Jim Wright’s Lies

Why Jim Wright Doesn’t Like Me

Jim Wright - Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Jim Wright – Sexual Abuse Advocate?

Note:  Since the publishing of this article, Facebook suspended Jim Wright’s personal Facebook Account (restored on Sunday January 8, 2015) and the Crossroad Junction Facebook Page (still down at the time of this note being updated.)

Over the past several years, Jim Wright continues to make noise and accusations against multiple people whom he has never met with whom he has doctrinal religious disagreements.  Religious disagreements on the internet are not unusual.  What is different about Jim Wright is that he goes one step further and assumes that those who disagree with him religiously are evil people and he makes his attacks personal and builds them into full-blown conspiracies against him.  That’s why you’ll typically see his online attacks composed of both elements because that’s how Jim Wright’s mind works in these matters.

This is what he’s done particularly against me and several others.  What is different now is that Jim’s own past is no longer a secret that he can pretend hasn’t happened, and his lifelong patterns are no longer a secret to those he attacks.

Most of what Jim Wright accuses me of is easily dispensed with based on past articles written here, but for convenience sake this is a quick summary and refutation of his most recent efforts and false and exaggerated claims.

It’s hard to keep up with everything because Jim is continuously changing his posts from the past and either quietly removing outright lies or attempting to re-spin them to suit whatever accommodation he needs to make to change his story along the way.  It hasn’t quite descended to the level of cannibalism and human trafficking but perhaps that is only a matter of time.  😉

Jim Wright Excommunicated Multiple Times

KickedOutJim has been making outrageous, false, and exaggerated claims against multiple people for many, many years.  The common thread in them are either churches and organizations of which he’s been a part in the past who have rejected him or somehow in his mind wronged him, or public figures with whom he has doctrinal disagreements.  These have included his ex-wife, several former pastors, including one in a church from which Jim Wright was formally excommunicated, and more recently authors of books and articles related to organic church.  Jim Wright claims to be a leader of a vast organic church movement in Northern Virginia.  The truth is that after Jim Wright was excommunicated from his last local church in 2009, he, by his own admission, failed in the running of his own “house church” and now he’s attempting to claim that a small personal ministry he ran through a local prison is the basis of a network of organic churches in the area.  To this point, there are no names publicly associated with these claims other than Jim Wright himself.  Jim is long on claims and short on evidence.  For all the unnamed people he claims to represent, none that I am aware of have ever confirmed his claims or come publicly to his defense.

There is no Conspiracy Against Jim Wright

It's a Conspiracy!

It’s a Conspiracy!

Jim accuses me of being a designated attack person by multiple other people whom Jim believes are in conspiracy with one another to attack him and protect one another.  This is typical of Jim.  It’s something that has characterized his public dealings all the way back to 1980 and following, when he was first thrown out of the Moral Majority.  He has a more than 30 year personal pattern of seeking media attention and damaging the cause of larger organizations which see him as a liability and “loose cannon” and then claiming that he’s a victim of people who are out to get him or just don’t “like his style.”

This accusation is false.  I am a private person who lives in Northern Virginia who has over the course of the last 3 or so years come to know of Jim and his reputation in the area by direct contact with his earlier churches, his former pastors, people who have worked with him in differing capacities, people who have attended meetings with him in organic church, his prison ministry and by a growing relationship with others whom Jim has slandered publicly over a long period of time.  I have no formal relationship with other organizations or authors and my concerns with Jim are based in my residence in the area and my concerns with his activities online and in the local organic church community. I do not make my living by writing books or blogging so his accusation is patently false.  That doesn’t matter to Jim however.  The entire narrative that Jim uses to validate his attacks on multiple people depends upon his belief that they’re all conspiring against him.  That by itself speaks volumes as to the man’s actions and state of mind.

I am not a Stalker

PF-paranoiaJim Wright accuses me of stalking his second wife Marianne.  This again is false.  What I have done is to take seriously what Jim and Marianne represent of themselves at their blog Crossroad Junction.  They claim their blog is representative of both of them.  Marianne represents herself on that blog as partners with her husband and presents her credentials as a teacher and a “counselor” (neither Jim nor Marianne have recognized counseling credentials) along with her husband Jim.  As such, I take them both at their word that their blog is representative of them both and accordingly I have made contact by email with Marianne’s school and school district to make them aware of the activities to which she lends her name, her professional credentials and her reputation on that blog.  It’s of particular concern to me that a public school teacher is part of a blog that promotes the claims of a fraudulent psychologist who has been attempting to offer services to children who are already victims of sexual abuse.  It is further abuse, in my opinion, to support Keith Smith in this endeavor by attempting to minimize his fraud, simply because he continued his patterns of lies and exaggerations to promote the slanderous campaign of her and her husband.

a.) I have asked Marianne Wright to remove her name or to remove the slanderous materials on the site she and her husband Jim run.  I have not demanded she resign or be fired from her position as a teacher.  That’s a matter entirely between her and the School District that she is involving by appealing to her credentials in that matter and lending her name to her Husband’s activity on their jointly owned and managed web-site.  My sole concern is that she be professional and ethical in her representation of herself and either remove her appeal to authority or remove the slanderous material present in public view.  What her school and school district do with that matter is up to them.  I reserve the right to disagree and to make this situation known as I deem necessary.

b.) I sent 3 emails over the course of less than a week at the end of September and the end of October on this matter and sent no more communications on this matter until January of this year and then only in response to and after Jim Wright’s public statements characterizing this as “stalking.”  Really?  3 emails on the same matter over a course of a week now is “stalking?”

