Jim Wright Continues Twisting the Truth

(Update April 2015.  Jim Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page of Facebook was deleted for multiple community guideline violations, some of which likely include the accusations referenced below.)

It’s a never-ending stream of twisting the truth and half-truths from Jim Wright, but I knew this when I first decided to stand up to his bullying and sociopathic behavior.  Now a new list of unsubstantiated attacks comes from him and as the accusations increase in scope he continues to plunge into charges of conspiracy to explain why he’s being rejected and his grandiose claims are being ignored by so many.

Here’s some of the things Jim leaves out to try to convince others of his ridiculous and ever-expanding and morphing charges.

1.  I have no official connection with any of the authors, other than I’ve joined most of them in publicly rebuking Wright and signing a letter of excommunication based on longstanding habitual sin.  I’ve done some book reviews on some of their books, many well before Jim Wright began his transparent smear campaign.  My participation in this action was and is based upon living in the same community with Wright where I have observed this behavior or become aware of it over many years.  I’ve seen the methods he uses and the repeated attempts to defame local churches and pastors in the area.

2.  I’ve in good faith multiple times offered to not only meet with Wright one on one (something he conveniently omits in his attempt to paint me as some sort of ogre who is looking to attack him and his claimed fellowships) plus I’ve also offered to meet with him personally in the presence of witnesses to discuss any of these matters.  He’s repeatedly refused.  Why?  Probably because he thinks I’ll be like him.  Jim Wright was openly welcomed and received by another Organic Fellowship in our community.  After this he went on line and trashed them.  I have met with and have connections with this group as well as other circles in the community (something Wright ignores while trying to paint me as part of my wife’s local church which I’ve attended maybe 4 times over the past year, am not a member and have no official connections.)  Wright knows this, yet he continues to lie and misrepresent.  He’s also posted a blog that was backdated by years as evidenced here to try to hide his own history of excommunication.

I’ve recently even offered to have any issues of dispute between Jim Wright and myself submitted to G.R.A.C.E. an organization that Wright has repeatedly tried to tie himself to while invoking the friendship of it’s leader Boz Tchividjian.  In that email discussion with Boz, which Jim Wright was copied on, Boz made clear that “Jim Wright and his wife, is not associated with GRACE, nor has he (or his wife) ever done work or been authorized to speak on behalf of this organization.”  In that email discussion I made the offer to submit the matter to Boz, for examination as to my concerns about Jim’s actions, the evidence it is based upon and the legitimacy of Jim’s organizations which hide behind a veil of secrecy and for which only Jim Wright speaks.  Jim Wright refused to even consider it despite the fact that Boz is his claimed friend.  What does that tell you? 

I’ve taken the bold step and will continue to do so of when Jim Wright claims or infers association with legitimate organizations that I will contact them directly and ask them to confirm the relationship or claim.  As was the case with G.R.A.C.E. it was quickly evident that the claims of Wright were exaggerated, overstated and when pushed that they wanted nothing to do with him in any official speaking capacity.  That’s earned me the continued wrath of Jim Wright and now his efforts to attempt to damage me personally and professionally with his typical campaign of misrepresentations, falsehoods and twisting.  That’s usually the bottom line with Jim.  Challenge his conspiracy theories and imagined syndicates of vast collusion against him and you become the target of his attacks and vitriol.  He’s done it to his last 2 local churches and now he’s doing it to authors who hold a position he aspires to in portraying himself as an “Organic Sower” and “Church Planter.” Now he’s doing it to me, for daring to point out his past patterns, his lack of integrity, legitimacy and accountability within his self-serving organizational veils of secrecy.

If I cared enough, all I would have to do is enlist the support of a few people in my area whom Jim doesn’t know to call and seek to visit his claimed fellowships and we’d soon know the truth.  That’s not how I operate.  I’ve been upfront in my requests to meet personally with Jim or visit a fellowship and as is typical with Jim Wright he’s camped in his own paranoia and refused to facilitate.  That’s his choice.  It’s not my responsibility to validate his claims, upon which he based his claims of legitimate standing to bring his delusional charges.  It’s his.  That he refuses to do these simple things and rages when it’s pointed out is clear evidence of his state of mind and fear of people challenging him or confronting him in his carefully constructed plotting and hiding of who he is and who these people are that he claims to represent.

3.  I have on many occasions dropped a brief note to people who share or post on Jim Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page.  It’s usually been one or two brief sentences with a link to my blog or other material that shows what Jim is doing.  I’ve had many replies with thanks for making them aware of who he is, his history and what he does.  I make no apology for it.  It’s information derived from a public forum and there’s nothing wrong with messaging a person.  I’ve never had anyone respond back and accuse me of harassment.  Jim Wright however, in responding publicly in his outrage that anyone would challenge his pronouncements has made comments about me diagnosing me falsely with mental illness claims and violating Facebook Community Standards which led to some his very hateful and misleading posts being removed.  The link to the evidence of this is here.  Further the entire page was deleted in Facebook in March of 2015 for Multiple Community Guideline Violations.

Wright’s claims that I’ve harassed a minor is just continued grist for his mill.  If I’ve communicated with anyone it’s because they’ve either posted or commented on Wright’s page or on the internet and I’ve used publicly available information to contact them.  If any were a minor, I’ve had no awareness of that nor has Wright or the person and their parents he claims contacted me to express any concern or desire for me to cease.  Wright claims this is an obsessive act on my part.  It isn’t really.  It hasn’t taken very much time because frankly, there’s very few people who have any organic connection to Wright.  Look carefully at his Facebook Crossroad Junction Page and you’ll see that there’s very little organic (meaning based in true relationship) interaction there and the majority of his posts are liked by people overseas who otherwise have no connection with him.  It’s clear there are methods at use to “juice” his numbers.  All Jim Wright is about in his activities there is creating a platform to make his false, twisted and exaggerated claims, create the appearance of an audience and then hit search engines in order to harm those he targets.  Evidence of this is here.

The bottom line continues to be that Jim began his “campaign” against what is now multiple Christian Authors in his typical conspiracy creating mindset because he didn’t like a book that he felt marginalized him and the type of people he claims to represent.  Jim was stung by the refusal to engage with him publicly and he has simply sought for similar disgruntled people with a chip on their shoulder and has systematically broadened his charges to the realm of the ridiculous and sought to personally destroy the reputations and livelihoods of people he feels slighted by.

It likely won’t stop.  It’s clear Jim lacks any real sense of conscience or any ability to admit when he’s wrong about something.  It’s part of what has led to the destruction of his former family, ruined relationships with multiple churches, including excommunication and it stretches back to his very early days when he did similar things within the context of the Moral Majority until they finally had to cast him out.  This is nothing new for Jim Wright.  This is who and what he is.  I think he’d do much better to withdraw his public presence and deal with his own issues but that’s up to him.

Pray for him.  But at the same time, realize that when somebody engages in this type of destructive behavior publicly, it has to be responded to publicly.

In the meantime, my offer to meet with Jim with witnesses or to visit any of his fellowships, where I will remain silent and simply observe remains open.  If Boz Tchividjian is open to examining Jim’s behavior and my publicly stated concerns about Jim Wright and Jim withdraws his refusal, I’m willing on behalf of myself only as I represent nobody else, to have my concerns and evidence examined about Jim which stretches over far more than just this matter that he’s currently harping on.

That’s all you really need to know.  Jim Wright can throw temper tantrums online and accuse me of all he wants (what’s next Jim?  Cannibalism?)  There’s a reason no others are coming alongside him from legitimate organizations with publicly named boards and standards.  They want nothing to do with Jim Wright.  We should all follow their lead.

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