No Keith W Smith PhD in Psychology per UCLA Registrar’s Office

UCLA Registrar’s Office Confirms no Record of Psychologist Keith W Smith, “PhD”

Keith W Smith claims to have an earned doctorate in Psychology from UCLA issued in 2002.  He makes that claim repeatedly in several locations on the internet.  This is a screen shot of his About page on Facebook demonstrating the claim.

Keith Smith PhD Claim Screen Shot 7/8/2014

Keith Smith PhD Claim Screen Shot 7/8/2014

In addition, Keith W Smith’s own webpage at confirms his birth year as 1955.

This quote is taken directly from his page.

“More about me

I was born in 1955 and lived most of my life in the United Kingdom. I grew up in London, where I gained a scholarship to a leading public school. At 17 I went to Cambridge to study Psychology but I was unable to  complete a degree at that time, due to my own personal issues. I completed the degree 2 years later whilst studying at CLC London. I obtained my masters at Berea Bible College in 1988 whilst working as Director of a Counseling Center.”

UCLA offers a Phd in Psychology through their BioSciences Department which is also handled through the same registrar’s office.

After a series of 10 emails back and forth with a representative of the Registrar’s office and Student Services during which time I provided them with links to Keith W Smith’s claims and also the claims of his crony James C Wright, JD of Manassas VA who makes several assertions based upon an appeal to authority to this claimed PhD in multiple posts at Crossroad Junction, the registrar’s office confirms that there is no record of a PhD issued in 2002 or at any other time to a Keith W Smith or any form of the name Keith Smith with a year of Birth in 1955.  Indeed, there is no record of a student by that name attending, let alone graduating.

At this time, it appears that the foundation of despicable accusations made collaboratively by Jim Wright and Keith W Smith against multiple people are based upon:

1.  The claims of a man who is making professional and academic claims that are not supported by the Registrar’s office at UCLA (other institutions are being similarly contacted regarding similar claims)

2.  The claims of a claimed “expert” in investigation who appears to have failed to do basic due diligence and is promoting apparent fraudulent claims presumably because they fit his agenda to smear people he simply doesn’t like and doesn’t agree with theologically.  Keith W Smith also has a history in the organic church movement and appears to have similarly mixed motives to Jim Wright to simply destroy others in a field he is attempting to present himself as a leader within.

These are serious issues.  A man who would misrepresent an earned doctorate from UCLA and any who would conspire to make such representations would certainly not be credible in other claims related to that same claim regardless of what it says of their own personal integrity.  When I contacted Keith W Smith directly with regard to questions in this area I was met with a barrage of abuse, threats and a refusal to cooperate with verifying his public claims, and so I certainly hope they will now be addressed as the public asks the necessary questions that this issue raises.

Any corrections to these statements that can be verified independently and only that can be verified independently will be made here.  At this time I have done my due diligence in checking multiple times with UCLA and this is based on their direct emailed responses to my inquiries.  Anyone should be able to contact UCLA directly on this matter as I did.  It is a routine matter for Academic Institutions to verify academic degrees. More detailed information than simply verifying the issuance of a degree requires additional authorization and no inquiries were made beyond verifying the degree.

Smith also claims a doctorate in theology from UCLA that is not confirmed, an honorary doctorate with no reference to where it is from and an MA in Psychology in 1988 from Berea Bible College which cannot be found to be in existence as “Dr” Smith doesn’t give a location.  No such institution by that name appears to be located in the UK currently.  If “Dr” Smith now wishes to provide the information and locations I will be happy to contact those institutions directly and relay the independently verified information as to whether it is a true claim or not.  Until that happens, I believe anyone relying upon “Dr” Smith’s services and representations should treat them as hearsay and highly suspect.

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