Crossroad Junction’s Backlinks and Link Farms

We’ve noted on several occasions in the past, the “Black Hat” type of practices that appear to be employed at Crossroad Junction at both the blog site and the Facebook page.

Here’s more direct evidence of the types of methods that appear to being used.

First, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, this is an article that explains what “Black Hat” is.  Note in particular in the list, “Link Manipulation – Buying links, advertorials, and link schemes.”

What this means is that people who don’t have a great deal of “presence” on the internet, will seek to create the appearance so that they can rank higher in Google and other search engine rankings.  It’s a common method employed by spammers, marketers and people who simply are trying to direct traffic to their site for what ever reason.

This is a link to a report on Open Site Explorer that shows the back-links that are pointing to the Crossroad Junction Website.  Note that this is a real time report and so some of the information I’ll cite from that report may change as time passes, but it is accurate as of the time of the writing of this article. Continue reading