Keith and Jeanne Smith Continue the Sham

Keith Smith and Jim Wright

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

As was reported on this blog for several months before a partial and internally contradictory “confession” was made by Keith Smith as to his academic and professional fraud, Jim Wright has been up to his old tricks and continued along with his wife Marianne Wright, to make broad accusations against multiple people of sexual impropriety and cover-up.  I’ve followed-up once on Keith Smith to demonstrate at the time that his proclaimed confession was incomplete and likely disingenuous.  Enough time has now passed with several matters unresolved and continued evidence of the Smiths’ and Wrights’ complicity that Crossroad Junction Watch is going to assume that there is no genuine repentance and that all that has been at work thus far is “damage control.”

For that reason, additional elements now are going to be revealed as to the hypocrisy and behind the scenes activity that has been going on in the past, and that which has continued since Keith’s, so-called confession.  The offer remains open to Keith Smith and Jeanne Smith to come clean at any time.  For my part, I’m willing to see them restored,  and to offer forgiveness of my own accord.  I am however going to hold both Jim and Marianne Wright, and Keith and Jeanne Smith to their own professed standards of repentance and demonstrate that lack of such, as long as they continue in their complicity with one another and their smear campaign.

So for the record, here is part of what has been going on:

Keith Smith’s Confession Came After He Removed His Website Under Threat of Lawsuit

Keith W Smith Fraud

Keith W Smith Fraud

During the week before Keith Smith issued his “confession” on his Facebook Page, he had been forced, under threat of a lawsuit, to remove his professional website for other reasons.  The timing of Keith’s “confession” as well as the incomplete nature of it, is evidence that this was an attempt to perform damage control and make it appear that his removal of the site was voluntary on his part and repentance and confession on his part to do what was right on his own volition.

It was not.  He had already earlier that week removed his fraudulent website rather than face a civil lawsuit.  Keith Smith’s “confession” can really only be seen as a rather weak and disingenuous attempt to “spin” why he removed the site.  At this time, Keith Smith has been reported to The Association of German Professional Psychologists (registered association) (Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen e. V.) ( ) and an investigation is pending.

As long as Keith was caught in his web of lies, and had to remove the site anyway, there is every appearance that all he sought to do was make it appear like he had decided to “come clean.”  The fact that in his “confession” he only confessed to his lies about 3 Doctoral Degrees (2 earned and 1 honorary) while attempting to continue to assert 2 MA degrees which he states he has but acknowledges that he can’t prove, and then his outright falsehood with regard to a BA in Psychology from Cambridge University that he had never claimed it.  The contradictions of Keith’s actual confession are dealt with clearly HERE.  The fact is that Keith Smith’s fraud was far more than just the 3 False Doctorates.  Keith gives no evidence of ever having completed a degree post-high school.  Further Keith Smith, attempted to peddle his claimed methods for use with real victims of childhood sexual and other forms of abuse.

This is the “respected professional” that Jim Wright has appealed to over the past almost 2 years as the primary foundation of his accusations against multiple people.  Keith Smith has not come completely clean.  Further, Jim Wright continues to attempt the sham of his past accusations on this platform of outright fraud without an iota of evidence that he recognizes the severity of the matter and the depths of deceit and hypocrisy this suggests.

No Evidence of Independent Work to Correct Matters

Despite Keith Smith’s claim that he removed his sites voluntarily as part of a plan of repentance and restoration on his part, there is no evidence that any self-generated efforts were made to correct where he had made past public fraudulent claims concerning his professional and academic credentials.  Evidence of this can be found HERE  In fact, Smith’s Google+ Account still remains up at the time of posting of this blog on 10/24/2014 which promotes his fraudulent claims and where he makes continued offers of providing service.

Questions of the Smith’s Involvement with Children

Of greatest concern to me, is that Keith W. Smith has made his greatest exaggerated claims in terms of his involvement with children.  Part of Smith’s claims with regard to his “psychological practice” relates to his fraudulent claims to have developed a specific approach to deal with minors, which he has variously called “Teddy Bear Therapy” or “Focused Compassion Therapy.”  Smith claimed that this tied into his Doctoral Thesis both individually or as part of a team (depending upon which particular source you check).

Keith Smith and Children?

Keith Smith and Children?

The saddest part of this is that Keith W. Smith has claimed to be acting on behalf of unnamed victims in the lies he has been promoting with Jim and Marianne Wright, and it appears to me that greatest danger to children’s welfare is in fact Keith Smith who at the very least has for at least 9 years actively sought to connect with victims of child sexual abuse to provide them with his unqualified “therapy.’  It also raises grave concerns as to what other activities may have been involved given that there is already confessed and proven fraud in this past contact and solicitations for additional contacts.

For evidence of these sustained efforts, simply Google the term “Keith Smith” “Teddy Bear Therapy” and you’ll find multiple references going back at least 10 years including:

  • Jeanne Elder as Keith Smith’s Administrative Assistant in January 2004 promoting Training under Keith Smith’s Fraudulent Credentials, HERE and HERE.
  • A Report on Simple Church which promotes their fraud in 2009 and seeks donations HERE.
  • A complaint from the Smith’s to The Pueblo Chieftain that a prior article in 2004 promoting Teddy Bear Therapy hadn’t made clear enough, “that Dr. Keith Smith’s \”Teddy Bear Therapy\” is a serious therapy, based on close interaction between a therapist and client, in a committed care relationship, rather than a therapy that uses \”plush toys\” as noted in a Chieftain headline.HERE  (Could anything be more clear as to the depths of the deception that was perpetuated by the Smiths in this area?)
  • Jeanne Smith’s efforts to raise funds on Google for this fraudulent therapy HERE

These are just examples of the extent of the fraud perpetrated by the Smith’s which are online.  Any competent attorney, with very little effort could have checked these claims.  Jim Wright however, obviously did not or if he did simply disregarded the blaring warning signals.

Jim and Marianne Wright’s Continued Complicity and Cover-up

Marianne Wright

Marianne Wright

Sadly, Jim Wright who purports himself to be an attorney and Marianne Wright, an active teacher in the Prince William County School District, have continued in their efforts to slander others and continue to downplay their complicity with the Smiths.  They are complicit in promoting multiple lies and misrepresentations and one of the results of this is that others who rely upon the Wrights, including sadly, possible victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse who may be mislead now or in the future by their representation of Keith Smith as a “respected Christian Counselor.”

If any reading this article have been defrauded by the Smith’s by their false claims in fund raising or by reliance of their claims of training or services in this area, please leave a comment (they are screened before going live and if you ask me not to publish the comment I will not) and I can put you directly in touch with officials at The Association of German Professional Psychologists (registered association) (Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen e. V.). 

If you’ve similarly been slandered by Jim and Marianne Wright future actions may be forthcoming with The Prince William County School Board and/or Bar Ethics committees in DC and/or Virginia and you may leave a comment as well.

COMING SOON – I will copy personal correspondence with the Smith’s that demonstrates what their real position has been behind the scenes with regard to the revelation of their fraud and Keith Smith’s mock “confession.”


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