Jim Wright Stacks the Deck

Stacking the Deck is Nothing New for Jim Wright

This Sounds Familiar

This is the continuation of a series examining the history of Jim Wright and the Family Protection Lobby, which begins HERE.

Jim Wright - Stacking the Deck

Jim Wright – Stacking the Deck

The more I learn of the long stream of public scandals involving Jim Wright and the Family Protection Lobby which Jim purportedly ran under the nepotistic appointment of his father Bob Wright, who established multiple organizations in different spheres of Community, Government and Religion, the more I see a thread of similar actions at work today. When I first became familiar with Jim Wright, it was initially through his announcement through Crossroad Junction where he made outrageous and false accusations against a Christian Brother, by citing another organization called Nathan’s Voice which he claimed had investigated the basis of his charges independently.  It turned out that Nathan’s Voice was none other than Jim Wright himself speaking for an organization with no other named parties.  Add to that that Jim Wright used a professional and academic fraud to trump up additional false charges and you see the type of man he really is.

This type of blatantly unethical action is nothing new for Jim Wright and it follows a longstanding pattern that extends back to Jim Wright’s days in the Family Protection Lobby.  It was blatantly hypocritical back then, just as it remains blatantly hypocritical today. This is the background story to an early example of how Bob Wright and his son Jim Wright, attempted to use similar unethical methods in the 1980s to promote their agenda back then.

Bob Wright’s Failed School Board Candidacy

As has been noted in previous articles, Robert R. Wright’s first attempt to translate his activism into a political office was to run for his local School Board an effort of which among 7 candidates, Bob Wright finished dead last. Prior to running for this position, Bob Wright campaigned publicly in a failed effort to change the method of School Board Appointment in Maryland.  At that time, Candidates ran for the position but those results ultimately only served as a recommendation as the Governor of Maryland made the appointment and could override the results.  Bob Wright campaigned to overthrow this method, but as will be shown here, he and his son Jim Wright weren’t at all above attempting to game this system on their own later. This article ran in the Annapolis Capitol describing the ensuing attempt.

Jim Wright Knows How to Stack Votes and Game Systems

Jim Wright Knows How to Stack Votes and Game Systems

School Board Vote Stacked May 12 1982 Page 10 Reading through the article you’ll find that the victory of Robert Guild, who appears to have had direct connections to the New Covenant Churches of Maryland and subsequently has direct ties with the Wright Family as well, was accomplished by the following alleged methods:

  1. The Failure to Notify and Invite up to 61 formerly involved educational organizations to vote and provide input.
  2. The Introduction and Creation of up to 71 organizations which had never participated before of which at least 4 had the same address as the Family Protection Lobby.
  3. A coalition of cooperation of organizations of the “far right” with ideological and organizational ties to Bob Wright’s organizations and Jim Wright of the Family Protection Lobby.

In the end, this blatantly dishonest manipulation of the system failed and Robert Guild was not appointed by the Governor who recognized that the nomination was tainted and manufactured fraudulently. Note however the similarity of methods used then and recently by Jim Wright however.  Despite the fact that Bob Wright ran against the old method, when he failed to change the system or to be elected himself, rather than continue to urge reform and stand on principle, Bob and Jim Wright put aside their personal integrity and attempted to game the system using alleged methods that were unethical. Jim Wright plays similar games today.

  1. Before his and his wife Marianne Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page on Facebook was removed for multiple Community Guidelines Violations, Jim Wright manufactured over 6,000 likes on his page using what was likely a combination of advertising on Facebook with other methods of utilizing “click farms” and paid like services.
  2. Jim Wright has a long history of creating multiple organizations that he uses in variouscapacitiesto function in differentspheresand also to occasionally “speak” to one anothertogivethe appearance of independence to any who aren’t aware that Jim Wright is the sole contact and spokesperson for all of them. Some of the organizations today and in the past include: (Click on Link to see Public Record)
    1. Fulcrum Ministries, LLC
    2. JCW Holdings, LLC
    3. Fulcrum Forum
    4. Fulcrum Express
    5. Crossroad Junction (can be cross referenced based on addresses in the listings above)
    6. Nathan’s Voice (can be cross referenced based on addresses in the listings above)
    7. Redemption Homes (can be cross referenced based on addresses in the listings above)
  3. Bob and Jim Wright did similar things with organizations as shown in the article and these organizations included:
    1. The Moral Majority of Maryland
    2. Family Protection Lobby
    3. New Covenant Churches, Inc
    4. New Covenant Church of Arnold, MD
    5. 4 Unnamed Educational Organizations which shared the same address as the Family Protection Lobby and appear to have been formed as part of an overall strategy to “stack the deck” for Political Nomination.
    6. The Local Republican Party in Anne Arundel County Maryland, which was disproportionately representative of the New Covenant Churches, which sought to control it for the purposes of controlling nominations.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means.  There are plenty of other organizations in other spheres and some now defunct.  Of course, it’s entirely legal to form different LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations) and it’s often done so in order to manage exposure to risk.  The issue I see isn’t with the legality of forming such organizations.  In the case of Jim Wright, it appears that just as he was directly involved with the stacking of School Board Nominations in Maryland during his days with the Family Protection Lobby, he’s continued the practice in his own “ministry” (his term) when communicating to attempt to create an appearance of independence when attacking his two previous local churches, attacking authors in the Organic Church community and attacking Sovereign Grace Ministries, and doing it in a way that attempts in a deliberate and calculating manner to hide his personal involvement with and grudges against all of them. Further Articles will be forthcoming featuring additional clips from the Annapolis Capitol and Gazette that shows how history repeats itself in this manner with Jim Wright.

The next article in this series showing some of the sleazy tactics used by Jim Wright and the Family Protection Lobby can be found HERE.

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