Theophostic Counseling?

367078204_0412ed840e_oJim Wright claims on Crossroad Junction that he and his wife are involved in counseling victims of Sexual Abuse through Nathan’s Voice, and their network of Churches which has no name but exists under the legal framework of Fulcrum Ministries.

The only reference I’ve ever seen with regard to counseling for either of them is under what they call “Theophostic Counseling”.  However, what used to be called “Theophostic Counseling” was changed by the founder Dr. Ed Smith to “Theophostic Prayer Ministry” for legal and liability reasons based on concerns that this was not something that qualifies as “counseling” under general use of the term and there’s little to no control of those who claim to be “practitioners” in this field.

If you go to Theophostic Counseling at their main website you’ll find the following disclaimer shown clearly.

“Theophostic Prayer Ministry is not counseling nor should any person seeking such or who may be in need of professional mental health care assume that this prayer ministry will provide counseling or mental health care. It is a ministry of prayer and is spiritual in nature and biblical in principle. If you are seeking mental health care please seek out a Christian mental health care provider in your area.”  (emphasis in bold added)

So!? What sort of counseling are the Wright’s providing and what certification do they have to support making these claims and representing they provide these services?  Jim Wright claims to be a retired attorney, yet he uses this term to represent himself as a “counselor” along with his wife on an almost weekly basis.  This should raise serious concerns in several areas for any who are considering contacting Jim Wright or his wife as to what they are actually doing, what they are representing themselves as doing and what forms of credentials or training they actually possess to be making these claims.

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan's Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan’s Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

This is one more example of why organizations (real ones) claiming to represent victims of any sort, but especially in the realm of any form of Sexual Abuse should have public boards, with credentialed credible people who are involved in overseeing and managing the activities of those who claim to be functioning in this role.

Can a representative of Fulcrum Ministries who is an elder or a board member come forward and make an independent statement as to the justification for these claims and the practices that are represented by Jim Wright to be going on?

Also, if anyone reading this has actually received counseling from the Wright’s or under the auspices of Fulcrum Ministries, Nathan’s Voice, or Crossroad Junction would you please contact me and let me know of your experience?  I’m interested in knowing what is going on and how people are being treated in this area and under what claims.  Positive comments are welcome as well.  Please provide contact information as well for verification.

8 thoughts on “Theophostic Counseling?

  1. Not surprisingly, after this article was posted, Jim Wright quickly took down his most recent post at Crossroad Junction on his Facebook Page, posted a new one, and modified his post on his blog site to change his representation to the counseling done as a “ministry of the church”.

    As usual, the initial first comments were about promoting himself, but when he realized he had overstepped and needed to invoke his “legal framework” for cover against overstating his actual credentials and qualifications, then he gave the necessary tip of the hat to the “churches” which appear usually only when Jim needs to invoke that presumed credibility, in my opinion.

    This gives additional credence to my concerns that there continues to be no evidence of a functioning church at all here. When Jim needs to cover his tracks and use the church structure he’s created, he simply rewords or changes his previous claims or statements to fit what the situation dictates and hides behind the organization for legal or liability purposes.

    Functional Churches have other people who can be named and who should be able to step forward and clarify what is going on with regard to their activities and ministries. That’s basic to any public ministry to demonstrate independence and to avoid Organizational Conflicts of Interest. Fulcrum Ministries doesn’t do this that I’ve ever observed, and in fact it looks to me to be just an extension of some of the organizations Jim used prior to this, such as Fulcrum Express and Fulcrum Forum for similar legal, tax and liability reasons. If and when this current arrangement becomes a liability or past it’s usefulness, I suspect there will be others if the pattern continues.

    Legitimate, functioning ministries and organizations would have the ability to make statements and correct statements outside just one person, but instead with Fulcrum Ministries we see the only named person pulling the strings in the background and just going ahead and changing statements or representations quietly and trying to avoid attention that would tip other people off as to what is going on.

    I’m still waiting for an elder or board member to come forward. Until then, there’s no reason to believe this is anything more than Jim Wright continuing his puppet show.

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