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Jim Wright’s History of False and Exaggerated Claims

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Jim Wright - False and Exaggerated Claims

Jim Wright – False and Exaggerated Claims

As pointed out multiple times, Jim Wright has a history of false and exaggerated claims that stretches back to the 1980s when as a young man he embarrassed the Moral Majority and then went on to try to co-opt their membership into his own organization called the “Family Protection Lobby.”  Much of the activity of this fringe right-wing evangelical political group simply served as a means for Jim Wright to continue to try to garner attention for himself.  He rarely succeeded in accomplishing anything of any value, but he did often succeed in what appears to have been his primary purpose, which was to get his name in the papers.

Early Failures Compounded over Time

One such instance is recounted in a publication called, “Innovative Models to Guide Family Support and Education Policy in the 1990s: An Analysis of 4 Pioneering State Programs” by Heather Weiss of the Harvard Family Research Project.  Jim Wright likes to boast that he was an important figure in the 1980s political scene and he crows about his Directorship Role at the Family Protection Lobby.  He fails to note however his expulsion from the Moral Majority to forced him to try to salvage what was left of the organization after the entire Maryland Chapter of the Moral Majority, which Jim Wright led, was tossed out.  

In this publication, which can be downloaded in PDF form at this location, (click on highlighter text then search for “Jim Wright using “Ctrl-F) it tells the story of a campaign launched by Jim Wright against Maryland Legislature that failed because,

In response, however, the anti-abortion constituency, led by Jim Wright and the Family Protection Lobby, vigorously campaigned against the proposal. They distributed a response to the December 17 letter, denouncing the proposal and its supporters in the legislature, Delegate Maloney and Senator Kelly. Wright accused the coalition of promoting the belief that “The best way to stop teen pregnancy is to teach kids how to have sex without becoming pregnant.” Delegate Maloney and Senator Kelly received substantial criticism from some of their constituents for endorsing the family support proposal, but the Wright campaign ultimately failed because the charges were false or, at best, exaggerated. The Family Protection Lobby’s tactics backfired; the proposal to increase the budget passed in March, 1986, and the family support program quickly achieved prominence as one that had managed to capture the middle ground. (Bolded for emphasis)

Nothing has really changed over 35 years.  Jim Wright is still tilting at windmills, attempting to generate controversy where none exists and at the heart of it all, are False Charges and Exaggerations.  It’s Jim Wright’s stock and trade.

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