Crossroad Junction Backdated Blog Post

Crossroad Junction has a post which is dated June 20, 2009, but for which there is no hard evidence it ever existed prior to May 18, 2013.

Jim Wright, placed this post on Crossroad Junction when he became aware through Facebook Posts before this date that his excommunication from his last known local church had been discovered and confirmed through a personal interview with a representative of that church.  I was involved in that interview and met face to face with that Church’s representative and was briefed on the history that led up to the excommunication, the activities of Mr. Wright upon which he was excommunicated and his frantic behavior online prior to this and after his formal excommunication in June of 2009 which I was told was 1 vote short of unanimity at a congregational meeting.

Thankfully it’s a pretty easy thing to check on when something actually appears on the internet.  There is a near exhaustive internet archive that can be referenced which shows when an article first appears in that backup. Continue reading