Facebook Removes Post of Keith W Smith

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)  He has not apologized or acknowledged his lies and slander of Bart Breen over this matter.

Personal Attacks

Keith W. Smith

Keith W. Smith

Keith W Smith, recently attempted to retaliate for the revelation made here that he claims a PhD from UCLA in Psychology that the UCLA Registrar’s office does not confirm.

Smith, who claims to be a psychologist and a professional in the field (although I’ve tried in vain to find any licensing information to this point) violated Facebook’s posting standards in the areas of Hate Speech and Harassment within their Community guidelines by attempting to paint the author of this blog as mentally ill.  This raises additional questions as to the actual training and qualifications of a man who claims to be a psychologist but who doesn’t hold to minimum standards of professionalism in public conversations.  I don’t believe any credible psychologist would attempt to diagnose a mental illness publicly and then use it as a weapon against somebody.

Keith W. Smith’s false statement

Keith W Smith Slander Screen Capture

Keith W Smith Slander Screen Capture

Facebook’s response to Community Guideline Violation and Harassment


Keith W Smith Facebook Violation Harassment and Hate Speech

Keith W Smith Facebook Violation Harassment and Hate Speech


What kind of a psychologist with any level of professional standards attempts to wield mental illness as a weapon against someone who is simply questioning a publicly claimed academic credential?

Sadly, this is behavior that echoes Keith W. Smith’s crony James C Wright, JD of Manassas VA who has a similar history of this type of Facebook violation in the same arena and has had posts of this nature removed as well.

Additional research is ongoing into other publicly claimed academic and professional credentials of Keith W. Smith.  Given that there’s strong evidence from the UCLA Registrar’s office that claims of an earned PhD from 2002 are not verifiable, any other such claims should be treated as suspect unless or until independently validated from an authoritative third party.

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