Jim Wright’s Conspiracy Theories

The patterns with Jim Wright in his conspiracy theories are nothing if not predictable.

Just as Jim Wright attempted to do with one of his past local churches that denied his repeated attempts to be elected as an elder, he eventually began trumpeting tales of gross sexual abuse and conspiracy among an entire staff for a court case that was brought on an employment issue. To hear Wright go on with it, you’d think there were sacrificial altars set up there for children to Baal.

Now, true to form, after being excommunicated from the Organic Church community for similar actions of slander and personal attack, he’s now feverishly sending tweets out (complete with spelling and grammar mistakes suggesting the emotional state he’s in as he desperately tries to get people to believe his nonsense and conspiracy theories) against an entire network of Christian Authors accusing them of cover-ups and mutual promotion.

It’s par for the course: Ridiculous charges, conspiracy theories and campaigns of personal destruction in the names of anonymous and unnamed others when it’s Jim Wright who has the chip on his shoulder and had one long before he went looking for anything he could use to attack those who rejected his pleas for power and importance.

People are on to you, Jim Wright. You can no longer hide your past reaching back to the 1980s when the Moral Majority first saw you for what you were becoming then and rejected you by casting you out of the organization.

You can yell louder, but it doesn’t change your past or people’s awareness of who you are and how you operate.

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