Keith Smith, Berea Bible College

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)

Keith W Smith, of Healing Communities claims in several places to have MA degrees in Theology and Psychology from “Berea Bible School” and further to have then joined the faculty of this school.

This is a snippet showing the claim from Keith’s Healing Communities Page. It rambles and has obviously been poorly redacted to remove reference to his prior wife Elaine following his divorce, before he married his current wife Jeanne Elder Smith, who served as his administrative assistant (more about that in a future article.)

Quoted from Keith Smith Bio from “Healing Communities webpage”

“Keith went to a small Pentecostal Church, where they served until 1988, when they moved to Eastbourne on the South Coast, Where alongside their secular work, they helped to plant a church on a new estate. Keith resumed his studies part-time, gaining an M.A. in psychology and theology” …. “A little latter he also joined the faculty of the Berea Bible College, teaching Counseling, Missions and Biblical Archeology part time.”

An internet search for “Berea Bible,” Eastbourne UK, yields very little information about this institution and only two names claiming association or affiliation with this school, those being Keith Smith and then books authored by a man by the name of Phil Stanton. Phil Stanton in one of these books, “Samson: The Secret of Strength” is purported to be “a Bible teacher, author, and principal of Berea Bible College in Eastbourne, England.”

Phil Stanton’s author credits do not include any reference that I can find as to his own academic credentials.  In addition to “Samson”, he is credited with the books, “The Bible Code: Fact or Fake”. and “Suddenly Single”.

That’s pretty much it.  The only two names associated with this school are Phil Stanton and Keith Smith.  Nobody else is claiming a degree; Nobody else claims to be an alumni; Nobody else claims to have worked for this school.  The absence of evidence is not necessarily the evidence of absence, but it boggles the mind to think that a school issuing MA Degrees (in more than one discipline) would have nobody else claiming any such degree on their resumes or online.

This raises several more serious questions with regard to the claimed credentials of Keith W. Smith as well as raising additional questions as to any due diligence performed by James C Wright, J.D. (Jim Wright) of Manassas VA, who promotes the claims of this man as part of his persistent and orchestrated smear campaigns against several different people.

Hypothetically speaking, because UCLA doesn’t confirm Keith W Smith as a student and PhD holder at all, how exactly would somebody get into a PhD program from an unaccredited School that has no evidence online of anyone else claiming any form of association with this institute?

So, in addition to no evidence with regard to the claimed PhD’s there’s serious questions as to the legitimacy of the MA’s claimed by Keith W. Smith.

Again, anyone considering using Keith W. Smith in the role of a Psychologist should address these questions and ask for evidence of actual degrees and ask for these questions to be answered.

Jim Wright

Jim Wright

Anyone considering using James C Wright, JD (Jim Wright), for legal work, paid or free should in my opinion ask too, how he came to promote the claims of Keith W. Smith in his public attacks and what type of due diligence he performed to verify the credibility of this man.  If he can’t answer that satisfactorily, then I’d recommend having nothing to with him.

Inquiries have been sent to Cambridge in the UK to verify Keith W Smith’s claim of a BA in Psychology in 1978.  When the response is received, the findings will be published along with points of contact.for independent verification.

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