Jim and Marianne Wright’s Slander

Academic Fraud, Slander, and No Sign of Full Repentance

Keith W Smith

Keith W Smith

It’s been an eventful week.

It has been a week now since Keith W. Smith’s confession to some of the fraud he’s been perpetuating for years along with the assistance of his wife Jeanne Elder Smith, became public.  Keith and Jeanne have made no further public communications I’m aware of in this matter and remain silent in response to the lies revealed in Keith’s actual confession.  There’s evidence that Keith and Jeanne both continue in private to not take full responsibility for their actions and to continue to promote some of his lies about himself and others that are now proven false and discredited.

Jim Wright has been strangely publicly silent of any direct comments on the matter except to comment on Keith Smith’s Confession on Facebook, as follows:

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright I think this is the right thing to have done, and I think in the long run it will be for your best. In contrast to those who outed you to deflect from their sin, you have openly confessed and repented of a public, ministry-related mistake you made and have acted honorably to now address that mistake in a public way. Nonetheless, I appreciate that there will be some tough consequences for you to sort through. Regardless, you continue to have my utmost respect, which is only strengthened by your willingness to deal openly and honestly with all this.  I remain, as always, your friend and fellow sojourner.

Jim also responded indirectly with some innuendo on his Facebook Page, Crossroad Junction, with the following attempt to garner sympathy for himself and promote himself seeking for pity in portraying himself as a martyr by wrapping himself in the cloak of other people’s suffering.

Stand in the gap: Don’t let aversion to conflict shift the consequences of evil, injustice and abuse to additional innocent victims.

It’s sad.  Jim Wright, like Keith Smith I believe, appears to believe his own lies and believes that continuing to repeat them make them true in some manner.  Keith at least has had some courage (and I give him credit for that) to come clean in part.  Jim Wright gives no evidence of even that minimal level of integrity

The fact is, Jim Wright is not a victim.  He’s volunteered for this current situation by his choices and actions.  This continues because he appears unwilling or incapable of admitting any fault or mistakes on his part.  He continues to try to keep the lies alive and is now in a position of damage control.

Jim Wright publicly states his sympathies lie with his Crony Keith Smith and not his victims

Jim Wright cares more about a man who has abused victims of sexual and other forms of abuse, including children than the actual victims of Smith’s fraud.  Jim Wright rationalizes further that Keith Smith is a “victim” who wouldn’t have been caught if he hadn’t come forward with his claims which themselves are totally discredited by his now known fraud and his past attempt to garner attention for himself making claims for himself in the organic and simple church community.

This is sad beyond belief and reveals the heart and apparent motives of this man better than anything else that could be said.

Marianne Wright will be Named Moving Forward

Marianne Wright

Marianne Wright

Moving forward I will be referencing this matter as the joint action of Jim and Marianne Wright.  Their primary website in waging their more than 2 year campaign against multiple authors in the organic and simple church community has been publicly fully supported by his current wife Marianne Wright.  She is named by Wright in multiple blogs and articles where these accusations are made, as his collaborator and supporter. She also regularly posts articles on Crossroad Junction demonstrating that she has access and shared control of the site and therefore is equally responsible for all of its content.

So I’m going to choose to believe Jim Wright when he says Marianne is a full part in his “ministry” on these issues, and I’m going to believe the claims on the websites that there is a full partnership between Jim and Marianne Wright in what Crossroad Junction specifically, and then Nathan’s Voice and Fulcrum Ministries by inference, are claiming and doing.

Jim and Marianne Wright’s Full Complicity in Keith and Jeanne Elder Smith’s Fraud


Jeanne Elder Smith

It’s been noted before in some detail, the complicity of Jim Wright in Keith Smith’s Fraud and this was before the public partial confession by Keith Smith.  It’s even clearer now.

Below is a brief summary of those points along with some additional observations.

