Keith Smith Still Promotes His Fraudulent Claims

Multiple Sites Remain Up

Keith W Smith

Keith W Smith

Keith W. Smith, using the limited forum of Facebook, confessed recently to Academic and Professional Fraud at the beginning of this month.

In that confession, he announced that he was removing his personal Website as well as the Website for Healing Communities.  It has been almost a month, and the following sites remain up, promoting Keith’s services or his past claimed credentials.  The Author of this site (Bart Breen) is aware of other reasons for the removal of these sites than what has been posted publicly, and chose not to reveal those instead giving Keith and Jeanne Elder Smith the opportunity to follow through on their commitment to address these issues.  That forbearance may soon end.

It has now been almost a full month and in this time there has been little evidence of any real desire to address all the issues involved.  The Smith’s have gone silent publicly with a few exceptions in Simple Church Forums where they make no reference to Keith’s partial confession and attempt to carry on with “business as usual.”

Click on the Headings below to be taken to the sites in question.  The information was correct and on the live sites at the time of posting of this article,  If they have been updated since in response to this post, that is encouraging, but sad also that it requires continued public exposure for Keith and Jeanne Smith to do the right thing and follow-up on other sites where they promote their services and attempt to raise funds.  Other sites beyond this may still be in existence.  This is not an exhaustive list, and simply serves as an example that other sites under the control of the Smith’s have not been removed, updated nor has any other admission of Keith’s wrong-doing appeared in the forums where he advertised his fraudulent services.


In this site, Keith Smith continues to claim at the time of this post,

Personal, Professional, Psychological Care

As a graduate of Cambridge and UCLA, with 2 earned and 1 honorary doctorates in Psychology, I have worked in the UK, Spain, the USA and Germany in child protection and in general counseling. I now work throughout Europe as an independent consultant in child protection, counseling and English language training.

I offer personal coaching, counseling and supervision, in English, Spanish and German for children, individuals and couples. Most, but not all of my clients, live in Germany, and most, but not all, are native English speakers who are citizens of other countries.


On this Site, Keith Smith’s claim of a PhD from UCLA and a BA from Cambridge both remain publicly displayed.


Keith and Jeanne Elder Smith keep this site active in the effort to raise funds and promote their ministry with these claims regarding Keith Smith’s credentials (note especially the focus upon ministering to children already harmed by prior sexual abuse)

Keith & Jeanne- missionaries serving the Body of Christ in Germany, Europe and the United Kingdom. Planting house churches and Healing Communities. Ministering healing to those who could not otherwise get the help they need. Establishing Local House Churches, Helping Missionaries and ministires < sic > in need of healing and equipping young Leaders.

Keith and Jeanne Smith have been on the mission field collectively for over 50 years in Europe, Former Soviet Union and America. Keith is a Ph.D. in Psychology specializing in child protection issues. During his Doctoral studies, together with a multidisciplinary team he developed a new and simple approach to healing of spirit, soul and body and church multiplication which has been successfully used in 12 countries.

In addition to planting churches, Keith also teaches seminars on counseling, child protection and many other subjects.

Jim and Marianne Wright Continue to Cover Up

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Despite this continued promotion of false academic and professional credentials, Jim and Marianne Wright continue to publicly defend Keith W. Smith, characterizing this fraud as an “error”.  Jim Wright claims to be a retired attorney who defends unnamed victims of sexual abuse.  Marianne Wright is a School Teacher in the Prince William County School System in Virginia who appeals to her teaching credentials in promoting a blog site she runs with her husband that defames multiple people largely based upon unnamed witnesses which they claim are represented by Keith W. Smith, an admitted fraud.

Marianne Wright

Marianne Wright

Isn’t it ironic that two people who claim to be advocates for unnamed and unproven victims actually spend more time and effort attempting to defend their partner in this activity who almost a month following his “confession” continues to promote himself to attempt to raise money and to attract clients, with children especially targeted who are already victims of sexual abuse?

Jim and Marianne Wright, it is time to come clean and admit your complicity with Keith and Jeanne Elder Smith’s continued fraud, incomplete repentance and failure to follow-through on a commitment to stop these activities.  The longer you fail to do so, the clearer it becomes that you have other agendas at work.

4 thoughts on “Keith Smith Still Promotes His Fraudulent Claims

  1. Credit where credit is due. It appears that some of the sites in question have been removed.

    As of Oct 21, 2014 however, Keith Smith still has a Google+ account up which claims the title of Professor Doctor.

    For those questioning why it is necessary for these issues to be addressed publicly in this manner the reason is twofold.

    1. The advertising and promotion are public.
    2. I’ve reached out in the past by email in private to the Smiths and been met with abusive responses.

    I hope the issues in the future are addressed proactively with the Smiths without this type of continued exposure being necessary.

    It would be helpful in my estimation if there were a more complete confession without the continued claims now of MA degrees and the claim that the BA from Cambridge wasn’t made.

    Further, the Smiths have been proactive in disseminating and spreading the slander of Jim and Marianne Wright toward me and multiple other people. They were not just in the background unnamed. They tweeted, posted to FB and have emailed many in spreading these lies and slander which Wright based in large part on their representations. They are and were publicly active in this effort and not in the background as Jim and Marianne Wright attempt to pretend in their disingenuous efforts to cover up their illicit methods.

    I sincerely hope to see genuine restitution made in these areas and the Smith’s restored and this site able to be removed in the future.

    It cannot happen until all the issues are addressed.

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