wright, Crossroad Junction, Fulcrum Ministries and Nathan’s Voice

This post is provided as a courtesy for those who have read any of the several other articles on my blog with regard to the claimed local Organic Church Ministry claimed by Jim Wright, Crossroad Junction, Fulcrum Wright DiagramMinistries and Nathan’s Voice.  Before considering the claims of Jim Wright, these are questions that need answers.  If you are provided answers to any of these, please feel free to place them in the comments here for possible inclusion.

1.  Why does Nathan’s Voice have no publicly disclosed listing of Board Members, Elders, or volunteers?

(Update April 2015: This question remains unanswered and at this point it’s pretty clear that there are no Active Board Members, Elders or others present)

2.  Why are the only churches and leaders whom Nathan’s Voice has “outed” previous churches which Jim Wright attended and had conflict with or persons with whom Jim Wright has personal issues of theology or church organizational structure?  Wouldn’t a reputable organization want to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest and personal vendettas and recuse somebody who is obviously bearing a grudge?

(Update April 2015: This question remains unanswered and further it’s since been discovered that in addition to Jim Wright’s conflict with his last 2 local churches, of which he was excommunicated from the last, that he additionally was a part of a group cast out of a Davidsonville MD, United Methodist Church, and also in conflict with Sovereign Grace Ministries whom he regularly attacks online as well.)

3.  Why is it necessary to maintain separate blogs with different organizational identities when there is no evidence that anyone but Jim Wright is posting to all accounts?  Isn’t it dishonest to speak to yourself to try to deceive people into believing that these are separate entities when there are no other names attached to them?  Are you aware that employing this type of method is considered to be a “Black Hat” internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method?

(Update April 2015.  This question remains unanswered but in March of 2015 Facebook deleted Crossroad Junction’s Facebook Page for Multiple Community Guideline Violations, which likely include these issues.)

4.  Does Fulcrum Ministries or any of the related ministries under it have filed 990 Tax Returns on file disclosing all officers?  Is anyone listed on these returns beside Jim Wright?

(Update April 2015.  This question has never been answered.)

5.  Why is the Crossroad Junction fan page on Facebook increasing at a rate of 500 – 600 new fans per week with most of these new likes coming from the Philippines and from accounts that are mostly new, many of which are also part of groups designed to like pages for commercial purposes?  Why was there no welcome or celebration of these new subscribers until this was pointed out on other blogs?  Jim Wright are you ashamed of Filipinos or were you trying to hide what was happening for any other reason?

(Update April 2015.  In March of 2015 Facebook deleted Crossroad Junction’s Facebook Page for Multiple Community Guideline Violations, which likely include these issues.)

6.  Why do you attempt to represent a letter from a few members of a church from 13 years ago as a legitimate case of unfinished church discipline, when you, Jim Wright, were excommunicated from your local church in 2009?  Isn’t it hypocritical to promote a small group of members most of whom have said the issues were resolved at that time, as representative of a whole church when you’ve ignored the formal actions of a full congregation?  What are you doing Jim Wright to address your Church Disciplinary actions?

(Update April 2015.  In addition to the excommunication in 2009 from a Church in Manassas VA, Jim Wright posted in 2010 that he was part of an original group thrown out of a Davidsonville United Methodist Church in the 1970s. After an attempt to cover-up his 2009 excommunication Jim Wright recently acknowledged his excommunication while continuing to level bizarre and unproven charges against his previous church of gross financial impropriety.)

7.  Why do so many of your posts, Jim Wright, claim that you and your wife left your last church on the presumed basis of a move toward organic church ministry, when in fact, you were divorced at the time, single and were excommunicated by that church?  Why when this was pointed out on another blog and by Facebook posts, did Crossroad Junction then add a new Post in May of 2013 which was backdated to June of 2009?  Why have you gone to such lengths to hide the fact that you were excommunicated, when you claim to be promoting the documents of accusation from other churches?

(Update April 2015. In addition to his excommunication in 2009, Jim Wright has revealed he was part of another group in the 1970s thrown out of a Davidsonville MD. United Methodist Church, and he’s also been the subject of collective action by more than 35 organic church authors and leaders warning against his false accusations and attempts to represent himself as a leader in the movement.)

8.  Why does your own home church and claimed network of organic churches in Northern Virginia operate as a secret society with no contact information provided for those who seek or ask other than Jim Wright?  Isn’t it highly suspicious and cult-like to have all power and speaking roles tied to one man?

(Update April 2015.  This question has never been directly answered but it has become clearer that Jim Wright’s heritage through his parents and his relationship is deeply connected and tied to the cult-like Shepherding Movement of the 1970s and 1980s which has as a core value absolute control by a central leader.)

9.  Jim Wright why do you assume the title of an “Organic Church Sower” when you criticize the use of titles by others?  Have you been ordained or commissioned by any organization to whom you are personally accountable to where that title has any meaning outside of your own use of it?

(Update April 2015: There has never been a direct answer to this question but it’s clear Jim Wright operates on the presumption that he is an elder in his phantom organization despite no affirmation by anyone else and no evidence of Biblical Qualification of the title.)

10.  Who are you accountable to, Jim Wright,  for your actions personally or on behalf of your claimed organizations?  Isn’t it unethical and dishonest to claim any accountability when you control all communications in or out of the claimed organizations?

