Continued Inquiries About Berea Bible College

(Note.  On Sept 1, 2014, Keith Smith publicly confessed to some of the academic and professional fraud pointed out in this article)  He continues to claim he holds these two MA degrees but acknowledges he has no proof and cannot obtain any.)

Continued Inquiries Have been Made

Keith W. Smith PhD?

Keith W. Smith PhD?

“Dr” Keith W. Smith, claims to have an earned doctorate in Psychology from UCLA issued in 2002.  The UCLA registrar’s office, when contacted directly does not confirm this claim.

Keith W Smith, also claims to have MA degrees in Psychology and Theology from Berea Bible College in Eastbourne, UK, and to have been on staff following earning his degrees.

Further contacts and research on this claim have yielded the following information.

  • Contact with long-term residents in Eastbourne, UK in the Christian Community, only yield that there was a man named Phil Stanton there who established a discipleship program from his home but there is no recollection of  facility, staff or degree issuing capacity.  This local program ended at least 20 years ago.  I should make clear as well, that Phil Stanton is not in question in this matter.  He is the only known person other than Keith W Smith claiming association with this organization and there’s no reason that I’m aware of to associate him with Keith W. Smith’s questionable claims.  In fact, I’d love to talk with him about this matter if he is available.
  • There is no known point of contact for a Berea Bible College or Berea Bible School in Eastbourne, UK to confirm issued degrees. (Again, I’m wide open to correction by anyone on this.)

So it appears, that the claimed credentials of Keith W. Smith remain highly suspect and cannot be independently confirmed.  That, of course, is the responsibility of Keith W. Smith to prove as he is the one making these claims.

Jim Wright’s Complicity in promoting Keith W Smith’s claims

Jim Wright

Jim Wright

James C. Wright (Jim Wright) of Manassas, VA has based multiple public accusations against multiple people upon these claimed credentials and the inferred credibility of Keith W. Smith.   As a claimed attorney, Jim Wright should know better than to make accusations of this nature without minimal due diligence to confirm the claims.  Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Jim Wright.

Public Offer

I make a public offer at this time that if Keith W Smith or Jim Wright, can produce independent authoritative confirmation of the claims of Keith W. Smith’s academic credentials that I will publish it on this blog along with a public apology.

Barring that occurrence, this pretty much speaks for itself and demonstrates the unethical methods employed and the claims made by both these men.  Anyone seeking to rely upon either of these men and their representations should use extreme care and ask for confirmation of their credentials and explanations for their public complicity in seeking to smear and slander people online.

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