Jim and Marianne Wright’s Slander

Academic Fraud, Slander, and No Sign of Full Repentance

Keith W Smith

Keith W Smith

It’s been an eventful week.

It has been a week now since Keith W. Smith’s confession to some of the fraud he’s been perpetuating for years along with the assistance of his wife Jeanne Elder Smith, became public.  Keith and Jeanne have made no further public communications I’m aware of in this matter and remain silent in response to the lies revealed in Keith’s actual confession.  There’s evidence that Keith and Jeanne both continue in private to not take full responsibility for their actions and to continue to promote some of his lies about himself and others that are now proven false and discredited.

Jim Wright has been strangely publicly silent of any direct comments on the matter except to comment on Keith Smith’s Confession on Facebook, as follows:

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright I think this is the right thing to have done, and I think in the long run it will be for your best. In contrast to those who outed you to deflect from their sin, you have openly confessed and repented of a public, ministry-related mistake you made and have acted honorably to now address that mistake in a public way. Nonetheless, I appreciate that there will be some tough consequences for you to sort through. Regardless, you continue to have my utmost respect, which is only strengthened by your willingness to deal openly and honestly with all this.  I remain, as always, your friend and fellow sojourner.

Jim also responded indirectly with some innuendo on his Facebook Page, Crossroad Junction, with the following attempt to garner sympathy for himself and promote himself seeking for pity in portraying himself as a martyr by wrapping himself in the cloak of other people’s suffering.

Stand in the gap: Don’t let aversion to conflict shift the consequences of evil, injustice and abuse to additional innocent victims.

It’s sad.  Jim Wright, like Keith Smith I believe, appears to believe his own lies and believes that continuing to repeat them make them true in some manner.  Keith at least has had some courage (and I give him credit for that) to come clean in part.  Jim Wright gives no evidence of even that minimal level of integrity

The fact is, Jim Wright is not a victim.  He’s volunteered for this current situation by his choices and actions.  This continues because he appears unwilling or incapable of admitting any fault or mistakes on his part.  He continues to try to keep the lies alive and is now in a position of damage control.

Jim Wright publicly states his sympathies lie with his Crony Keith Smith and not his victims

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Keith W. Smith Academic Fraud

Keith W. Smith’s Partial Confession to Academic and Professional Fraud

As noted yesterday in an Addendum, to a post on this board, Keith W. Smith confessed publicly to the Academic and Professional Fraud that Crossroad Junction Watch (this blog) has been pointing out for the last several months.  The post was made publicly to his Facebook Page. This is copied directly from his Facebook Page with no additions or deletions except where required by the common indicator < sic >

Keith W Smith

Keith W Smith

From the Facebook Page of Keith Smith

Confession and Repentance

In recent months, it has been alleged that the doctorates that I claimed were false and the validity of my former qualifications were also questioned.

On Tuesday of this last week, I confessed that the allegations with regard to the doctorates were true. At a difficult time in my life, a friend had forwarded some of my work on a fresh approach to counseling to a university friend of theirs for review. The university friend replied that he thought it was excellent material and deserving of a doctorate. Almost straightaway friends started referring to me as “doctor”, pride got in the way, and the lie was born. As time went by, that lie grew. My previous qualifications also came under scrutiny. Unfortunately one of the institutions were < sic > I studied has been closed for over 20 years and so cannot confirm my three-years study there, and qualifications. It was also said that I was a graduate of Cambridge University, which I didn’t claim, having dropped out of my studies there due to a mental breakdown. I completed my studies elsewhere later.

So in the light of the above I do not feel it right to claim any higher qualifications, as my doctorate/s are nonexistent. I wholly renounce ANY title that I have heretofore used and wish to be referred to simply as Keith Smith.

My repentance is total, and in consultation with my wife Jeanne and trusted friends, I have prayed in confession and repentance to the Lord, seeking his grace and forgiveness.

My wife, Jeanne, had no idea of my lies and had complete confidence in me. I am ashamed of my betrayal of her trust, and that of others who gave me their trust.

I have sinned, I am embarrassed and ashamed. If any of you remember a sin at this time, may you be encouraged by to < sic >passages that are important to me.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (KJV)
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

1 John 1:7-8 (KJV)
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

We have closed down our websites and suspended “Healing Communities”, I have stopped all active ministry for the time being, while I deal with the consequences of my sin and seek restoration.

