Jim Wright Continues Twisting the Truth

(Update April 2015.  Jim Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page of Facebook was deleted for multiple community guideline violations, some of which likely include the accusations referenced below.)

It’s a never-ending stream of twisting the truth and half-truths from Jim Wright, but I knew this when I first decided to stand up to his bullying and sociopathic behavior.  Now a new list of unsubstantiated attacks comes from him and as the accusations increase in scope he continues to plunge into charges of conspiracy to explain why he’s being rejected and his grandiose claims are being ignored by so many.

Here’s some of the things Jim leaves out to try to convince others of his ridiculous and ever-expanding and morphing charges.
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No GRACE Relationship with Fulcrum Ministries

Recent correspondence between Bart Breen and GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) has confirmed that there is no formal relationship between Jim Wright and the GRACE organization.

Per Boz Tchividjian of GRACE, “Jim Wright and his wife, is not associated with GRACE, nor has he (or his wife) ever done work or been authorized to speak on behalf of this organization.”

Another appeal was made to Jim Wright to address the issues of his claimed standing to bring accusations against local churches, and National authors with Mr. Tchividjian as the executive director of GRACE copied as a witness to the additional request, and subsequent refusal of Mr. Wright to provide evidence of the existence of his claimed organization and the leaders he claims to stand with in conducting his public activity.