The Evidence

A few people have contacted me asking for the emails from the UCLA’s Registrar’s Office with regard to the claim of an earned 2002 UCLA PhD in Psychology by Keith W Smith and the promotion of these credentials by James C Wright in his continued efforts to defame multiple people in the Organic Church community at large.

Here they are as well as some additional things to consider following.

Email from Bart Breen to dated Jul 2, 2014

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?


I want to know how to verify the issuance of a PhD degrees claimed by a gentleman by the name of Keith W. Smith.  He claims to have been issued a PhD in Psychology from UCLA in 2002.

I have checked your National Clearing House Service and I don’t believe I meet the terms of services as I am not checking as an authorized third party for the purposes of employment etc.

I do not wish any personal information or transcripts.  I simply am a member of the public who wishes to confirm with your school as to whether any such doctorate has been issued in that name.  The person in question has made these claims publicly at this website.

Specifically the claim he makes publicly is that he has an “Earned Doctorate in Psychology UCLA 2002.”

Please advise as to if I am able to use the National Clearing House Service ethically for this purpose or if this is a service provided directly by the school and how and where to inquire.

Thank you for your help.

Bart Breen

The Screen Shot from the Facebook Page of Keith W Smith’s Claim dated July 8, 2014

This page has since been taken down or I’ve been blocked from it, perhaps in an effort to attempt to hide or hinder those looking at the claim, or perhaps in the aftermath of Facebook removing a post for violation of community guidelines for that page.  A screen shot was taken to document the claim and here it is.  Look at the middle of it about halfway down and see the claim, “2002 Earned Doctorate in Psychology from U.C.L.A.”

Keith W Smith Claim of an Earned PhD from UCLA issued in 2002

Keith W Smith Claim of an Earned PhD from UCLA issued in 2002


Email Response from Brian Venner, UCLA Registrar’s Office dated July 2, 2014


Anyone should be able to request verifications through the Clearinghouse.  That said, I did not find a match for Keith W. Smith in the UCLA student record database.

Follow-up email from Bart Breen to Brian Venner, UCLA Registrar’s Office dated July 2, 2014

So please, just to verify because this is important, there is no recorded PhD in 2002 to Keith W Smith or Keith Smith.  It would probably be from the Biosciences Department.
What is your school’s policy regarding fraudulent claims for earned degrees?
Thank you for your help.


Bart Breen

Email Response from Brian Venner, UCLA Registrar’s Office dated July 2, 2014

We do have other matches for “Keith Smith”, but with different middle names/initials.  (Maybe you  have a DOB?)


Of course, individuals can claim to attend any school.  We even see forged copies of diplomas.  I’m not aware of any policy regarding this.  Our media relations office would probably address the issue if the issue became harmful to the university in any way.

Screen Shot of Keith W Smith’s own represented Birthdate

This screenshot was taken from Keith W. Smith’s own website on July 19, 2014 and referred to directly earlier to provide the DOB information on Keith W. Smith as 1955.  The web address is


Keith W Smith Date of Birth Representation

Keith W Smith Date of Birth Representation


Follow-up E-mail from Bart Breen to Brian Venner, UCLA Registrar’s Office dated July 2, 2014

His date of birth is in 1955. He also claims a BA for Cambridge in 1978 and an MA fro Berea Bible School in 1988 if that helps.

Thank you again.

Email Response from Brian Venner, UCLA Registrar’s Office dated July 3, 2014

No match for 1955 DOB.


Conclusion: There is no Keith Smith born in 1955 with an earned PhD in Psychology from UCLA in 2002

So the UCLA registrar’s office represents that it does not have a record of Keith W Smith nor is there a record of any form of the name Keith Smith with any other middle initial, nor is there any similar name with a DOB in 1955 with a PhD in Psychology issued in 2002.  Keith W Smith is either lying, delusional or has a responsibility to prove his claim and explain why the Registrar’s office of UCLA has no record of him under the name he uses to practice and promote himself as UCLA PhD.  Academic and Professional Fraud is a very serious matter.

Lack of Evidence for Many Other of Keith W. Smith’s Claims

In addition, other claims by Keith W Smith as to his development of methods of therapy, teaching at institutes of higher learning, thesis topics etc are being examined.  There are a great many claims made that are already filed and screen-shot from around the internet.  When searches are made of the claims either by general internet archives or by specialized archives in the cases of unpublished research and thesis archives there so far has been no found evidence outside of Keith W Smith’s public claims.  All that is found are the claims themselves from Keith W. Smith which are often vague and non-specific as to names, and locations.  Of course, the absence of evidence is not necessarily the evidence of absence.  However, the lack of any willingness by Keith W Smith, or his current wife Jeanne Elder Smith, verify these claims is evidence in and of itself and should, in my opinion, lead any reasonable person who has done minimal due diligence and research into these claims not to rely upon those claims.  Jim Wright also, apparently, didn’t do his research or due diligence into who Keith W Smith was and if his claims were provable and his claimed credentials reliable.  I’m guessing based on past action of Jim Wright, that doesn’t matter.  He’s about making accusations and hiding behind his own claimed credentials to present himself as reliable.  I’m wide open to evidence of that due diligence and independent confirmation being provided at anytime, and I’m entitled to it as well, as Jim Wright has based public accusations against me based on his claims in these areas as well.

If Keith W. Smith or his crony in the promoting of these credentials, James C. Wright (Jim Wright) of Manassas VA provide links or collaborated evidence, I will examine them and as long as they can be independently verified I will make any corrections needed on this site. I will willingly be corrected and where corrected apologize publicly on this blog detailing where I was wrong.