Should any of you have questions please ask me as, your friend, neighbor or fellow church member will know no more about it than you, only I can answer your questions.

I ask you all for forgiveness and grace, and especially your prayers for both Jeanne and I.


I’m About Grace

I believe in forgiveness.  I’ve experienced forgiveness.  I’m willing and wanting to give grace and forgiveness to you Keith Smith for my part.  I have several things against you Keith Smith, however, and I’m going to be honest about those too.  Forgiveness is not reconciliation without acknowledgement of what you have done and a willingness on your part to make amends and make restitution.  You have wronged a lot of people, myself included.

I’m also about justice, and I believe that grace and justice in matters like this go together.  What is key to me, and this comes from my own experiences in my past in working with past abuse offenders in different contexts, is that I am fully aware that without complete confession and responsibility, there is no real repentance and no real intent on the part of the offender to change.

Pretending to be a licensed psychotherapist with advertised fraudulent professional and academic credentials is a form itself of abuse to very vulnerable and at-risk people.  It’s not uncommon for people who have been complicit in their abuse of other people, to rationalize, minimize and continue forward with the same sense of entitlement and pride that got them caught in the first place.  I see several such signs of entitlement and self-importance in your confession above however Keith.

I do not know your heart, Keith Smith.  God does and I will leave that between you and Him.  What you have done above is a good start, but no reasonable person can conclude that you’re completely aware, sincere and being totally honest on everything yet, based on what you’ve said above, as I’ll demonstrate below.  I want you and others to know as I write this, that I have some anger going on with this.  You and your wife, along with Jim and Marianne Wright, have been lying about me and others on these and other matters for over a year.  I’ll be switching between speaking in the third person and speaking directly to you.  Despite the anger that I have with this and other situations, I do want to see you restored and healing take place.  Part of that requires straight talk, especially on behalf of others that have been harmed by your actions.

The Fraudulent Doctorate Claims involve far more than Keith Smith’s Pride

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Keith W Smith Websites Down

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)

Keith W. Smith and Healing Communities Websites Removed

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

The professional website for Keith W Smith and Healing Communities cited and with screen shots in earlier posts, demonstrating the claims of Keith W. Smith to have graduated from Cambridge with a BA in Psychology, from Berea Bible College with 2 MA’s and a PhD in Psychology from UCLA, are at the time of this post, no longer online.

However, Keith W. Smith’s Zoom profile is still up with similar claims which says that the information has been confirmed by Keith W. Smith.  The screen shots I have in prior articles are sufficient to record the previous claims but these sites are also present in internet archives and if necessary they can be seen there as well.

Jim Wright remains silent.

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No Cambridge BA in Psych for Keith W. Smith

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article.  He has not acknowledged at this point that he claimed falsely to be a graduate from Cambridge.  Neither has he presented any independently verifiable evidence that he even has a BA degree.)

Cambridge Registrar’s Office – No BA for Keith W. Smith

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith has made multiple claims as to his professional credentials as a “world-renowned” Psychologist.  I’m investigating the claims of “Dr.” Smith, and so far many of these claims cannot be verified independently.

Keith Smith claims to have 2 earned PhD degrees as well as an honorary doctorate including an earned PhD in Psychology from UCLA in 2002.  UCLA’s registrar’s office does not confirm this claim.

Keith Smith claims to have 2 MAs in Psychology and Theology from Berea Bible College in Eastbourne, UK.  There is no record of an accredited institution by that name and no means of independently verifying the claim.

The Claims

In addition, Keith W. Smith claims to have graduated from Cambridge University.  He makes this claim on his website. Click on the image below to see it full size. Continue reading

Continued Inquiries About Berea Bible College

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)  He continues to claim he holds these two MA degrees but acknowledges he has no proof and cannot obtain any.)

Continued Inquiries Have been Made

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

“Dr” Keith W. Smith, claims to have an earned doctorate in Psychology from UCLA issued in 2002.  The UCLA registrar’s office, when contacted directly does not confirm this claim.

Keith W Smith, also claims to have MA degrees in Psychology and Theology from Berea Bible College in Eastbourne, UK, and to have been on staff following earning his degrees.

