Jim and Marianne Wright’s Attempted Cover-up

Academic and Professional Fraud an “Error”

Marianne Wright

Marianne Wright

Jim and Marianne Wright are attempting to protect their accomplice Keith Smith (Note:  Bolded sections in text in this article link to other articles with the evidence of the claims noted here) by minimizing his

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

fraud and ignoring several remaining issues.

In a post on Crossroad Junction originally made in May of 2013, they rewrote a section of their earlier claims to be relying upon Keith Smith appealing to his UCLA degree in Psychology.  Of course, this is a futile attempt as the previous claims are preserved in internet archives and the evidence is clear that Jim Wright either knowingly or by his failure to do due diligence, relied upon a now confessed fraud to make claims by an unnamed person in a matter that Jim Wright has been manufacturing since he first evidenced personal offense and an vendetta against a Christian Author as early as February of 2012 which he has since then expanded as his initial frustrated efforts failed.

Attempt to Back-Pedal After Exposure

Per the Wrights, in an edit apparently made on July 2, at the very last moment after his previous claims were refuted:

In one instance, they even contacted board members with an international ministry and demanded that they stop supporting a highly respected Christian counselor with a long history of compassionately helping sexual abuse victims.

Although I never mentioned that counselor, they knew that he had helped one of  (…) multiple teenage victims (even though it had never been publicized, …). They viewed him as a potential threat and made their intent clear: Cut off all of his support in an attempt to discredit, intimidate and silence him before he might surface publicly (with the victim’s consent).

As is typically the case …., rather than openly confess and repent of his own misconduct, he instead used his proxy Bart Breen to frantically seek to smear yet another witness to his history of predation and abuse.

When attempts to get that counselor fired didn’t work, Bart Breen dug deeper and uncovered an error in that man’s resume (involving the false claim of having earned a doctoral degree at UCLA). Where the campaign to get him fired was waged behind the scenes, the … smear campaign then went public and began relentlessly trashing him in various blogs and Facebook posts.

The Wrights Cover-up the Full Extent of this Fraud

Keith W Smith

Keith W Smith

Jim and Marianne Wright, both conveniently downplay the open academic and professional fraud as an “error in that man’s resume.”  Jim and Marianne Wright attempt to downplay this blatant fraud by ignoring several issues involved with this matter.

  • The fraud involved the claim of not one doctorate in Psychology from UCLA, but rather TWO Doctorates from UCLA, one being in Psychology and the other being in Theology.  In addition to that there was also the claim of a THIRD Honorary Doctorate issued  from an unnamed academic institution.  It is hardly, “digging deep” to check the claims of earned doctorates.  It’s quite routine as a matter of fact and something that a competent attorney operating at any level of good faith should have done as a routine matter of due diligence.
  • The fraud of a claim of TWO MA Degrees in Psychology and Theology from Berea Bible School (or College depending upon which source you use of these claims from Keith Smith).  Berea Bible School or College has no record of ever having existed as an accredited institution issuing MA degrees.  Keith Smith makes the lame excuse that he cannot produce evidence of his claims because of the closing of the institution, while asking people to believe that he has no records himself.
  • The fraud of a claim of having graduated from Cambridge University with a BA degree.  In Keith Smith’s public partial confession to his documented fraud, he continues to promote his fraudulent claims to have the 2 MA degrees and lies outright claiming that he never claimed to have a degree from Cambridge, despite it already being publicly documented in 3 separate locations on the web, all of which were under the direct control of Keith Smith in making just this claim.  In fact, there is no evidence that Keith Smith even has a Bachelor’s Degree of any kind from an accredited college.  If Keith Smith has evidence of any degree whatsoever, it’s his responsibility to provide the proof just as it was the Wright’s responsibility to check his credentials before trumpeting Smith’s narcissistic and grandiose claims.
Jeanne Elder Smith

Jeanne Elder Smith

Add to this multiple other obviously ridiculous claims made by Keith Smith and also promoted by his wife Jeanne Elder Smith to have been a teacher at medical colleges, the c0-writer of a Doctoral Thesis with others (what doctorate?) in “Teddy Bear Therapy” or other named treatment methods for children of sexual abuse and then his systematic advertising of himself to the expatriate community in Germany as a professional psycho-therapist based upon his claims and only a willfully blind person could come to anything other than the clear conclusion that Keith Smith has followed a life-long pattern of lies and misrepresentations in order to draw attention to himself and revel in the recognition he directed to himself from people gullible enough to listen to his lies.

This is only a partial list by the way.  It should more than suffice to demonstrate the depth of fraud involved here and the abject hypocrisy of the Wrights in attempting to minimize it and cover it up.  This is no small “error.”  You’d think it was nit-picking at a typo for all the care that the Wrights’ show about this gross and extensive fraud.  This was willful and systematic on a large scale that includes the defrauding of multiple people who paid for this man’s services and received unqualified services that may well have done more harm than good.

A Highly Respected Christian Counselor?

This is the man that Jim and Marianne Wright now try to represent as “a highly respected Christian counselor with a long history of compassionately helping sexual abuse victims.”  It’s amazing they have the brazenness to make any claim of this man from any foundation of knowledge on their part as they couldn’t even be bothered to do the minimal work to check his credentials.  Instead they eagerly pounced upon his offered information to them and have disseminated it without any apparent due diligence obviously because it meets their needs in continuing their smear campaign against multiple people in a widening effort to elevate themselves by attempting to destroy other people.

What’s even more sad is that by attempting to present this fraud as a “highly respected Christian Counselor with a long history of compassionately helping sexual abuse victims” the Wrights are now complicit in Keith Smith’s fraud of having offering services in this area when there’s no evidence that Keith Smith even has a Bachelor’s degree or holds any licensing to act in this capacity.  Jim and Marianne Wright, who claim to be Advocates for Sexual Abuse are showing their duplicity and true agenda by now defending a confessed fraud who offered and claims to have provided services to children who had already been sexually abused and then were further abused by his unqualified treatment.

Jim and Marianne Wright are now attempting to coverup of behalf of someone who has in fact abused sexually abused children, and people with emotional and mental health issues who relied upon the multiple fraudulent claims of this Keith Smith!

Investigation Continues for Complaints against the Smiths and Wrights

Continued investigation is ongoing at this time for follow-through in multiple areas to hold the Smiths and the Wrights responsible for their fraud and collaboration with each other in this matter.

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