Keith W Smith Websites Down

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)

Keith W. Smith and Healing Communities Websites Removed

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

The professional website for Keith W Smith and Healing Communities cited and with screen shots in earlier posts, demonstrating the claims of Keith W. Smith to have graduated from Cambridge with a BA in Psychology, from Berea Bible College with 2 MA’s and a PhD in Psychology from UCLA, are at the time of this post, no longer online.

However, Keith W. Smith’s Zoom profile is still up with similar claims which says that the information has been confirmed by Keith W. Smith.  The screen shots I have in prior articles are sufficient to record the previous claims but these sites are also present in internet archives and if necessary they can be seen there as well.

Jim Wright remains silent.

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

He is handling a personal situation at home related to an ill family member but he still has time to post on other issues.  Furthermore, he claims to be representing a network of churches and multiple people and fellow-elders and so there’s no reason, if there truly are other people involved, that someone other than Jim Wright could address their promotion of Keith W. Smith and use of his “testimony” given the evidence that the very credentials Wright appeals to in making his outrageous claims appear very likely to be fraudulent.  It’s not hard to see that someone who attempts to represent themselves as a “world renowned Psychologist” based on probable fraudulent credentials would be likely to lie about “clients” when the end result is to garner more attention for himself.

A man with any level of integrity who has publicly accused and slandered multiple people on the foundation of the testimony of a likely fraud, and who clearly failed to perform any due diligence in checking his source, would admit to his mistake and retract his statements.  That doesn’t appear to be Jim Wright’s pattern however.  He seeks to harm others and then leaves his claims up even after they’ve been refuted.

It’s not about sexual abuse victims for Jim Wright;  It’s about Jim Wright and his own vendettas and personal agenda in my opinion and observation.


It is official.  Keith Smith has confessed to academic and professional fraud.

Keith W Smith, Confessed Academic Fraud

Keith W Smith, Confessed Academic Fraud

I have been sent a copy of a post from Keith W. Smith’s Facebook page from yesterday.  In it, Smith confesses he has no earned Doctorates and lied publicly about this.  I will post this at a later time along with a detailed response showing where this confession is incomplete and contrary to past public statements made by Smith himself.  I was unable to see the original post and not aware of it until the past few hours.  Despite this, my comments in the post above still are relevant and apply and so I will leave them.

He continues to maintain he holds two Master’s Degrees, and now claims, that he never claimed to have a B.A. degree from Cambridge.

I certainly commend Keith W. Smith for coming clean in small part to what he has done, but I continue to have grave concerns as to his attempt to maintain his other claims and I will deal with that in more detail in the days ahead.

I for my part am willing to extend grace and work with him, but not while any confession is neither complete nor evidenced with the presence of restitution toward the many people he has wronged by his actions not to mention, the victims of sexual abuse and people in need of mental health services that he defrauded by providing unqualified services to in his past.

I have sent Keith W. Smith an email outlining some of my concerns and a request of him and his wife Jeanne Elder Smith, who is complicit in promoting his claims and the slander based upon them, to give evidence of full repentance with more than just words but also with actions and restitution to those they have wronged.  The confession makes no mention of what actions will be taken or to whom Smith will work with in working through these issues.

Jim Wright, in a brief comment below his crony, Smith’s incomplete confession, continues to attempt to spin and salvage this situation with no admission on his part which sadly is not surprising given his more than 30 year history of such behavior coupled with excommunication and a lack of repentance in his past on multiple occasions.

Please join with me in praying for the Smiths and that there will be complete confession and restitution for their public deception and sin toward God, the body of Christ, those they have defamed and especially for those Keith claims to have counseled in the past who believed he was qualified and trusted with serious matters of Sexual Abuse and Mental and Emotional Health Issues.  Jim Wright may have no concern in this area, but I and many others do which is especially sad, given that Wright claims to be an advocate for Sexual Abuse Victims and appears willing to give a fraud a pass, just because his “help” in feeding information fits his personal agenda to defame others.

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