I have not been instructed by anyone to cease communication on this matter with the School District nor have I been contacted by anyone at the School District and advised that I’ve been placed on any sort of “list.”  This is typical of Jim Wright’s tactics in the past to make hearsay accusations without giving names or contacts to confirm his claims.  Keith and Jeanne Smith made similar public statements about me claiming I was a troll and under observation by Interpol and local police, until Keith finally chose to admit his lies (partially.)  Now Keith W Smith is under investigation by both a professional organization in Germany that represents legitimate Psychologists and under investigation by German Police.  Marianne Wright’s claim made through her husband on this matter is just par for the course.  It didn’t work before, and it’s not working now.  It’s desperate words from a desperate couple.

If anyone wishes to contact me and ask, I’m happy to give a direct contact for an attorney at the School District whom I have asked to confirm Jim’s claims (which he is clearly making on behalf of his wife based on information she is providing him.)  Such confirmation has not been made.  I’ve asked the School District to examine Mr. Wright’s outrageous and bizarre claims on behalf of his wife and as necessary to address the actions of their employee who through her husband is directly associated with and making these false, exaggerated and defamatory claims.  It’s really quite sad that it is in fact Jim Wright’s attempt to mischaracterize this that has even made this a public issue as I’d put the matter away months ago and not followed up on it all.  If this creates discomfort for Marianne Wright, the only reason this is now being introduced publicly is in fact directly due to her husband Jim.  She may want to speak with him about that and thank him for escalating it as he has.

c.)  Jim Wright makes the ridiculous claim that I’ve directly threatened Marianne’s School and School Board (although with what, he doesn’t say.)  I’ve made no “threats” of any nature other than to let them know that as long as Marianne as a Public School Teacher lends her name and reputation to the joint actions of her and her husband on their blog, I consider it appropriate to call her and the school district on any actions on her part.  That’s not a “threat” in the sense of the word Jim Wright attempts to portray it as if I’m some crazed individual ready to invade the school.  I would never and have never intimated in any way any such actions and the innuendo of Jim Wright on the blog that represents he and Marianne by name is simply more evidence of the type of exaggerated claims that are Jim Wright’s stock and trade.  I really think he missed his calling in life.  There’s probably plenty of opportunities out there somewhere for a yellow-dog journalist.

False Press Releases and Multiple Blogs?

A Whopper

A Whopper

Jim Wright accuses me of making false press releases and maintaining multiple blogs.  This is completely false.  I maintain two and only two blogs on the internet; this blog and then a personal blog where I put up articles and book reviews.  On both blogs my identity is made clear.  I have no other blogs nor do I maintain any other blogs through other people or any form of false identity.

I have never made accusations nor have I made statements inferring that Jim Wright is guilty of any crimes or actions based on confusion of his name with other “Jim Wright’s”.  I have seen such claims on unrelated sites and I do not support any such actions nor am I associated with any such claims.  Jim Wright’s comments on this issue are defamatory, inaccurate, slanderous and may in fact constitute libel.  I stand by what I’ve written on these matters on my 2 blogs (of which only this one deals with these issues.)  I am willing to make corrections where shown wrong and I have done so in the past.  This is quite different from Jim Wright who has not to my knowledge admitted to any mistakes on his part and maintains the practice of continually and repeatedly editing and revising his accusations without taking responsibility for false information on his part on multiple occasions.  Jim is not about portraying things accurately.  He simply throws out as much “stuff” as he can and hopes some of it sticks.  He’s making a direct lie in this matter and likely knows exactly what he is doing.

Bizarre Contacts?



Jim Wright accuses me of multiple psychological disorders on his blog using charged words,  He only does this on his blog now because this type of practice violates a great many ethical and professional standards and is a violation of most social media terms of services (TOS.)  Jim’s had multiple posts removed from Facebook for example for just this sort of sordid and dishonest practice.  What upsets Jim is that when he makes accusations on his blog or social media accounts toward me personally or others, I do indeed send messages to people who like or share those specific articles.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Jim statements are public, the venue is public, and people’s names are public who like or share. Jim likes to claim he’s been blocked by me on Facebook.  The truth is that Jim has blocked me, and keeps me blocked because he doesn’t want to answer the questions I’ve been asking of him.

Here’s an example of the message that is sent is such instances.  Jim no doubt has seen it and had it forwarded to him by others, and that’s fine.  As is typical with Jim, he simply states his characterization and focuses on his “spin” rather than the truth.  That’s what he does.  He could have simply printed what I sent, but that doesn’t play into his typical defamation and mocking of others.

I noticed you liked a post on Crossroad Junction by Jim Wright that attacks (snip) and several others.

