Jim Wright Violates Facebook Community Standards Again

Facebook Silences Jim and Marianne Wright Again

Jim Wright - Facebook Community Standards Violator

Jim Wright – Facebook Community Standards Violator

It’s not the first time it’s happened.  Jim Wright has had multiple posts removed from his Crossroad Junction page on Facebook as has Keith W. Smith and Healing Communities. It is the most recent however. (Note: since the publishing of this article, Facebook suspended Jim Wright’s personal Facebook Account (restored on Sunday March 8, 2015) and the Crossroad Junction Facebook Page (still down at the time of this note being updated.)

Jim Wright on Feb 6, 2015 recently launched another salvo in his more than 3 years old campaign against multiple people who have dared to disagree with him in areas of theology and church polity.  In this latest violation of Facebook community standards, Jim and Marianne Wright, the joint sponsors and authors of Crossroad Junction, accused the author of this blog of stalking, making bizarre comments and a whole litany of baseless and mean-spirited accusations lacking foundation.  He even had the audacity to ask people on his page to report the author of this blog for daring to communicate with them privately.


Additional Investigation Underway

Facebook is now finally looking in more detail at the entire functioning of Crossroad Junction and its systematic abuse of their social media platform. Perhaps, additional announcements in this area will be coming soon. (Note: Facebook did shut down Crossroad Junction in early March 2015)

Marianne Wright - Cosponsor of Community Standard Violating Page

Marianne Wright – Cosponsor of Community Standard Violating Page

Kudos to Facebook for recognizing that graphic violence is more than just disturbing images.  Facebook is recognizing that online trolls who use false and exaggerated accusations such as Jim Wright has trafficked in for more than 30 years, are engaged in other forms of violence and abuse.  In particular, Jim Wright who claims to be both a church elder and also has claimed to be a pastoral counselor along with his wife, has been using pejorative accusations and innuendo to try and discredit me as mentally ill.  I do in fact struggle with some forms of mental illness in the realm of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and I’ve been rather open and transparent about it in my own desires to aid others and seeking to remove the public stigma of such conditions. Jim Wright however, sees such disabilities as just another tool to be used in his sad campaigns to attempt to discredit other people.  It’s really shocking for a man who claims to have been an attorney along with the support of his wife, who is a public school teacher, to use such methods, but that is what has been happening now for quite some time.

Mental Health Abusers

Sadly, people like Jim Wright and others who claim to be Christians. use the causes of people who have legitimate concerns in the areas of sexual abuse and other forms of abuse, to cloak themselves while pursuing their own hidden agendas against others, all too frequently take up the stereotypes against mental illness in order to attempt to bludgeon and shame those who stand up to them into silence.  It’s a pretty strong clue when someone who claims to stand up for (unnamed and unproven) sexual abuse victims then use other classifications to actually attack others and in so doing promote and commit their own abuse.

Thank you Facebook for addressing this issue, once again and thank you for investigating further the systematic abuse of Jim and Marianne Wright in their attacks upon me and others like me who have to deal with these stigmas and stereotypes used to silence us.

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