The Bible is not the “Word of God”

(Jim Wright has referenced this article in attempting to paint me as not believing in or honoring the Bible.  Read the article and it should become clear to you how dishonest his characterization is.)

I’m bracing as I write this for an expected slew of shock, dismay, rebuke and unfriending the likes of which I’ve never seen before.  All I ask is that you read this entire post so you understand what I am saying and what I am not saying.

But yes …. you haven’t misread me.  I’m saying the Bible is not the “Word of God.”  Further the Bible itself doesn’t claim to the be the “Word of God.”  There is one and only one “Word of God” and that is Jesus Christ, period.

Why is this important?  I firmly believe that the Bible is inspired, given to us by God. It’s an important part of knowing and following Jesus.  However, it is not the equal of Christ, it is not Christ in written form, and it most certainly is not to be elevated above Christ.  Sadly, it’s my belief that many practising Christians have done just that, and in so doing have fallen into a form of modern gnosticism, which reduces Christian living to mere intellectual understanding, which is then seen somehow as elevating them in position above others who do not share their knowledge (see also “Pharisaism” in part, with an extra measure of self-righteous legalism to boot.) Continue reading