Why Am I Still Warning People About Jim Wright?

He Hasn’t Posted Much for Over a Month

Am I just “Piling On?”

Some may ask why I’ve bothered over the past month to continue to post articles revealing the past of Jim Wright, especially in the wake of his Crossroad Junction Page being removed by Facebook.

Here’s why.

Jim and Marianne Wright’s Blog Still Speaks

1. Although Jim Wright isn’t posting his typical vitriol and venom over the past month, his Crossroad Junction blog still remains up with his past articles against multiple people perpetuating and continuing to distribute his lies.  His blog still speaks. Just because his lies and slander got him removed from Facebook for Multiple Community Guideline Violations, it’s clear there are no such guidelines at work on his blogs or through his alleged fellowships.

Unwary Sexual Abuse Victims May Still Contact The Wrights

2. The greatest danger Jim and Marianne Wright represent is not just to the people they attack and lie about online.  The greatest danger they represent is to some of the most vulnerable in our community; namely genuine victims of sexual abuse.  Jim and Marianne Wright still continue the sham of working for and protecting victims of sexual abuse even though it’s clear by now that there are likely very few real people, if any, involved.  Nevertheless, they continue to peddle their wares representing themselves as “pastoral counselors,” (they’re Theophostic Prayer Ministers, not counselors), and to the extent that any genuine sexual abuse victim were to contact them, the Wright’s remain a threat as an organization with no revealed Board of Directors, and no apparent standards.  Jim Wright only names and attacks people publicly with whom he’s had previous dealings and personal grudges.  Genuine victims of any form of abuse deserve far better than a phony organization used to mask the personal vendettas of Jim Wright and the passive permission and cooperation of Marianne Wright in supporting this behavior on Jim’s part.

History Demonstrates Jim Wright Will Do This Again

3. Jim Wright has a history of more than 35 years of disappearing for a while and then reemerging in some other context where he creates division, conflict and harm with his bizarre and repetitive behavior.  This may by no means be a complete list but these things are known of Jim Wright.

Part of the reason why Jim Wright has been free to work his slander and aberrant behavior is because past targets have either lacked the means or the will to stand up to him.  Jim generally flames out and then disappears for a while only to reappear elsewhere and he often attempts to reintroduce himself and reinvent himself in a context where his previous activity is unknown.  Then the whole sick pattern repeats again.

The focus of Crossroad Junction Watch in the past month has been to present further information that is documented through Newspaper Articles showing his methods and techniques while in the midst of the New Covenant Church, Shepherding Movement, Family Protection Lobby days.  As long as Jim and Marianne Wright remain unrepentant and potentially free to continue their latest attacks or to disappear and attempt to resurface elsewhere, the information on this blog may well serve to protect others by providing a place where the information is put together and their past history is made clear.

Keith W Smith and Jeanne Elder Smith Remain a Threat to Others as Well

4.  Although Jim and Marianne Wright have been the primary focus of most of the articles on this blog, this by no means minimizes the similar history and danger represented to the Christian Community by Keith W. Smith and Jeanne Elder Smith who have cooperated in, promoted and participated in the activities of the Wrights while committing their own offenses against others primarily through Keith W. Smith’s academic and professional fraud which also put Sexual Abuse victims at further risk through unqualified treatment and promotion of techniques and services that they were unqualified to provide.  Keith W. Smith’s public confession while a good start and certainly more than Jim Wright has ever done, remains incomplete and this couple remains a threat as well.  Jeanne Elder Smith has continued to act as a conduit, (one of the very few left) of Jim Wright’s attacks by retweeting his attacks on others even since her husband Keith’s partial confession in September of 2014.

I believe it would be selfish and wrong to simply disappear and by doing so to enable the abusive behavior of both of these predatory couples to promote their own agenda while wrapping themselves in the suffering of legitimate victims and hurting people.  That might be the simplest and easiest thing to do, assuming that Jim has dropped from public sight out of some sense of embarrassment or shame (if he’s capable of feeling that) after having his libelous page deleted from Facebook.  It’s not the right thing to do in my opinion however.  It would have been much easier and quicker for others to deal with Jim Wright if previous targets had done something like this and the information was easily found.  Thanks to this page, that will no longer be the case moving forward and Jim Wright’s behavior will no longer take other future targets by surprise.

There may likely come a point in the not too distant future when there are no more newspaper articles to be presented and if Jim Wright chooses to disappear rather than face the consequences of his sick behavior, where the purpose of this blog as a place to warn others can be served by allowing the blog to remain available to those who seek the information.  When that time comes, the current activity of this blog will diminish or cease.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to put up articles showing the Newspaper Record of some of Jim Wright’s past behavior and patterns for the benefit of the body at large.

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