How to Check with UCLA Registrar’s Office

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)  There has been no contact from Keith Smith to me apologizing for the personal attacks made before he in fact acknowledged his fraud.

“Dr.” Keith W Smith’s Attempt to Deflect Attention Fails

Keith W. Smith

Keith W. Smith

Jim Wright

Jim Wright

Keith W. Smith has made a few fainthearted attempts to deny the information released here last week after it was revealed that the UCLA Registrar’s Office refuted the claims of he and his crony James C Wright of Manassas VA, to pass himself off as a PhD in Psychology.  Below is a screen shot of an attempt to discredit the author of this blog by simple ad hominem attacks while ignoring the substance of the claim.

This is the easiest thing in the world to refute if is it false.  All Keith W. Smith needs to do is provide direct evidence of the claim from the Registrar’s Office at UCLA of the Degree itself along with an independent email address or contact that anyone can contact to verify the claim.  The fact that it’s been about a week’s time and no such communication has been provided speaks very loudly.  All that’s come back is this weak back-channel personal types of attacks that makes claims of mental illness and trolls which were removed by Facebook for violation of community guidelines under harrassment and hate-speech.

If it’s true, Keith W. Smith, prove it!  It’s easy to do.  Provide a contact in the UCLA Registrar’s office to confirm your claim and then perhaps explain why they denied it earlier.

Keith W Smith Slander Screen Capture

Screen Capture of page taken down for Keith W Smith.


This was the effort on the “Professional Page for “Dr. Keith W. Smith” on Facebook.  I put a review up on that page repeating the fact that the UCLA Registrar’s Office refutes his claim.  This was his attempt to address the issue.

The entire page disappeared after my response which is also included below it.  Unable to refute the answer, and apparently afraid of the complaint filed with Facebook for the blatant violation of Community Guidelines (something that Jim Wright has been caught in violation of as well as demonstrated in this article) Keith Smith just decided to delete the entire page.

This is the sort of thing frauds do when they can’t provide direct evidence in support of their claims.  They don’t want people hearing about the claim and so they don’t directly answer.

Rather than the simplest action in the world, telling the truth and proving it, the lies become more convoluted and personally directed against those who have demonstrated the falsity of their claims.

Allow me to reiterate for those wondering about the truth of “Dr.” Keith W. Smith’s claims vs my representation of 10 emails exchanged between myself and the UCLA’s Registrar’s Office:



Ask them if Keith W Smith, born in 1955 has a UCLA PhD in Psychology issued from UCLA in 2002.  I did exactly that.  I have multiple emails from  UCLA that states that they have no such record of a degree issued or of a student present by that name and birth year.

It will quickly become apparent to you why Keith W. Smith is afraid to answer publicly and can only answer privately or else remove the pages where he can where the questions are asked.

This is the quality of testimony provided by Keith W Smith and James C. Wright (Jim Wright) as they tag team together as cronies for those gullible enough to listen to them and their vitriolic gossip and attacks against others.

The longer it takes and the more typical their knee-jerk reactions attack those pointed out these facts, the more evident it is that they cannot refute the claim and can only try and obfuscate.

The Clock is still ticking, Keith and Jim.  It’s very simple.  Demonstrate the basis of the credential proffered or shut up and go away and save your personal attacks for those who are fooled in any measure by the smoke and mirrors you use to attack others.

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