Jim Wright’s Lies

Why Jim Wright Doesn’t Like Me

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Note:  Since the publishing of this article, Facebook suspended Jim Wright’s personal Facebook Account (restored on Sunday January 8, 2015) and the Crossroad Junction Facebook Page (still down at the time of this note being updated.)

Over the past several years, Jim Wright continues to make noise and accusations against multiple people whom he has never met with whom he has doctrinal religious disagreements.  Religious disagreements on the internet are not unusual.  What is different about Jim Wright is that he goes one step further and assumes that those who disagree with him religiously are evil people and he makes his attacks personal and builds them into full-blown conspiracies against him.  That’s why you’ll typically see his online attacks composed of both elements because that’s how Jim Wright’s mind works in these matters.

This is what he’s done particularly against me and several others.  What is different now is that Jim’s own past is no longer a secret that he can pretend hasn’t happened, and his lifelong patterns are no longer a secret to those he attacks.

Most of what Jim Wright accuses me of is easily dispensed with based on past articles written here, but for convenience sake this is a quick summary and refutation of his most recent efforts and false and exaggerated claims.

It’s hard to keep up with everything because Jim is continuously changing his posts from the past and either quietly removing outright lies or attempting to re-spin them to suit whatever accommodation he needs to make to change his story along the way.  It hasn’t quite descended to the level of cannibalism and human trafficking but perhaps that is only a matter of time.  😉

Jim Wright Excommunicated Multiple Times

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No Keith W Smith PhD in Psychology per UCLA Registrar’s Office

UCLA Registrar’s Office Confirms no Record of Psychologist Keith W Smith, “PhD”

Keith W Smith claims to have an earned doctorate in Psychology from UCLA issued in 2002.  He makes that claim repeatedly in several locations on the internet.  This is a screen shot of his About page on Facebook demonstrating the claim.

Keith Smith PhD Claim Screen Shot 7/8/2014

Keith Smith PhD Claim Screen Shot 7/8/2014

In addition, Keith W Smith’s own webpage at confirms his birth year as 1955.

This quote is taken directly from his page.

“More about me

I was born in 1955 and lived most of my life in the United Kingdom. I grew up in London, where I gained a scholarship to a leading public school. At 17 I went to Cambridge to study Psychology but I was unable to  complete a degree at that time, due to my own personal issues. I completed the degree 2 years later whilst studying at CLC London. I obtained my masters at Berea Bible College in 1988 whilst working as Director of a Counseling Center.” Continue reading

Continued Black Hat Internet Techniques used at Crossroad Junction

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan's Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

Jim Wright’s Web of Organizations

Update April 2015.  Facebook deleted the Crossroad Junction Page for Multiple Community Guideline Violations which likely included some or all of these issues.

It’s old news, but Jim Wright continues to use black hat internet techniques to support his lies and deceptions. His most recent post at Crossroad Junction has many suspicious likes. These are some of the accounts that are liking it. Do these look like organic connections to Jim Wright and Crossroad Junction?



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Jim Wright Continues Twisting the Truth

(Update April 2015.  Jim Wright’s Crossroad Junction Page of Facebook was deleted for multiple community guideline violations, some of which likely include the accusations referenced below.)

It’s a never-ending stream of twisting the truth and half-truths from Jim Wright, but I knew this when I first decided to stand up to his bullying and sociopathic behavior.  Now a new list of unsubstantiated attacks comes from him and as the accusations increase in scope he continues to plunge into charges of conspiracy to explain why he’s being rejected and his grandiose claims are being ignored by so many.

Here’s some of the things Jim leaves out to try to convince others of his ridiculous and ever-expanding and morphing charges.
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Facebook Cracks Down on Crossroad Junction

Facebook Cracks Down on Crossroad Junction

(Update: After Multiple Community Guideline Violations Facebook deleted the Crossroad Junction Facebook page in March of 2015.)

In the past week, Facebook has finally begun to take notice of the activity of the Crossroad Junction Page run by Jim Wright and to which only Jim Wright and his wife are known to post.  Two posts have been removed from the Crossroad Junction Facebook Page over the past week for Community Guideline Violations in response to complaints filed under the categories of “Hate Speech” and “Harassment.”

First, Jim Wright responded in apparent anger when he discovered that Bart Breen (the webmaster for this page) had “dared” to send private messages to people with whom he shared common friends warning them of Wright’s history of excommunication from a previous local church and then subsequently by a consortium of more than 35 Organic Church leaders.

Hate Speech Report and Post Removal of Crossroad Junction and Jim Wright

Hate Speech Report and Post Removal of Crossroad Junction and Jim Wright

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What Does Loving and Supporting Abuse Victims Look Like in the Church?

I’ve been writing a lot lately in the area of an unpleasant but necessary task of pointing out a claimed organization in my community that I believe has been doing a grave disservice to the organic church community at large and to victims of sexual abuse.  This is becaKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAuse of an individual whom I believe is misusing the issue to pursue personal grudges and revenge against people in his past in local Churches and his apparent desire to promote himself in the Organic Church community at large while attempting to wrap himself in the pain and suffering of other people to try and make his actions seem legitimate and selfless.  I will continue to expose and address that where I see it, but that is not what this post is about this time.