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Jim Wright’s and Keith Smith’s Complicity

Jim Wright

Jim Wright

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)

As has been noted on this blog multiple times, Jim Wright (James C Wright of Manassas, VA)  and Keith Smith (“Dr.” Keith W. Smith of  Gunzenhausen, Germany) have a lot it common.  They both dislike national authors who address the topic of organic church and other forms of church polity and theology with which they disagree.  More to the point, they both see themselves as the proper people to “lead” in this arena.  This has been especially clear with Jim Wright, who has a habit and pattern of this type of attitude and then behavior stretching back to 1981 when he was known (for the first time at least, to have been thrown out of the Moral Majority (along with the entire Maryland Chapter that he represented.)

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

“Dr.” Keith Smith, operates from the same position of assumed entitlement and grandiose claims as well.  It’s was a match made in heaven (or more like hell) when the two of them connected and saw how they could help each other in attacking multiple people whom they see as standing in the way of their desire to lead a movement. Continue reading

Keith Smith, Berea Bible College

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)

Keith W Smith, of Healing Communities claims in several places to have MA degrees in Theology and Psychology from “Berea Bible School” and further to have then joined the faculty of this school.

This is a snippet showing the claim from Keith’s Healing Communities Page. It rambles and has obviously been poorly redacted to remove reference to his prior wife Elaine following his divorce, before he married his current wife Jeanne Elder Smith, who served as his administrative assistant (more about that in a future article.)

Quoted from Keith Smith Bio from “Healing Communities webpage”

“Keith went to a small Pentecostal Church, where they served until 1988, when they moved to Eastbourne on the South Coast, Where alongside their secular work, they helped to plant a church on a new estate. Keith resumed his studies part-time, gaining an M.A. in psychology and theology” …. “A little latter he also joined the faculty of the Berea Bible College, teaching Counseling, Missions and Biblical Archeology part time.”

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“Healing Communities” Violates Facebook Community Standards

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)  He has made no contact with me nor any public statement I am aware of acknowledging his attempts here to libel me with the statements he made on Facebook and which he and his wife Jeanne Elder Smith have made in other forums when they were continuing to lie and defend what he now confesses partially to.)

For the second time in a week, Keith W Smith and Jeanne Elder Smith have violated Facebook Community Standards and had a post removed under the category of harassment and hate speech.  What is particularly sad about it this time is that they used the Facebook Page “Healing Communities” which represents itself as a safe place for people to share problems and struggles in their lives.  This “safe place” attacked Bart Breen and accused him of being an internet troll and mental illness.  What is even more disturbing about this, is that Keith W. Smith claims to be a psychologist who offers services to help people in this area.  What sort of reputable psychologist would attempt to diagnose and then personally attack somebody publicly using alleged mental illness as a weapon?  That’s a violation of basic professional ethics for anyone claiming to work in this arena.  Who’s the troll based on this?

Fraudulent Credentials?

This is further evidence of the character of this man and the types of methods he uses.  Compound that with the fact there is strong evidence that he is claiming credentials from UCLA as a PhD in Psychology that UCLA does not confirm, and there’s good reason to treat him with extreme skepticism and not accept anything he claims without independent confirmation from a reliable source.  Jim Wright works closely with Keith W Smith and relies upon him and his claimed credentials to attack multiple people online.  Jim Wright has also had multiple posts removed from Facebook for similar violations under the categories of Harassment and Hate Speech.

Here’s the report from Facebook showing this most recent violation from “Healing Communities.”

"Healing Communities" Facebook Violation

“Healing Communities” Facebook Violation


There is much more to say about what has happened in this arena and the collaboration between Keith W Smith and Jim Wright to defame and attack multiple people while at the same time attempting to promote themselves as “Organic Church” experts.  More will be forthcoming in the days ahead.




The Evidence

A few people have contacted me asking for the emails from the UCLA’s Registrar’s Office with regard to the claim of an earned 2002 UCLA PhD in Psychology by Keith W Smith and the promotion of these credentials by James C Wright in his continued efforts to defame multiple people in the Organic Church community at large.

Here they are as well as some additional things to consider following. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know in One Minute

The Short List

Jim Wright

Jim Wright, Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith Academic Fraud

Here’s what you need to know, with links to the longer articles that will give you more information about Jim and Marianne Wright’s complicity with Keith and Jeanne Elder Smith in slandering and attacking multiple people online.  Just click on each point and you’ll be taken to the article with documentation where it’s available online.

You can learn more about Bart Breen HERE.

When Jim Wright addresses his own issues and accepts correction and removes his false public accusations and confesses to his and his wife Marianne’s wrongs, then this site will be removed, but not until.