Jim Wright of Crossroad Junction – A Public Reply

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan's Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

Who is Jim Wright, Nathan’s Voice, Crossroad Junction and Fulcrum Ministries

You may have found this post as a result of searching after seeing some strong accusations made against Bart Breen by an obscure and discredited blogger by the name of Jim Wright through any number of blogs he maintains such as Crossroad Junction or Nathan’s Voice. Jim Wright uses these blogs claiming to represent other people but there’s no evidence that there is anyone else other than Jim Wright himself and his wife Marianne.

Here are responses to some of the more outrageous and false accusations this man makes against me personally.  So far as I can tell my offenses in his eyes are believing some things differently than he does and daring to stand up to him and seek to hold him accountable for his railing accusations against other people.

  1. Bart Breen is not, and has never been a part of the “accountability team” of the National Author referenced by Jim Wright.  I challenge Jim Wright to demonstrate where that claim has ever been made.
  2. According to court records publicly available and obtained directly from the Circuit Court of Prince Williams County, these are the facts concerning the activities of Jim Wright with regard to his divorce and subsequent actions taken with regard to ensuing complaints made against Jim Wright.
  • The divorce was filed for by Wright’s First Wife and granted to her.
  • With regard to the divorce, the public record states that “Neither party shall seek a divorce on grounds other than no-fault, e.g. living separate and apart for more than the statutory period of time. …. Furthermore, both parties shall be enjoined from discussing their divorce, its issues and/or this settlement except as necessary for court proceedings, financial planning, therapy, conversations with religious advisers, and either party’s pursuit of a religious divorce.  Neither party shall publish or otherwise distribute any documents (paper of electronic) obtained from the other party either formally or informally during the marriage or the divorce process.
  • According to an Affidavit and Petition filed by Wright’s first wife, Jim Wright was in violation of four separate provisions.  In particular, Jim Wright’s former blog “Fulcrum Prime” is cited in the “About Me” section in which Jim Wright  made public and derogatory statements about his First Wife.  I can cite them, however, out of respect for Wright’s first wife, I am not going to in this context.  If Mr Wright wishes to push the issue, I’ll be happy to scan all the publicly available records I have and make them available to demonstrate these issues.
  • In addition to the defamatory comments made on his About Me section, it was also asserted that Jim Wright used his Facebook account to direct traffic to his site where the defamatory comments were made.
  • JIm Wright was ordered to appear before the court on May 1, 2009 at 10 am to show cause why he should not be found in contempt of the court for the assertions made and demonstrated that he was in violation of the settlement he signed.
  • Jim Wright failed to appear on May 1, 2009 as ordered.
  • Jim Wright was then ordered by the court again to appear on May 22, 2009.
  • On May 22, 2009 it was Adjudged, ordered and decreed by the court that, “Blog and references to (issue cited) violated the terms of the parties’ agreement and Decree.  No references to any issues in case should be made.”

All you really need to know about Jim Wright can be summed up succinctly as follows:

1.  Jim has a history reaching as far back as 1980 as something of a publicity stunt generator to garner attention to himself.  As a young man he was a director of a chapter of the Moral Majority and after he embarrassed the organization by attempting to close down a bakery for “obscene” gingerbread men which brought the Moral Majority national ridicule, the Chapter was dissolved and Jim Wright removed from association with the group.

2.  Jim continued independently with the remnant of his group and continued to seek publicity for himself and even at one time spoke publicly on behalf of his organization to defend groups identified as cults, against legislation designed to protect several forms of exploitation, including sexual abuse.

3.  Jim Wright has a history of conflict with organizations and local Churches.  The last two churches he was a part of garnered his wrath by resisting his efforts to broach leadership and as a result he waged smear campaigns against both of them.  One of them he left before faced with Church Discipline and the last known one he was excommunicated from for unrepentant sin.  (Update April 2015: It’s been further revealed by Jim Wright himself that he was also part of a group thrown out of a United Methodist Church in Davidsonville MD, in the 1970s)

4.  Jim Wright has a history of escalating conflicts with people and organizations by finding any scrap of evidence or conjecture on his part and construing it in the most negative light possible to damage the reputations of those he has had a prior argument or against whom he holds a grudge.

5.  After this pattern repeating in his last 2 known churches he decided to form his own “church” and created legal frameworks.  There is no public evidence of anything other than a very loose knit association of people whom Jim Wright has been in contact with through his “Prison Ministry”.  Jim Wright regularly speaks of them through the use of the royal “we”.  He claims a network of elders and claims to represent them.  To my knowledge there’s never been any of them named or even any public interaction between them on his blogs or social media accounts.

6.  Jim Wright uses multiple organizations to create the illusion of independence and credibility when in fact they are simple different venues for whom he speaks as the only voice.

7.  In addition to Jim Wright’s vendetta’s against his local churches he has expanded now to attempt to create a voice for himself in the organic Church community.  He specifically has targeted one author based on some published material that is many years old.  He has ignored the responses of many of those who wrote it and participated in it who have told him that the issues were resolved and were not as originally represented.  As is Jim Wright’s pattern in his past associations and churches he refuses to accept correction as to his already made up mind and now is claiming that he is the victim of “conspiracies” of people who are out to get him for his “brave stand.”  Par for the course, he’s now attempting to attack other organic authors and organizations who reject his pleas for recognition or who don’t accept his concocted stories.  (Update April 2015: Jim Wright has been revealed as a longstanding participant in the Shepherding Movement.)

The fact is, Jim Wright appears to be a very troubled man, who continually seeks to turn himself into a spokesperson in a manner that garners himself public attention.  He creates unnamed victims, unnamed elders in a hidden “church” and tries to take on the mantel of a crusader against people and organization against whom he already holds a grudge because they have ignored his attempts to lead or be a person of importance or influence.  That’s really all it takes to attract the attention of Jim Wright.

As long as Jim Wright continues to misrepresent things like this, and keeps misleading blog posts and social media communications without correcting things, Crossroad Junction Watch will continue to demonstrate the history of this man’s activities and misrepresentations.

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