Abuse in all it many forms is a very serious issue for me however and so I want to step back from the immediate situation that I’ve been addressing, and point out that I believe that there are victims of abuse throughout the church community as well as other forms of abuse that Churches have either not addressed completely or have not addressed at all. Continue reading

Advocate/Abusers: Sometimes There are Wolves Under Those Sheepskins!

367078204_0412ed840e_oNot all Victim’s Advocacy Groups are legitimate!

Many times after a disaster or tragedy is covered people will begin to receive phone calls, or see people collecting funds on street corners and it’s become a sad reality that people with kind hearts who truly want to help others in their suffering have to be careful not to allow their better natures to be taken advantage of by people who are willing to wrap themselves in the suffering of other people in order to benefit themselves financially.  While this is probably the best known pitfall for people to be wary of, it is by no means the only one.

Victim’s Advocacy Groups are attractive at times as cover for people who are the very ones that are victimizing others!  It provides narcissistic manipulators and similar personality types, the opportunity to have exposure, control and influence with others who assume that their actions and motives are driven by their stated purpose.  It also provides these types of personalities the opportunity to have access to those who have been victimized, are vulnerable and who lack power to stand against the agenda or needs and desires that these abusers bring with them in their interactions.  The abuse can come in the same form as the original abuse those victims suffered before, or it can be a more subtle form of abuse that takes the vulnerable state of that victim and then uses them and their cause to meet the needs of the Advocate/Abuser. Continue reading

Top Ten Questions for Jim Wright, Crossroad Junction, Fulcrum Ministries and Nathan’s Voice

This post is provided as a courtesy for those who have read any of the several other articles on my blog with regard to the claimed local Organic Church Ministry claimed by Jim Wright, Crossroad Junction, Fulcrum Wright DiagramMinistries and Nathan’s Voice.  Before considering the claims of Jim Wright, these are questions that need answers.  If you are provided answers to any of these, please feel free to place them in the comments here for possible inclusion. Continue reading

How to Perform “Elitist Racist” Math to Show what Jim Wright on Crossroad Junction is claiming.

(Note: As further evidence of the ridiculous counter-charges of Jim Wright and Marianne Wright of “Racism” Facebook deleted the Crossroad Junction Page noted in this article in March of 2015 for Multiple Community Guideline Violations which likely included recognition of the issues documented below.)

It’s somewhat sad when the following adage is demonstrated; “Racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Jim WrightWhile racism is indeed a very ugly thing, the ugliest thing in this current situation for Jim Wright is numbers and facts.  Jim Wright is welcome to attempt to desperately change the subject.  I’ll give his sad response all the attention that it deserves, which is none.  Those who know me, know that “elitist racist” is not descriptive of me, and those who know Jim Wright have mostly left his blogs, social media networks and more and more he’s simply yelling into a room with an audience who has little in common with him and who simply visit his page to perform a paid like. There is little community or connection involved at Crossroad Junction.

That’s really sad when you look at it because instead of addressing this, Wright’s response is to try to spin it as a positive.  It begs the question that if Wright were really sincere in his desire to reach out to the Philippines then why was it necessary for him to wait several weeks for me to point out what was happening before he announced his welcome after dwelling on it for several days?  Organic Church community for Jim Wright is OK to advertise for on Facebook but in practice in his own claimed network here in Northern Virginia he cannot even produce names.

After waiting several days to apparently think through how he would respond to the numbers present in my last blog referring to him, which revealed the huge anomalies in his Facebook page activity since April 28, instead of coming forward and admitting that something was quite unusual and unexplainable, Jim Wright responded with a welcome to his new audience in the Philippines and what appears to me to be a new addition to Fulcrum Ministries.  This may be a difficult thing for him to pull off, however as these people have names and profiles that can be looked at to decide how legitimate their interest in his “organizations” are or even if some of them exist in reality. Continue reading

Is Crossroad Junction and Jim Wright Buying Fake Fans and Likes on Facebook and elsewhere?

(Note Facebook has since deleted the Crossroad Junction Page of Jim and Marianne Wright for Multiple Community Guideline Violations which likely included some of the issues demonstrated in this article.)

Jim Wright Responds with More Attempted Deception

Jim Wright responded to my last blog about him and his organizations with a blog of his own that contains the following comment at the onset:Crossroad Junction Like

“Bart, your paranoia runs deep. I have never used a script or any other method like you mention to do whatever it is you are describing (frankly, I couldn’t fully follow your blog) – or for any other purpose. In fact, Bart, I don’t even know what that is. I have on occasion paid for ads by Facebook on Facebook itself to promote my blog, but that’s hardly any sin.”

This is demonstrably near impossible as I will show below.

An Expert in this Arena

Pam Moore is a well-respected expert in this arena and recently provided an article that shows how to tell if somebody is using the unethical practice of buying Facebook Likes or using some sort of a script or networking following system.  So, to show people how to do this I will walk through the process and show the results using Crossroad Junction on Facebook as an example.  It is a classic example by any measure.  Maybe Jim, since you claim you don’t understand this despite your years of blogging multiple sites, this will help to educate you a little better and jog your memory.  Even if someone is not interested in this related issue, this will be valuable for anyone to show a case study in how to catch somebody using these unethical types of schemes.

How to Spot Someone Who Buys Facebook Likes or Uses a Script

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