Eight Reasons Jim Wright Should Not be Trusted

Jim Wright demonstrates in his most recent post regarding me and others what exactly is going on with him and why his rants and railing accusations should be discounted.

1. Jim Wright has a history of grandstanding and seeking public attention. This has been clear since 1980 and 1981 when he embarrassed the Moral Majority to the extent that he was cast out and disassociated by them.

2. Jim Wright will take any side of an argument to advance his purpose even diametrically opposing sides of the same argument. In the 1980s he argued against legislation designed to protect victims of abuse and defended cults such as the Moonies and others.

3. Jim Wright makes grandiose claims without demonstrating the basis of  those claims. Those claims escalate over time as his emotional involvement escalates and the issues intertwine with his ego and drive to call attention to himself.

4. Jim Wright abuses his legal background to attempt to make people believe what he is saying. For example, in his recent attempt to smear a past church of his (which he left rather than face church discipline) he repeatedly refers to a case brought against one pastor in the church and has trumpeted to others that the issue was sexual abuse not by one pastor but the entire staff. Instead of pointing to the decision in the case which is the result of what was found he tries to impress others by posting documents of what was charged going into the case. This is a deceptive practice by a man who should know better. Accusations in a case going in are not the same things as final findings. Anyone can make whatever accusations they want going in (and often do).  This type of practise by Jim Wright is evidence of the types of tactics he uses to blow situations out of proportion and give traction to his demonstrated motives over a long period of time which is to destroy those with whom he disagrees or who have stood in the way of him assuming center stage with the attention and power he craves. The decision in the case he refers to does not demonstrate his claims were correct.

5.  Jim Wright regularly overstates his connections to other situations and his qualifications. He as claimed repeatedly that he and his second wife are “counselors” or engaged in counseling. The truth is that their appeal to this is based in association with Theophostic prayer ministry, which is not a counseling organization and specifically disclaims being so. Even Jim Wright’s claims to being involved in cases is suspect as there’s no public listing of him as being admitted to the Virginia Bar. He tries to cover himself now by specifying he’s not being paid.

6. On his recent rants against me he shows his personal and emotional involvement by calling names and using ridicule showing the level from which he is coming which is clearly not professional or measured in any way.

7. He demonstrates his motives by intertwining charges of being “cults” against people which has nothing to do with his other charges other than to demonstrate his malice and disposition.  In fact, this was where all of this started in the most recent episode of his latest public tantrum for Jim Wright. He threw a fit on a national author’s blog because he didn’t like the characterization made of different tribes within evangelicalism and from that moment forward he became consumed with not only disagreeing with that author but seeking to destroy him personally by means such as derogatory book reviews, posts on his own blogs (when it became clear that the author wouldn’t engage him on his own), visiting a local organic church in his area associated with that author indirectly which he then publicly criticized on his blog. Then through his continual haranguing on his own blog he got what he needed to repeat his pattern of many years of then bringing up trumped up charges against someone he had already decided he personally disliked and wanted to harm; a man from the past who also disliked that author in large part because that man had been disciplined and rejected by the author’s church previously. What is more he carried tales of innuendo based upon claimed knowledge obtained through counseling which were neither specific nor direct and which in fact would demonstrate a breach of confidentiality, but which provided Jim Wright with all he wanted which was simply a basis to accuse someone he had already decided he didn’t like and wanted to destroy.

8. Jim Wright shows the same sort of pattern with his first wife and his attempt to shame and embarrass her publicly through his blog and on social media, in what Wright now tries to pass off as just a “messy divorce.” This little “messy divorce” has involved Wright continually seeking delay and harm to his first wife including appeals to higher courts. This sort of behavior is also similar to what he attempted to do to his past two churches. Look carefully at his Nathan’s Voice Blog. Why do we see only the churches and people whom Wright has a chip on his shoulder concerning? This is nothing more than a wolf wrapping himself in the pain and suffering of others to take his own mouthful of flesh. He used whatever means he could to make as nasty and as damaging claims as he could simply to generate as much bad publicity as he could for them and damage their reputations as punishment for daring to disagree or challenge him in other areas. An honest man and certainly an honest attorney would recuse himself rather that enter a conflict on behalf of someone else that he himself is already engaged in.

This same pattern has marked Jim in his first marriage, his church relationships and past organizations, like the Moral Majority which saw much of this type of behavior more than 30 years ago and cast him off.

I predicted when my involvement started as an independent person that I would become a target of Jim Wright in the same way. Jim hasn’t failed to disappoint. It’s devolved into his usual obfuscation, redirecting and deceiving patterns that many people know from the wreckage of his past.

I’m tired of the damage you have done in my community Jim Wright, to the church community at large and now particularly to the organic  community where you arrived  with nowhere else to go after being thrown out of your marriage, ostracized by your family and past church. You aren’t here to learn or grow. You’re here to attack and disrupt while seeking the type of roles that you were denied in the other churches that rejected you and your sick repeating patterns.

Attack me all you wish, Jim Wright. I’m tired of it and will take your bullying so others see more of who you are and how you operate. You’re a blight on the body of Christ and need to deal with your own issues and stop with your use of real victims from other areas to mask your campaigns of revenge and personal destruction.

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