Be persistent, wherever you see Jim Wright or his organizations, especially in forums where the asking of these questions won’t be deleted as they are on Jim Wright’s blogs.  Without answers to all of these questions, there is more than reasonable doubt as to the honesty and integrity of Jim Wright and the organizations of Crossroad Junction, Fulcrum Ministries and Nathan’s Voice (there are others too) and they should be considered nothing more than the sad misrepresentations of one man who is attempting to create an image for himself with no reasonable disclosures.

These questions are the result of my examination of Jim Wright and his organizations and I post my concerns because I am a local resident of Northern Virginia, with ties to the Organic Church community and I believe it is my responsibility to point out when a claimed local ministry is operating in a manner that brings disrepute and disgrace to the name of Christ in my community.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Questions for Jim Wright, Crossroad Junction, Fulcrum Ministries and Nathan’s Voice

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  5. Bart, most of your issues are very transparently addressed in my various blogs . However, two of them are worth addressing here, because they involve smears against others – including my wife.

    You ask: “Why do so many of your posts, Jim Wright, claim that you and your wife left your last church on the presumed basis of a move toward organic church ministry, when in fact, you were divorced at the time, single and were excommunicated by that church?”

    My wife and I were part of (the “former church” you reference), and during the last several months of our membership there had begun dating (we were both fully and properly single at the time – just to head off any other distorted innuendo from you!).

    While dating, we both left that church

    I simply note that we were not alone in leaving that church. Many also did so.

    As I correctly state in some of my blogs, my wife and I then moved forward toward organic church ministry together, while still dating and then engaged – as we still do now that we’ve been very happily married over the intervening years.

    Our experience with was hardly unique, as many have moved towards organic church after leaving or being forced to leave abusive situations in an institutional church. In fact, over 2,000 others left that church <s – although certainly not all moved toward starting organic churches like my wife and I did.

    Regarding Nathan's Voice, we have helped victims from many churches in the northern Virginia area that I've never personally been affiliated with – including and others I am not at liberty to mention due to our confidentiality commitments. In fact, the volunteers at Nathan's Voice have directly helped literally hundreds of abuse survivors over the years – typically with counseling and other support services, but also advocacy, confronting specific abusive church leaders as appropriate, and litigation support.

    Regarding another very distorted innuendo on your blog, Nathan's Voice has never solicited donations, charged for any help we've provided, nor asked for or received any fees or other compensation for any referrals we might occasionally make.

    • Jim, so I am clear.

      I will not allow you to provide links to your sites on my blog nor will I allow you to continue your distortions or misrepresentations on my site. I am allowing this after editing out your links and mentions of names and organizations. That is more than you have provided others and you should, I think be grateful I am allowing this edited reply on my site. It is the only one I will unless you reciprocate and allow me to respond on your site to your specific charges against me and others.

      I have put no links on my site to yours and I will not. Further. I will not allow your continued unsubstantiated claims or naming of organizations on my site. I have named no other organizations or people you have accused on my site and I will not allow you to violate that practice on my part. If people want to wade through your blogs and the volumes of often contradictory and exaggerated libel and slander, they are welcome to search for it and do it on their own. I will not enable it or facilitate it.

      Feel free to respond here with your commitment to allow me to respond on your blog and then demonstrate it. Otherwise, don’t waste your time or mine.

      As to your comments:

      1. Your divorce was finalized in January of 2009. You were excommunicated from your former church in June of 2009. Those who left that fellowship in the numbers you state did so before you arrived at that church and there was no connection to the claims you attempt to wrap yourself within. The meeting, as I understand it dealing with you in June of 2009 did not result in anyone leaving that fellowship except for you by excommunication and your now current wife who left on her own. We can speak further about that issue if you wish, but I am as a courtesy not going in depth to the issues there related to your divorce that are a matter of public court record. Let me know if you wish that to change.

      2. Nathan’s voice has not publicly addressed and made charges against anyone except your former churches and a national author whom you began to be obsessed with and slander for 18 months before your “revelations”. Now of course, I have the honor of your libel on Nathan’s Voice for no other reason than that I have revealed the truth about the organizations, it’s lack of public validation by anyone but you and its pattern of only making charges against people with whom you, Jim Wright have a personal grudge. Your claims to the contrary can be seen by anyone who looks at the site, the blog posts and who contacts you directly to ask for the board members, elders and/or volunteers other than you with the “organization.

      Your claims mean little to me without others being named and standing behind your claims. There is no reason why you cannot reveal the names of your volunteers and “elders” and in fact your refusal to do so speaks directly to the illegitimacy of your “organization” given that you are the only person who speaks for “them” and the only person who receives communications. Drop the “mouse in your pocket” routine until they are named. The only person you are kidding at this point is yourself.

      As to your attempt to infer elements of a post that made no mention of you or Nathan’s Voice, may I suggest you work on the paranoia and realize that you’re not the only questionable victim’s advocate group of which I’m aware and that not everything I post is about you? Further, these are precisely the types of questions that demand transparency and other voices than your own as your claims and reassurances again carry no real meaning without any checks, balances and other voices providing internal and external accountability.

      Bart Breen

      • Update in April of 2015. Jim Wright’s Facebook Page was deleted last month for Multiple Community Guideline Violations. Additionally it’s been revealed that Jim Wright was also part of a group cast out of a United Methodist Church in the 1970s. The more that is learned of Jim Wright’s past the clearer it is that he’s a deluded man with narcissistic issues and deep roots in the Shepherding Movement who has no business claiming any connection with the Organic Church Movement.

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