Jim Wright’s Instability

Jim and Marianne Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page has a Long History of Facebook Community Guideline Violations

(Note: Facebook removed this slanderous link because it violated their Community Guidelines. This has happened multiple times.  The article is remaining here as it still remains on their libelous and deceitful blog.  Further since the publishing of this article, Facebook suspended Jim Wright’s personal Facebook Account (restored on Sunday March 8, 2015) and the Crossroad Junction Facebook Page (still down at the time of this note being updated.)

I Knew What was Coming

Jim Wright - Serial Facebook Community Standards Violator

Jim Wright – Serial Facebook Community Standards Violator

I knew when I undertook independently about 2 years ago to stand against Jim and Marianne Wright and their repeating pattern of distortion and twisting of the truth against others that I would myself be attacked by this couple, and lied about.

Jim and Marianne Wright are predictable if nothing else.

Outrageous Charges Escalating Over Time

So it’s happened again and this time I’m now a stalker, a member and co-leader in a cult and the alleged front man in a movement to silence victims of sexual abuse and empower abusers. What is more, Jim Wright is now paying to advertise and promote his slander on Facebook by making his tawdry and tired lies a sponsored post.

I join a long line of people involved with Jim Wright over 35 years who have similarly been lied about by this man. Anyone who has encountered and stood against this man knows the pattern.

Local Church Gossips and Troublemakers

Marianne Wright - Cosponsor of Serial Community Standard Violating Page

Marianne Wright – Cosponsor of Serial Community Standard Violating Page

Many who have served in the past in the Pastorate or District Work, as I have know this type of pattern as well.  Most every community has a few people who become known as the “religious kooks.”  They move from church to church stirring up problems until they’re recognized and then they either move on voluntarily or are cast out formally.  Some people go their whole lives with this type of pattern and change churches and communities to take advantage of the fact that most churches don’t communicate with each other about past members or else those who do, aren’t informed by such people of their past church associations.

Jim Wright appears to be such a man in Manassas, Virginia.  His reputation is such that he was excommunicated from his last local church in 2009 after a bizarre campaign on his part to accuse the pastor and leadership of embezzlement. He fled his previous local church in the midst of a messy divorce and accused the pastors and leadership there of a vast conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse on a scale that he claimed was unprecedented and deserving of a national campaign.  The truth?  An employment discrimination suit mentioning one pastor settled out of court and nothing more.

Prior to that Jim has a history of having been thrown out of the Moral Majority and a long string of crazy and bizarre publicity stunts with a nondescript remnant group that coalesced after being rejected by their national group.

The trail of craziness and the campaigns of personal destruction are traceable through local newspapers and now the internet.

First Expulsion in 1981

After he was cast out of his local church and known to the majority of churches in the Manassas area as a rabble rouser and troublemaker and no longer able to try to enter and start his next bout of irrational attacks, Jim Wright and his now second wife Marianne then moved in another direction.

He decided that he himself was now a church and he based it on the claim that he planted churches through a very small and obscure prison ministry he participated in locally. He claimed that unnamed people went out and established congregations in the area on homes and he learned of a movement described as organic church which he embraced.

From Local Churches to Organic Home Churches

In particular, he latched onto the writings of several authors in this realm which he then began to promote online and by distributing their writings to other people often with inscriptions on the cover pages recommending them strongly to others.

He went further however. He began seeking these authors out online and seeking to engage with them as equals and to insert himself into the movement as a fellow voice.

When this wasn’t met with a warm embrace, Jim Wright reverted to his past lifelong patterns and went on the attack.

History Repeats Itself

In particular, he singled out one author and went looking for dirt. He found an about 15 year old incident that was long ago resolved and began to resurrect it to spread gossip and rumors despite the fact that the very people he quoted contacted him and told him he was wrong.

He didn’t listen however. He went further and began a campaign to slander and defame this man and then he was approached by a man named “Professor Doctor” Keith W. Smith who claimed he was a professional counselor working in Germany as an expert in child sex abuse. He told Jim Wright that he represented an anonymous woman who claimed abuse from this author. Jim Wright leapt on this and immediately planned to out this “abuser” based on 15 year old rumors which were now retracted by the original source and the claims of this “expert” whose claims he never bothered to check. He didn’t bother to check Keith Smith’s credentials or claims. It didn’t matter to him. All he wanted was dirt.

Use of a Now Confessed Fraud

Since then, Keith W. Smith has been revealed as an academic and professional fraud, based on direct contact with the registrar offices of the academic institutions and the professional organizations in Germany that licenses psychologists.  Keith Smith in fact publicly confessed his fraud and has since dropped from public view. He also was revealed to be someone like Jim Wright who craved the spotlight and wanted to be “someone” in the organic church movement.

Jim Wright however with the full cooperation and support of his wife Marianne Wright continues the farce he started.

His attacks on me are typical of his past. I’ve dared to stand against him and present documented evidence of everything above and so now I’m the issue and the target standing in the way of his irrational and repetitive patterns to try to convince others that he’s a very important person and a leader in whatever sandbox he’s currently playing.

Out of Control Accusations

So now I’m a “stalker, a co-leader in a “cult” and someone who looks to promote sexual abuse and protect abusers”. Stay tuned, if we wait long enough chances are I’ll be a cannibal before too long.

Sadly, these types of religious kooks who in the past made the rounds locally and then moved on or disappeared now take on a life of their own on the internet where they can try to create a new persona and weave their own manufactured reality.

It’s reached the point where it’s simply hit the threshold of crazy. Jim Wright is simply pulling out the same old tired and worn out tricks and tactics that earned him some attention before he was thrown out and went somewhere else to work his sick agendas.

Don’t rely on the ranting and raving of this sad man. Pray for him that he gets the help he so evidently needs but ask for proof of anything he says and don’t rely on what he says otherwise absent documented proof.  It’s pretty clear this man, with the support of his wife, is having some difficulty differentiating from reality and his contrived world that revolves around him and his imagined wrongs.

If you choose to believe him at least you know his past and patterns and perhaps you should hide your children when I’m around; especially if I look hungry.

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