Contact by Jim Wright?

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan's Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan’s Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

I’ve received occasional emails from people who have found this website as they’ve searched to learn more about James C. Wright of Crossroad Junction after a contact from him.  The information from the entire blog covers all of this, but as a help to several who have asked, this is what you should be aware of when you’re contacted by Jim Wright.

1.  Jim Wright usually claims to be speaking on behalf of local churches and elders.  He does not give names or contacts to confirm this role.  There is no definitive evidence found by those who live in the local area that Wright speaks for anyone but himself.

2.  Jim Wright usually asserts claims of moral failure and aberrant theology toward those whom he is seeking to defame and diminish.  These are based on Jim Wright’s own assertions which he has in the past sought to obfuscate by giving organizational names as the source such as Fulcrum Ministries, Fulcrum Express, Fulcrum Forum, Crossroad Junction and Nathan’s Voice.  There is no evidence that these organizations are anyone other than Jim Wright, himself, and the charges he makes are generally uncheckable due to unnamed sources or have been refuted.

3.  Jim Wright has an extended history going back more than 30 years of “stirring the pot,” making claims that are outrageous and grossly exaggerated and has been dismissed, disfellowshipped, excommunicated and removed from national organizations such as the Moral Majority, at least one local church (as well as at least one additionally which he left rather than face formal discipline), as well as by the collective action of at least 35 organic church leaders. (Update April 2015: Evidence is now in hand indicating Jim Wright was part of a group cast out of Davidsonville United Methodist Church in the 1970s)

4.  Jim Wright uses methods in his online communities such as his Crossroad Junction Blog and more specifically his Crossroad Junction Facebook Page of garnering “likes” which fall well outside of the statistical probabilities of a normal distribution.  The actual organic presence on these sites are minimal to the point of almost being non-existent.  Wright appears to simply be engaging in Search Engine Optimization methods to attempt to get his representations in front of people who are not familiar with him personally or his history in the hopes that they will accept his online persona and organizational claims at face value. (Update April 2015: Facebook deleted the Crossroad Junction Page in March of 2015 after Multiple Community Guideline Violations which likely include those cited above.)

5.  Jim Wright has a history of being removed from internet and Facebook online communities for just the types of behavior referenced above and has also had posts removed from Facebook for community violations and online harassment.

The best practice based on the experience of those who have engaged with Jim Wright in the past is simply not to engage with him or answer his letters of demand or inquiry.  Those who have sought to engage with him in this manner have found him to be unwilling to accept anything other than his already contrived version of things and he then uses any such communications directly or indirectly to continue to attack and misrepresent.  Mr. Wright should be treated as speaking for nobody other than himself, unless or until, as he has been asked many times, he provides names and contact information of those for whom he claims to be speaking.

For more information please refer to the more detailed articles on this site including those on these topics:

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If you learn of others who are being harassed by Jim Wright please feel free to link to, or refer them to this website.

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