Jim Wright’s Lies

Why Jim Wright Doesn’t Like Me

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Note:  Since the publishing of this article, Facebook suspended Jim Wright’s personal Facebook Account (restored on Sunday January 8, 2015) and the Crossroad Junction Facebook Page (still down at the time of this note being updated.)

Over the past several years, Jim Wright continues to make noise and accusations against multiple people whom he has never met with whom he has doctrinal religious disagreements.  Religious disagreements on the internet are not unusual.  What is different about Jim Wright is that he goes one step further and assumes that those who disagree with him religiously are evil people and he makes his attacks personal and builds them into full-blown conspiracies against him.  That’s why you’ll typically see his online attacks composed of both elements because that’s how Jim Wright’s mind works in these matters.

This is what he’s done particularly against me and several others.  What is different now is that Jim’s own past is no longer a secret that he can pretend hasn’t happened, and his lifelong patterns are no longer a secret to those he attacks.

Most of what Jim Wright accuses me of is easily dispensed with based on past articles written here, but for convenience sake this is a quick summary and refutation of his most recent efforts and false and exaggerated claims.

It’s hard to keep up with everything because Jim is continuously changing his posts from the past and either quietly removing outright lies or attempting to re-spin them to suit whatever accommodation he needs to make to change his story along the way.  It hasn’t quite descended to the level of cannibalism and human trafficking but perhaps that is only a matter of time.  😉

Jim Wright Excommunicated Multiple Times

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Bob Jones University GRACE Report

G.R.A.C.E. Issues Bob Jones University Report

As many of you are aware, G.R.A.C.E., Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment, issued its report this week on Sexual Abuse and some of the systemic issues present at Bob Jones University (BJU.)  You can find the report HERE.

There will no doubt be a great deal of follow-up and news to this report as the details of it become more public and are digested and as BJU hopefully acts on the recommendations to not only make amends for the past but also systemic changes within the organization to keep future abuse from occurring.

This is how a legitimate victim organization functions and why Crossroad Junction, Nathan’s Voice, Fulcrum Ministries and Jim and Marianne Wright are such a serious threat to legitimate Victim’s Organization’s work.

What’s the Difference?  (Click on Highlights for additional information)

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Jim and Marianne Wright’s Attempted Cover-up

Academic and Professional Fraud an “Error”

Marianne Wright

Marianne Wright

Jim and Marianne Wright are attempting to protect their accomplice Keith Smith (Note:  Bolded sections in text in this article link to other articles with the evidence of the claims noted here) by minimizing his

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

fraud and ignoring several remaining issues.

In a post on Crossroad Junction originally made in May of 2013, they rewrote a section of their earlier claims to be relying upon Keith Smith appealing to his UCLA degree in Psychology.  Of course, this is a futile attempt as the previous claims are preserved in internet archives and the evidence is clear that Jim Wright either knowingly or by his failure to do due diligence, relied upon a now confessed fraud to make claims by an unnamed person in a matter that Jim Wright has been manufacturing since he first evidenced personal offense and an vendetta against a Christian Author as early as February of 2012 which he has since then expanded as his initial frustrated efforts failed.

Attempt to Back-Pedal After Exposure

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Continued Black Hat Internet Techniques used at Crossroad Junction

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan's Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

Jim Wright’s Web of Organizations

Update April 2015.  Facebook deleted the Crossroad Junction Page for Multiple Community Guideline Violations which likely included some or all of these issues.

It’s old news, but Jim Wright continues to use black hat internet techniques to support his lies and deceptions. His most recent post at Crossroad Junction has many suspicious likes. These are some of the accounts that are liking it. Do these look like organic connections to Jim Wright and Crossroad Junction?



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Jim Wright Continues Twisting the Truth

(Update April 2015.  Jim Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page of Facebook was deleted for multiple community guideline violations, some of which likely include the accusations referenced below.)

It’s a never-ending stream of twisting the truth and half-truths from Jim Wright, but I knew this when I first decided to stand up to his bullying and sociopathic behavior.  Now a new list of unsubstantiated attacks comes from him and as the accusations increase in scope he continues to plunge into charges of conspiracy to explain why he’s being rejected and his grandiose claims are being ignored by so many.

Here’s some of the things Jim leaves out to try to convince others of his ridiculous and ever-expanding and morphing charges.
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No GRACE Relationship with Fulcrum Ministries

Recent correspondence between Bart Breen and GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) has confirmed that there is no formal relationship between Jim Wright and the GRACE organization.

Per Boz Tchividjian of GRACE, “Jim Wright and his wife, is not associated with GRACE, nor has he (or his wife) ever done work or been authorized to speak on behalf of this organization.”

Another appeal was made to Jim Wright to address the issues of his claimed standing to bring accusations against local churches, and National authors with Mr. Tchividjian as the executive director of GRACE copied as a witness to the additional request, and subsequent refusal of Mr. Wright to provide evidence of the existence of his claimed organization and the leaders he claims to stand with in conducting his public activity.

Theophostic Counseling?

367078204_0412ed840e_oJim Wright claims on Crossroad Junction that he and his wife are involved in counseling victims of Sexual Abuse through Nathan’s Voice, and their network of Churches which has no name but exists under the legal framework of Fulcrum Ministries.

The only reference I’ve ever seen with regard to counseling for either of them is under what they call “Theophostic Counseling”.  However, what used to be called “Theophostic Counseling” was changed by the founder Dr. Ed Smith to “Theophostic Prayer Ministry” for legal and liability reasons based on concerns that this was not something that qualifies as “counseling” under general use of the term and there’s little to no control of those who claim to be “practitioners” in this field. Continue reading