  • Jim Wright started in February of 2012 (if not before) their campaign of personal destruction and slander against multiple people.  Jim Wright took public offense against the writings of one author on his blogsite with regard to doctrinal issues.  It was clear from Wright’s rant at that time that he took personal offense at a characterization of his “tribe” (which is fundamentalist and extreme right wing in its politics) and asserted (dubiously) his own perceived self-importance in its history.
  • Keith Smith approached Jim Wright publicly on Jim and Marianne Wright’s blog.  Keith W. Smith made claims at that time that he had special knowledge of this author that he couldn’t discuss publicly.  Jim Wright and Keith Smith began their private discussion shortly thereafter.
  • Jim Wright relied upon Keith Smith’s fraudulent academic and professional representations moving forward in making outrageous accusations of the worst possible kind against multiple other people, both publicly and privately.
  • Jim Wright never performed the minimal level of due diligence that a reasonable person (especially someone who claims to be a retired attorney) not acting in a reckless manner, should have performed to easily determine that Keith Smith was motivated by both personal jealousy and a desire for public attention and that his claims were fraudulent, both in substance and in terms of his claimed position of authority.
  • Keith Smith claimed independently in the past to have been responsible for the modern use of the term “Organic Church” and also claimed that he was plagiarized by a Christian Author without proper credit for the use of the term.  This is clear evidence of the narcissistic character of Keith Smith that also drove him to falsely make incredible academic and professional claims of multiple doctorates, and a BA from one of the most prestigious schools in the world.  Keith Smith clearly has some deep rooted  issues that drive him to seek public attention and importance and it’s clear that lying to achieve that is a part of his pattern.  There’s no reason to believe his claims from unnamed sources or Jim Wright’s reliance upon them.
  • Jim Wright relied upon these claims from Keith Smith and even repeated them as late as June 20, 2014 appealing to Keith Smith publicly on his blog, as “That counselor [Keith Smith] has a doctoral degree from a top university and a long resume regarding sexual abuse issues.“ Neither of these claims is true and Jim either knew or should have known better.  Jim’s own motivated reasoning is on display here.  It’s clear Jim Wright has never approached this matter from a position of independence.  He’s been compromised from the start and has his own agenda at work in a matter that he has no direct knowledge of and no reason for involvement other than his already existing motives to attack people he disagrees with and is jealous of their influence.
  • Jim Wright responded to Keith Smith’s public confession with no sign of personal outrage for those Keith Smith abused or his fraud. Jim Wright showed sympathy for the academic and professional fraud  of Keith Smith and there is no reason to believe that he is not continuing to help them to rationalize and continue in their collaborative sin at the direct expense of the many people (including children who were abused sexually), who have been directly abused and put at risk.  I suspect Keith and Jeanne Elder Smith remain in direct contact and that Wright may well be instructing Smith in part of in whole on how to navigate this situation, in order to protect himself.  Neither man nor their wives, have any business claiming to be in any way a representative of abuse victims in fact or in principle.  These are two men who appear to clearly have conspired together explicitly or implicitly to destroy other people and to use sexual abuse as the plausible cause.

question_markWhat will happen moving forward unless the Wrights and Smiths come completely clean

So moving forward, the following steps are being considered and may be taken to further protect first and foremost legitimate victims of sexual abuse.  This will also protect and defend those defrauded by Keith Smith’s academic and professional fraud, Jim Wright’s apparent incompetent legal advice and practices, and then those of us in the present and the past who have been abused by Jim Wright’s serious pattern of sin and defamation of others.

  • Crossroad Junction Watch will continue to exist and preserve the information present of the Wright’s and the Smith’s fraud, slander and sin against the collective body of Christ.  To this point, Crossroad Junction Watch has been discrete in using methods that primarily seek to make this information available to those who seek it and already have knowledge of the situations involved or have been exposed to the Smith’s and Wright’s self-promotion in other online communities.  This may not remain the case moving forward.  As the evidence continues to build of the complicity of the Wrights and Smiths in seeking to destroy the reputations of others and the danger to genuine victims of sexual abuse from their actions, Crossroad Junction Watch and Bart Breen, see the need to elevate the efforts to protect society in general and the Body of Christ, against the real danger they represent to others.
  • The BDP, The Association of German Professional Psychologists, has been contacted with a summary of the academic and professional fraud of Keith Smith and is being asked to act on behalf of potential victims of fraudulent academic and professional claims as well as the economic defrauding of patients who paid for Keith Smith’s services.  This organization has their website HERE.  German legal authorities too may be contacted independently or in conjunction with this matter.
  • Jim Wright is being further examined and researched for indications of practicing unethically and possibly unlawfully as a retired attorney no longer active with any state bar.  This could be true whether Wright operates for fees or on a pro bono basis.  This does not represent an accusation at this time that this is the case, but rather that it is a sincere concern and merits further examination and this is ongoing at this time.  This will involve contact with the DC Bar moving forward to make them aware of the situation, the claims which are matters of public record made by Wright in representing others both in this and other matters, and the concern of Wright’s lack of due diligence in citing and promoting a proven fraud in his outrageous and irresponsible claims.  Additional complaints may be filed as well independently in other past matters involving Jim Wright, not directly associated with this current matter.
  • Examination of the role of Marianne Wright as a Public School teacher will be made along with possible contact of the appropriate School Boards and State Agencies regarding the lending by name of a public school teacher and citing her credentials on Crossroad Junction shared by her and her husband.  It’s a matter of public concern that a public school teacher would be involved with activity of this nature, especially in what appears to be to such a reckless and irresponsible degree.
  • Past associates of the Smiths in home church setting have contacted me recently with testimony of fraud and abuse of their hospitality by Keith Smith and also by Jeanne Elder (some dating back to before Keith and Jeanne’s marriage).  Crossroad Junction Watch will serve as a place for people who have credible testimony to tell their stories of past abuse by the Smiths and/or the Wrights as long as they remain public in their activities and their threat to others.

This can end, if and when the Wright’s and Smiths take responsibility for their actions, repent in the same forums that they’ve committed their offenses and make things right with those they have wronged.  It’s up to them at this point to handle these issues, not those they have wronged.

Thanks for your continued support

I’m grateful for those who have stood by me during some of the lonely times over more than a year of standing against the defamation and fraud in this matter.  I remain committed to act on my own, speaking for nobody but myself in sounding the alarm for others.  I have no problem with anyone who disagrees with me on doctrinal or church polity issues or disagrees with others.  I do have a problem with those who take that however, and then seek to use it to justify outrageous lies against others.



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