Nathan’s Voice

A Fraudulent Sexual Abuse Website

This page will be removed when the owner of NathansVoice – Jim Wright – removes his defamatory website articles. Until then, this page will remain online.

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan's Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

Nathan’s Voice = Jim Wright

This article exposes NathansVoice as a fraudulent sexual abuse site that contains multiple false allegations against others by a man who is a known liar. Jim Wright has an ax to grind against numerous people with whom he has taken personal offense, most of whom he doesn’t know personally. He masquerades as a Victim’s Advocacy group with no evidence that his “group” is anyone else except him.

Nathan’s Voice (i.e. Jim Wright) has a history of false sexual abuse and other types of accusations against others with no legitimate evidence against the accused persons. He has demonstrated conflicts of interest and hidden agendas at work in what he does.

Sexual abuse is real and it’s notorious. I am an abuse advocate, (highlighted segments link to other articles and evidence) and I consider all forms of abuse, especially sexual abuse, to be very serious.

However, I also regard false claims of sexual abuse against others to be equally serious because it not only makes innocent people victims of the worst form of slander, but it diminishes the genuine testimony of real sex abuse victims and harms the cause in general.

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

367078204_0412ed840e_oAs I have pointed out in other articles, some self-proclaimed sex abuse advocates are wolves who have an agenda to smear innocent people they don’t like with fabricated accusations. It’s one of the most evil forms of revenge a person can inflict on another for being slighted or rebuffed in other areas. It demonstrates a complete lack of integrity and empathy and may in some cases be indicative of some form of serious personality disorder.

NathansVoice (i.e. Jim Wright) engages in this type of despicable behavior with the tacit and public support of his wife Marianne:

Facts about NathansVoice

therapy-sock_puppet* Nathan’s Voice is not a legitimate organization. It is a blog run by Jim Wright who has deceptively tried to make the blog appear to represent other people with a voice separate from himself. However, there is nobody but Jim Wright known to be speaking for Nathan’s Voice and the only point of contact is Jim Wright himself.

* Jim Wright has been exposed as a fraud, an abuser, a slanderer, and a person who has been excommunicated by at least two Christian fellowships, reprimanded by a divorce court judge for online defamation of his first wife, banned from numerous Facebook and Blog Communities, had Facebook accounts suspended and deleted for Multiple Community Guideline Violations, and has a history of scandal and grandstanding going back to 1981.

Here is a quick history:

* Jim Wright has been reprimanded by the courts for publicly defaming his ex-wife online during a divorce proceeding initiated by her. He did this in direct violation of a signed agreement he was party to earlier in which he gave his word not to do so. This is just one indication of what Jim Wright’s word is worth in this and other arenas.


* Jim Wright’s Facebook page (organicsower) was removed by Facebook staff in March of 2015 for Multiple Community Guideline Violations including the promotion of his NathansVoice and CrossroadJunction blogs.

* Jim Wright was excommunicated from his last local church in 2009 in part for slandering others with fabricated lies. Prior to this Jim Wright was part of a group cast out of a Davidsonville MD, United Methodist Church in the 1970s.

* Jim Wright has been banned by at least 10 Christian Facebook groups for abuse, harassment, spreading slander, lies, and defamation against people he doesn’t know and has never met.

* In 2012, Wright claimed six staff members of another former church of which he was a member, were involved in a sex scandal and that it was a “huge” case, one of the largest of its kind. After talking to the parties involved, it was discovered that this was a complete distortion of the facts. There was a lawsuit, but it wasn’t “huge.” It didn’t involve six staff members. It only involved one staff member and it was not about a sex scandal, but about an issue of employment discrimination.

A Whopper

A Whopper

* Since 2012, Jim Wright has systematically sought to ruin the reputations of several respected Christian authors – both male and female – who were part of the House2House network, with false and fabricated accusations that were disproven years ago. Wright has no personal relationship with any of these authors and he has never met them. He began his smear campaign because he wanted to be recognized in the house church movement, and none of the leaders he targeted gave him the attention he craved. He also took offense at some of the beliefs of these authors which didn’t align with his own very narrow, fundamentalist views which are strongly tied to the Shepherding Movement cult prevalent in many Pentecostal and Charismatic circles from the 1970s through the 1990s.