False or Exaggerated Claims

I publicly state that it is my opinion that both of these gentlemen, Keith W Smith and James C Wright.  are complicit in making false or grossly exaggerated claims, false representations and seeking to damage multiple people with these outrageous accusations, but despite my low opinion of both of them, I have no desire to stoop to their methods or to lie about them.  I have standards even if they appear to lack them.  That is why this plain evidence is published here with named contacts for anyone who wishes to check for themselves.

Neither Jim nor Keith operate in this manner to my observation.  They make the claims, build on them and then provide no proof, instead just asking everyone to “trust them.”  I assert that anyone who would misrepresent an earned PhD and anyone who would rely upon such a person without checking their credentials is neither professional, credible nor worthy of any such trust.  Jim Wright has in particular, through everything I’ve seen of him, repeatedly demonstrated a willingness on his part to believe the worst of anyone based on hearsay, rumor and gossip and then claimed his position as an attorney should be sufficient for others to trust him that they should be believed.  This is a repeating pattern on his part and has resulted in great damage in the past to himself, to his family, to former churches including the last known one he was excommunicated from in 2009.  It’s a large part, again in my opinion, of why he has chosen to continue to attack multiple people he doesn’t know, making despicable and outrageous claims while at the same time attempting to make a name for himself in the Organic Church venue by calling attention to himself by this methods.  His motives are mixed and compromised.  Further, the lack of accountability on his part to a disclosed board or church elders, make these actions all the more reason for him to stop asking for trust when he’s clearly not worthy of it.

Both Jim Wright and Keith W Smith have demonstrable Mixed Motives

Interestingly enough, and it’s not a coincidence in my opinion, Keith W. Smith comes from the same direction as having been involved in the organic church community for many years and trying to promote himself as an expert in that field.  Jim Wright and Keith W Smith are birds of a feather in this regard and it’s more than a little suspicious in my observation that they’re relying upon each other to make these types of claims to promote themselves and attack others.

False Credentials are a threat to the General Public

In the meantime, Keith W Smith making claims of a PhD in Psychology from a learning institute that the Registrar’s Office doesn’t confirm and advertising himself as a professional counselor in an effort to recruit clients while also making hearsay claims from the past is a very serious issue and something that in my opinion puts the general public and any who would rely on those claims in seeking treatment from him in danger.  I would strongly advise anyone considering treatment from Keith W. Smith to demand of him his credentials along with independent points of contact and reference.  That is your right and he’s obligated to do this.  Please contact me with any findings in these areas which are independently verifiable even if they contradict my concerns.  I will not accept anonymous emails, or hearsay without named sources that can be checked and verified.  I want to tell the truth about these issues even if I have to correct myself on any of my concerns.

Attorneys Who Fail to do Due Diligence before Making Serious Charges are a Threat to the General Public

I would also strongly advise anyone seeking to rely upon James C Wright (Wright) of Manassas VA, in the area of legal assistance whether paid or not to ask him why he’s promoting claims of these nature that are so questionable and what that says about his professional standards in the area of due diligence and professional judgement.  If he can’t answer those questions with proof and simply evades or asks people to trust him, then don’t engage with him.  These too are serious questions and worthy of referral to License Issuers, Bar Associations. and Bar Ethics Committees and that is being explored as well.

Jim Wright and Keith W Smith have Serious Questions to Answer

So Jim Wright and Keith W. Smith, as far as I’m concerned, the gloves are off.  I believe you Keith W Smith have either falsified or exaggerated your credentials and I base that upon direct communication with the Registrar’s Office at UCLA, and it’s your responsibility to prove otherwise, not mine.  That you haven’t thus far speaks loudly. Address it or be prepared for continued questions in this and other areas.  This will not go away.  It will only grow until you Keith W Smith prove your claim or tell the truth about who you are, what your credentials are and where they can be independently verified.

I believe you Jim Wright have relied upon and promoted hearsay from Keith W Smith and promoted and relied upon his falsified or exaggerated credential of an earned PhD in Psychology in your attacks upon me and multiple people in the Organic Church Community, and have failed to do due diligence that someone holding out their own credentials as an attorney and who is in anyway competent should have done before seeking to harm the multiple people that you have.  Further you have clear ulterior motives in your actions with regard to promoting yourself and your dislike of people who differ from you in theology and organizational polity and desiring to harm them to promote your own beliefs and leadership in this area.  A competent, ethical professional would not allow to happen.  That you have is to your shame and an affront to your claimed profession.

You both in my opinion represent a threat to the counseling community, the organic church community and to real victims.  You both represent in my opinion, a threat to the general public.  I am more committed than ever in moving forward and making others aware of that threat and will do so until you provide the evidence required or else remove your claims and make public admission, restitution and repentance of your apparent outrageous and unethical behaviors and accusations.  I will continue checking independent sources for confirmation of your claims past and future, and disclose what I find publicly with named sources.  I will draw your activities to the attention of judges, attorneys and other professionals where you claim association, collaboration or involvment and ask for them to confirm your information, and hold you accountable where there is evidence of deceit or misrepresentation, especially where it relates to public defamation of others.

This article is written by Bart Breen and it represents my opinions and questions alone.  I do not represent anyone else in this regard despite my sympathies toward multiple others who have been attacked by these unscrupulous people.  Any actions I take in following up on my commitments will be on my own behalf and in response to Jim Wright and Keith W Smith’s public attempts to defame and slander me, personally, individually and regardless of their efforts to include others in their public character assassinations.  Further, I am holding myself to the same standards I am requesting of Keith W Smith and James C Wright and will correct myself and apologize wherever shown to be wrong.

Show us the PhD

Most importantly in the midst of all of this stands one simple concern and that is the claim of the PhD.  Don’t bother with anything else Keith Smith or Jim Wright, until you address that directly and provide independently verifiable sources.  Until then, there’s no reason for anyone to consider either of you truthful, competent or reliable.

I’m waiting.

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