You should be aware that Jim Wright is an excommunicated and discredited man who has been obsessively attacking other people for many years. Most recently he has used a fraudulent Psychologist to attack another man using the most vicious types of lies possible.

Please reconsider your support and encouragement of Jim and his wife Marianne’s attacks upon brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you wish to see more about Jim and the evidence of his sad past in this area, it is available at www.crossroadjunctionwatch.com

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Bart Breen

In fact, as Jim hasn’t figured it out yet, I’ve attempted throughout these issues to operate in as private and non-public a manner as possible.  I really don’t care what Jim Wright posts about my or other people’s religious beliefs.  It’s clear that Jim is a garden variety type of fundamentalist Christian who is angry that there are people in this world who believe differently than he does.  There’s no end to people with web-sites that attack other people and call them “heretics” and promote their own narrow brand of right-wing evangelical political activism.  If this were all Jim Wright did, I and others wouldn’t really care about what he writes.  When Jim Wright names people on his blog or Facebook account, I note who likes and who shares those statements and often I’ll drop a note like that above to them. Quite often the response I get back, when I get any, is to note that they don’t speak English and don’t understand what I’m saying or that they don’t remember having anything to do with Jim Wright or Crossroad Junction. Some too, thank me for the warning.

It’s actually a part of my belief that things should be done privately and directly rather than publicly.  Believe me, if it were my goal to draw more attention to Jim Wright publicly, I could easily do so.  I hold to a code of personal ethics that attempts to keep things as private as possible.  Jim Wright, of course, doesn’t.  His sole purpose in all of this is clearly to damage people as much as he can and in doing so to exalt and draw attention to himself.  That’s why he’s ignored and not answered multiple requests on my part to meet and discuss his behavior and he’s even rejected a suggestion to use a mediator that he describes as his own personal friend.

However, Jim doesn’t just even do that.  What Jim does is to escalate to the next level and ties his belief that the people he disagrees with and whom he believes have slighted him in some way by denying him a place at the leadership table which he apparently so deeply covets, are more than “heretics” and must be systemically evil people in every area of their lives.  Armed with that Jim then goes hunting for anything and everything he can find to spin to damage them publicly, professionally and personally. Past issues that go back years or are lg ago resolved are dug up and Jim doggedly ignores anything that contradicts what he needs to spin his tale.  Facts and direct refutation by the people he quotes mean very little to Jim Wright.  He holds to his arrogance and victim mentality at all costs.

Jim Wright’s Long Trail of Broken Relationships and Organizational Expulsions

Social Outcast

Social Outcast

That’s what he’s done with me and that’s what he’s done with a long list of former organizations, churches, former pastors and former friends to where now he’s simply a lonely voice in the midst of a network of organizations he claims to participate in that exist primarily on paper and in his mind.  Further, when he’s faced with his own moral failings in the past of the same nature that he uses to attack others, Jim Wright dons the hair shirt of martyrdom and ignores his own issues and claims he’s being “stalked”.  Jim is a hypocrite and can’t stand up to the same scrutiny and methods that he employs with other people.

The rest of Jim’s posts and meandering rants really just continually repeat his belief of a vast conspiracy against him from multiple people banding together to silence his self-proclaimed heroic voice.

I’m something new to Jim Wright apparently and someone who’s willing to stand up to him and not simply bow to his bullying tactics.  He clearly doesn’t know what to do with that.

Jim Wright’s “Respected Counselor”

Keith W Smith, Confessed Fraud

Keith W Smith, Confessed Fraud

So far the only people who’ve really been damaged by this are people like the fraudulent Psychologist Keith W. Smith whom Jim Wright claims is a “respected counselor” who by his own admission lied about 3 PhDs (Jim tries to spin it as just one) and further this man has no other independently confirmed degrees beyond High School.  He and his wife have been exposed and publicly embarrassed by these revelations.  As unfortunately is typical, Jim Wright’s behavior has harmed his “friends” and others associated with Jim’s  behavior and activities including his previous family and marriage and leaving him estranged from those who know him best.  In the case of Keith W. Smith, he is under investigation professionally and criminally in Germany.

Direct Statement to Jim Wright

Get a grip Jim.  Show some humility and self-respect and step back and look at what you’re doing and the harm it’s doing to yourself and others connected to you.  There’s a reason you’re isolated, excommunicated and have to resort to building communities online by paying for advertising and what clearly appears to be “like buying” networks.  There’s a reason you’re not welcome in Manassas Churches connected by the ministerium of the previous churches you’ve sought to ruin and destroy with your slander and exaggerations.  There’s a reason your reputation has put you on the outside of so many other bloggers and online communities.  There’s a reason you were cast out of the Moral Majority so many years ago.  You’re simply an unpleasant and deluded person and one whose track-record leaves people not wanting much to do with you.  Why would anyone want to be in close relationship with you when it’s clear you’re prepared at any moment to make public attacks and throw people under the bus when you are frustrated in what you want and apparently believe is your due?

Jim, look at the path of destruction, expulsion, broken relationships and excommunication you’ve left in your wake.  The common denominator in all of this is you.  It’s not a coincidence.  Your actions are harming you and the ones you love more than those you take up your torch and pitchfork against.  Wake up!

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