* According to one of his former pastors, Jim Wright is estranged from his adult children because of alleged past issues of spiritual, emotional and psychological abuse.

* Jim Wright claims to be an elder of a house church, but he is accountable to no one, and after several years, not a single person has come forth to vouch for his eldership or claimed leadership of his phantom network of organic churches. More alarming is that Wright doesn’t meet the biblical qualifications of an elder as outlined in the New Testament.

* Before his Facebook blog page was removed by Facebook, Jim Wright appears to have purchased fake Facebook “likes” from other countries  to boost his blog in Search Engine Rankings and promote a false appearance of size and credibility. One of the over 6.000 people who shared or liked Wright’s defamatory blog posts was a teen involved in sexual perversions. Many of the others when contacted didn’t even speak or read English.

* Jim Wright has a long history of being in the center of public scandals.  In 1981, he and the Maryland Chapter of the Moral Majority were thrown out of the national organization because of Jim Wright becoming a public embarrassment to them for attempting to shut down a bakery for “Pornographic Gingerbread Cookies.”

Keith W Smith Fraud

Keith W Smith Confessed Academic Fraud

* Jim Wright has only had one public ally in his attempts to smear others. A man named Keith Smith. Smith, however, has been exposed for claiming Doctoral, Masters and Bachelors Degrees he did not have and has confessed partially in public to this. He fabricated his academic credentials, claims to have counseled child abuse victims based on those false claims, and has a history of attempting, like Jim Wright, to pass himself off as a leading voice in Organic and Simple Church.

* In 2013, Jim Wright was excommunicated by over 35 respected Christian leaders in the organic and simple church community on the grounds of defamation and slander against others.

Sexual Abuse False Accusations are Nothing New

NathansVoice is not alone in making outrageous accusations against innocent people. Unfortunately, there have been many fraudulent sexual abuse scandals. A few others can be found here:

The Tawana Brawley rape allegation

The Meredith Maran Lie

What’s different and even more blatantly deceptive in the case of Jim Wright and his academic and professional fraud crony Keith Smith, is that there are no named victims at all. We’re simply asked to trust both these men with no credible evidence presented at all, and an appeal to their own credibility which is demonstrably nil.

Sad People Who Prey on Others with False Accusations

Sexual Abuse accusations are becoming more common, more frequent and overall this is a positive thing as victims in this arena are gaining louder and more credible voices. Unfortunately, in the midst of that, there are a few unscrupulous people and organizations like Nathan’s Voice (Jim Wright) along with his wife Marianne Wright and his cronies Keith W. and Jeanne Elder Smith who see this as an opportunity to address their own personal agendas of revenge, jealousy and self-promotion. It requires people to be discerning about what they listen to and whom they trust. Lone wolves without legitimate organizations and named boards should be treated skeptically, especially when there’s a strong history of controversy tied to the past of the spokesperson. This is precisely what is at work with Jim Wright.

If you see someone linking to NathansVoice, they are most likely unaware that they are promoting a fraudulent, defamatory site that lacks any credibility.  While probably well-intentioned, they are supporting slander and libel against others which has been discredited long ago. Many legitimate Sexual Abuse Advocacy sites when presented with the information and evidence in this article have already removed any reference or endorsement of NathansVoice, CrossroadJunction and Jim Wright from their websites for just this reason.

Linking to Jim Wright’s fraudulent nathansvoice site can open a person up to defamation lawsuits and having their own voice discredited publicly. So please share this page with anyone linking to it and make sure they understand everything going on with the Wright’s and the Smith’s sad history of tawdry smears and slander.

When Nathans Voice is removed from the Web, this page will be removed as well.

(Note, links outside of this site are not under the control of the author of this page and not necessarily fully endorsed as to all content present.)

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