Jim Wright’s Tainted Reputation

Annapolis Capitol Editorial

Jim Wright’s Reputation in Maryland

Jim Wright routinely refers to himself as something of a respected crusader from the 1980s.  He’s claimed to have been the subject of books and articles outlining his groundbreaking work in this area.  It all sounds marvelous until you actually research and see what he did and what was said about him.

As has been noted in a series of posts which starts HERE, which was started just following Jim and Marianne Wright’s Facebook Page being deleted by Facebook after multiple Community Guideline Violations, all Jim Wright really was in the 1980s was a young man placed in a position by his father in what appears to have been an act of nepotism and control to try and manage a family based “empire” of organizations which all circled around Bob Wright at the time.  Jim Wright today attempts to do the same thing with his own stable of LLC corporations and holding corporations and his unsubstantiated claims to be part of a “vast network of organic churches in Northern Virginia.”  It’s nothing new for Jim.  It’s a pretty established deceptive pattern.

Annapolis Capitol Editorial March 30, 1982

Family Lobby Goes Too Far March 30, 1982 Annapolis Capitol

Family Lobby Goes Too Far March 30, 1982 Annapolis Capitol

Many of the issues noted in this prior series are referenced here as well.  In addition, there is reference to another public scandal involving the use of brochures to attack politicians in the regions using rhetoric that was so inflammatory, that the Newspaper refused to run ads by Jim Wright attempting to reproduce the slurs he was using.  Nothing new for Jim Wright apparently.  He routinely lies and exaggerates still today making over the top accusations for the shock value rather than fairly representing and dealing with issues.  That hasn’t changed in the more than 30 years since this editorial noted it.

This is the text of the article just in case the image isn’t clear enough.


Family Lobby Goes Too Far

The Family Protection Lobby is a lot like Mount St. Helens.  It lies harmlessly dormant for a while and just to remind you of its existence, it occasionally explodes.

The difference is that Mount St. Helens is powerful and the Family Protection Lobby just thinks it is.

The Annapolis coalition, composed of self-righteous guardians of society’s morals, recently erupted with perhaps its most vicious attack against 5 state delegates who support state-funded abortions.  Their attack has taken the low form of defamatory leaflets that proclaim with hysterical exuberance that these men’s votes “murdered” 24,500 babies. Mind you, these men didn’t vote for just state funded abortion — they voted to murder.

Anyone is entitled to the right to speak up, and we certainly don’t deny one’s right to oppose abortions in any form. The constitutional right to disagree, however, does not entitle one to be reckless.  That’s the type of response that we’re seeing from the Family Protection Lobby.

It is clear that Jim Wright, executive director of the zealous organization, is hoping to shock people into submission with strong language, even if that language is exaggerated. But his below-the-belt tactics are more likely to draw complaints from persons who simply distrust crusading fanatics. The public cannot be easily duped, as the disillusioned Wright believes.  It is no minor matter to call someone a murderer.

Wright tried to place an advertisement in this newspaper to carry his message to the public, but we hope our readers now understand why his ad was flatly refused.

Wright should have learned a lesson from his misguided campaign to rid Annapolis of obscene cookies, an aborted effort that gained him national notoriety and an embarrassing ejection from the Moral Majority.  His latest fusillade has the same faulty logic of the “great cookie caper,” but this time it threatens to inflict personal injury on vulnerable public officials. It is embarrassing that we must share freedom of speech with such a person.

It’s not hard to see the same shallow and faulty logic at work with Jim Wright now, more than 30 years later.  He still routinely and without any apparent measure of conscience makes reckless and exaggerated accusations against other people.

Small wonder nobody really listens to this man and hasn’t for over 30 years.

The next article in this series features an article that further shows Jim Wright’s ties to the Shepherding Movement and some of the domineering and abusive characteristics of the New Covenant Churches of Maryland. It is HERE.

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