Jim Wright’s Short Moral Majority Stint

Jim Wright Took Only 6 Months to Embarrass the Moral Majority

This is the next article in a series demonstrating the history of Jim Wright, New Covenant Churches of Maryland, Moral Majority of Maryland, the Family Protection Lobby and the Shepherding Movement.  The first article is HERE.

As has been noted in earlier articles, Jim Wright, likes to brag about his position as Director of the Moral Majority in Maryland followed by its shattered remnants as the Family Protection Lobby in the early 1980’s.  He doesn’t mention, of course, the ignoble ending of the Maryland Moral Majority because he made it a national laughing stock in short order by attempting to have a bakery prosecuted for “Pornographic Gingerbread Men.” He also speaks about these positions as if he were the driving force behind these organizations as the founder and leader. That would indeed be an amazing accomplishment for a man in his early 20s if it were true but of course, it isn’t.

The Wright Family Connections

Jim Wright’s Father, Bob Wright, was the actual driving force here.  The Maryland Chapter of the Moral Majority was founded with Bob Wright as the Vice Chairman of the organization.  It’s pretty clear that the reason Jim was made the Director was because of a nepotistic assignment as Bob’s son and its pretty clear as well that Bob was serving at the time as a pastor of a New Covenant Church, and most likely couldn’t take the position, because of a conflict of interest of being a board member as well as a Pastor of a Church and possible tax considerations related to his Church.  Bob Wright also had political aspirations himself and he was planning to be a candidate for offices in the future (all campaigns failed).  So, since the Moral Majority of that time was primarily an extension of the New Covenant Churches of the Eastern Shore, and the Wright Family was a strong part of this organized group which were neck deep in the Shepherding Movement philosophy of ministry, it only made sense that a Wright family member be appointed so that Bob could maintain close control and direction.

This is not merely conjecture.  Here’s an article from the Annapolis Capitol at the time that tells the story of the founding and Bob Wright’s strong role.  (Click on the image to enlarge if needed.  The key passages are quoted below as well.)

Launch of MD Moral Majority Sept 8, 1980

Launch of MD Moral Majority Sept 8, 1980

Here’s the relevant text:

A new political lobbyist group with strong ties to Christianity has emerged in Maryland to do battle against what its members consider “amoral” legislation.

Moral Majority based at 15 School St in Annapolis has been organized since mid-June and is headed by two ministers, one of whom is pastor of an Arnold church.

Last week, the Maryland chapter of the national organization (this is the 48th state to organize) officially sounded its cry for war when it brought together about 250 pastors statewide who are pro-family, pro-life and pro-moral.

The organization’s executive director, James Wright, son of the Rev. Robert Wright, pastor of the New Covenant Church in Arnold and vice-chairman, also held a press conference to map out Maryland Moral Majority goals.

Labeling the organization a “moral, political” group. Jim Wright said Maryland Moral Majority will involve itself in an “intense philosophical war.”


Host of the Conference

If there’s any further doubt of this scenario, it should pretty much be put to rest by the location of the founding meeting, at one of the New Covenant Churches, again from the Annapolis Capital issue of Sept 30, 1980.

Sept 30, Inaugural Meeting at New Covenant Church

Sept 30, 1980 Inaugural Meeting at New Covenant Church

Within just a few months however, it didn’t matter.  The inept leadership of the young Jim Wright, led to the National Moral Majority Group kicking the upstart and embarrassing fledgling Maryland Chapter out and as the next article will show, the resulting Family Protection Lobby would become even more the property of the Wright Family, as they quickly moved to maintain control over the power and the money.  The embarrassment would continue however, with multiple other scandals and missteps with Jim Wright at the helm.

The next article in this series can be found HERE.

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