Jim Wright Spews Again


History Repeats Itself Once Again

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

It’s really not a surprising thing at all, but Jim Wright posted some more nonsense today on his blog.

Using continued appeals to logical fallacies and ignoring the multiple questions of this blog and many other people Jim continues to attempt to smear and associate people with completely unrelated matters.  Today he tied to a newspaper article from yesterday from a nearby county of a sex abuse case in which sentencing was passed and crows about his association with it, although he’s not mentioned in the article, and it has absolutely no connection with the personal vendetta being carried on by him and Keith W. Smith.  Copies of Jim Wright’s blog post doing this have been forwarded to the reporter on the story and the judge quoted in the case to make them aware of Jim Wright’s activities and claims in this regard.

From this he presumes to issue threats against the entire House to House network in organic church “warning of their coming day of judgment” based on these entirely unconnected and irrational associations.

This is What Jim Wright Does

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

In fact, it’s pretty much what he’s done his entire life starting with his attention mongering back in the 1980s that got him and the Maryland Chapter of the Moral Majority thrown out and more recently got him excommunicated from his last local church in Manassas in 2009.  Since then, he’s been building public accusations against multiple people in the Organic Church community based upon private information being fed to him by Keith W. Smith, who claims to be a UCLA PhD in Psychology (he also claims an honorary doctorate and another earned PhD in Theology), and claims to have two MA degrees from a defunct organization in Eastbourne UK, that all the current evidence points toward being an unaccredited discipleship program that has no found records of ever issuing degrees.

Throw It Out and See What Sticks

That’s the pattern of Jim Wright.  Claim associations based upon his own hearsay, and try to make that an issue instead of addressing his own credibility issues and his incompetence in his accusations against H2H in relying upon the claims of a man whose credentials he apparently didn’t bother to check.  You likely won’t see any response from Jim Wright on these issues as he has no history of taking responsibility for his mistakes and instead just plows ahead and continues to build and expand his imagined conspiracies among the targets he obsessively pursues.

It apparently just doesn’t matter to Jim Wright how he conducts these kinds of things.  He makes grandiose claims, with no independent confirmation of his claims to tie himself to other cases.  Wright is retired in Washington DC and not active on the Bar there and there’s no evidence he’s part of the Bar in Maryland, where this other case was tried or in Virginia.

He’s made claims in the past that infer a close relationship with G.R.A.C.E., a legitimate sexual abuse victims organization with a publicly disclosed board and qualified leaders and when this was brought to the attention of Boz Tchividjian, the leader of G.R.A.C.E., his response was to make clear that Jim Wright has no association with them at all.  He’s also put himself out as “counselor” in this area to other people (much like Keith Wright in many ways) when the fact is the training he has is with a prayer ministry that clearly states they do not perform such counseling nor offer credentials in that realm.

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan's Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

Jim Wright’s Web of Organizations


It Won’t Matter However

Jim Wright will undoubtedly continue to make these types of claims while completely ignoring the evidence presented here and elsewhere of his clear confirmation bias at work which disregards anything contrary to his already made-up mind and continues his typical vendetta that started with him disagreeing with people’s theology and then hunting for dirt to personally destroy them.

Phony Psychologists, Personal Involvement with Conflicts of Interest, No Board, No Accountability

That pretty much sums it up.

Jim Wright’s been doing it for 30+ years and there’s little reason to believe he’s going to stop now.  Apparently he’s not capable or in touch enough with reality to deal with his own issues and so he ignores them and tries again what he’s done in the past.  Expect him to become more shrill and outrageous in his claims and behaviors as things progress.  It’s what he does.  It’s all he knows apparently.

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